Oils that Remove Makeup (Do They Work?)

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Have you ever experienced going home after attending a special event wishing you could magically remove your makeup? 

Using oils that remove makeup may do the trick.

Oils are once again introducing innovative transformations in the beauty industry. 

They are again becoming a popular product, especially among makeup lovers.

Dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner recommends using an oil-based makeup remover to ensure your face can be thoroughly cleaned. 

This is especially true if you love wearing full-face makeup.

If you haven’t tried using oils to remove your makeup, you might be missing out. 

Do Oils Remove Makeup?

Oil-based products can effectively remove stubborn makeup products, including those with waterproof formulas. They can effectively clean your face and even help improve your skin.

What Oils Remove Makeup?

There are lots of popular oil-based makeup removers you can find in the market. 

It can be confusing to find one that fits your needs and preferences. 

To make things simple, I compiled some of the most recommended oil products that remove makeup.

Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil to remove makeup is probably one of the most popular methods you can encounter. 

This product is extracted from dried or raw coconut.

Its thick formulation helps get rid of stubborn makeup products. 

It can even get rid of waterproof mascara. 

Coconut oil is gentle on the skin and has ingredients that help moisturize, soothe, and renew your skin. 

With this, you can expect your skin to look smooth and dewy after applying this product.

Precautionary Reminder:

Coconut oil can be highly comedogenic. 

It can potentially clog and block pores. 

If you have sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin, you might want to stay away from this product.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can also be used as a makeup remover. 

It’s especially beneficial for people with dry skin. 

It can easily get rid of makeup while making sure your skin remains moisturized. 

Olive oil can also offer skin benefits because it has anti-aging and antibacterial properties. 

Precautionary Reminder:

Using olive oil can be risky, especially if you are acne-prone or have skin sensitivities. 

This product can trigger breakouts because, like coconut oil, it is also highly comedogenic.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is starting to receive lots of great recommendations from beauty gurus. 

It is definitely one of the top products if you are looking for an effective makeup remover. 

This product is non-comedogenic, so it can be used by anyone, even people with extreme skin sensitivities. 

Jojoba oil prevents premature aging and stimulates collagen production. 

With continuous use, you can expect your skin to look healthier and more glowing.

Precautionary Reminder:

Generally, there are no huge risks in using jojoba oil as a makeup remover. 

This product is safe and gentle to the skin. 

However, it’s still best to perform a patch test just to make sure you are not allergic to jojoba oil.

Almond Oil

Almond oil can get rid of water-resistant makeup products, especially ones that you wear on your eye area

It can thoroughly clean your face without stripping your skin with its natural oils and moisture. 

This product has a low comedogenic rating, so regardless of your skin type, you can safely use it on your face. 

Almond oil is also packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants, which also helps improve your skin’s appearance.

Precautionary Reminder:

Almond oil is derived from nuts, so you need to ensure you are not allergic to it. 

Even if you think your skin can tolerate this topical product, you still need to be cautious before using it.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is often used to promote hair growth. 

However, you can also use it to remove makeup, especially eyeshadow and mascara. 

This product also fights off wrinkles and premature aging. 

It effectively makes your skin look more youthful, especially because it aids in collagen production in your body.

Castor oil also has a low comedogenic rating. 

Thus, it can be used by anyone, even those with oily, acne-prone skin.

Precautionary Reminder:

Castor oil is mild and gentle, so you don’t have to worry too much about the dangers of using this product. 

However, you still need to beware of how your skin might react to this product. 

Keep in mind that you can have allergic reactions, so ensure that you test the product first. 

Apply it to a small area on your neck and observe if you don’t have skin irritations before using it on your face.

Mineral Oil

If you are looking for another gentle yet effective makeup remover, using mineral oil is the answer. 

This product can be easily absorbed by your skin, but it doesn’t clog pores. 

This product does not only remove makeup, but it also moisturizes skin. 

It helps you achieve smoother and softer skin. 

Precautionary Reminder:

You have to make sure to rinse mineral oil thoroughly after using it. 

This helps ensure no dirt and impurities will be trapped on your skin. 

Mineral oil also makes the skin greasy when applied, so people with oily skin may not like this product.

Oil-Cleansing Techniques 

Oil-cleansing method is a quick and effective way to remove dirt, and makeup from your face. 

However, you need to learn how to do it correctly, especially if you don’t want to have clogged pores or breakouts.

Here is a step-by-step process of using oil to remove makeup:

Basic Cleansing Method

For a quick way of removing makeup, use this method for basic cleansing:

  1. Place 1-2 teaspoons of your preferred oil-based makeup remover on your palm. If you have dry skin, this measurement is ideal. However, if you have oily and acne-prone skin, consider using 1/2 teaspoon of the product. 
  2. Apply the oil to your face using your fingertips. 
  3. Gently massage the product on your skin in a circular motion. This way, you can get rid of makeup, impurities, and dead skin cells. 
  4. Using a warm cloth, wipe the oil away. Avoid rubbing your face to avoid unintended scrubbing, as this may cause redness and irritation. 
  5. To make sure you get rid of makeup, dirt, and oil, rinse with warm water. 
  6. Pat dry with facial tissue and apply moisturizer.

Double Cleansing Method

After performing the first three steps using the basic cleansing method, follow this routine for a double cleanse makeup removing technique:

  1. Grab a gentle and water-based facial wash. Make sure that you use one that can keep your skin hydrated. 
  2. Pat dry with facial tissue or a towel.
  3. Apply moisturizer and the rest of your skincare routine.


Removing makeup can be a chore. 

It can even lead to common skin issues, especially if you don’t do it properly. 

Good thing you can always rely on oils to thoroughly get rid of makeup, dirt, impurities, and even dead skin cells. 

The key is to ensure you know how to pick the ideal oil-based makeup remover for your skin type. 

Also, make sure to purchase oils from trusted brands only. 

This way, you can rest assured that the product will provide you with the results you want.

Don’t forget to consult your dermatologist as well to ensure the oils you use are ideal for your skin