Most Popular Women’s Underwear Styles

Women’s Underwear Styles
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In this article, we are going to find out what are the most popular women’s underwear styles, as well as what makes them so popular. 

If you have ever walked into a lingerie store and been completely overwhelmed by the options, you are not alone! 

Some lists online boast that there are dozens of different types of women’s underwear available today, which really seems like quite a high number for such a small piece of clothing. 

Of all these options, there are certain styles that are more popular than others. 

While some are popular because of their classic cut or their sexy design, others have made this list because they are just too comfortable to deny! 

We have done quite a lot of research into panty preference so you can find out why the majority of women have chosen these styles again and again.  

What to Expect

  • Bikini
  • Cheeky
  • Thongs
  • Boyshorts
  • Briefs
  • Hipster
  • High-Rise
  • Control Top
  • French Cut

Now, this list is in no particular order, all nine of these styles are known to be extremely popular with women just like you all over the world! 


As suggested by their name, the bikini underwear have a similar shape to bikinis bottoms. This style is known to be comfortable and cute! 

Women often choose bikinis because they are perfect under almost all clothing, including athletic gear. And the best part is, they won’t ride up or bunch like some other styles.

If you’re looking for a low-rise panty that provides full coverage, they might be the right choice for you!


Cheekies were originally extremely in demand for younger women as they are quite adorable. But even women who are more mature are beginning to find that the cheeky style pretty much has it all! 

Another low-rise style but this time with a wide hip band, cheeky underwear can ensure your panty line is completely invisible! 

They also show off a bit more of the bum than the bikini, so you can feel sexy while being completely comfortable. 


Thongs are arguably the most controversial of all the women’s underwear types that you can buy. While some women report that thongs are uncomfortable, when you find the right size and fabric, they can be a great addition to your wardrobe! 

Thongs can come in a variety of more specific styles, but the general idea is that they only provide a strip of material between the cheeks, showcasing your whole rear. 

This engineering has resulted in an underwear that ensures you will never have an annoying panty line, even in the tightest of clothes. 

Women seem to love thongs because they are comfortable under athletic gear, dresses, and skirts, as well as the fact that they make the bum look quite a lot bigger. 

Of course, a thong can also make you feel and look sexy! 

Thongs are often chosen as the perfect underwear for a date, or even just for dancing around your kitchen. 


Maybe you’ve thought to yourself: why do men get to wear comfortable shorts under their pants and women have to wear tight tiny underwear? 

We have some great news, boyshorts are like briefs for women, and they are still super cute.

With maximum coverage, boyshorts are of course a great option for when you are on your period, but they can really be worn any time of the month and are great under flowy dresses so you can ensure a strong gust of wind won’t give everyone a show!


Arguably the most classic design for women’s underwear, briefs have never really gone out of style. 

Briefs are known for the overall comfort they provide, as they cover both the entire derriere and have ample material in the crotch. 

But don’t let their practicality make you think briefs are boring! 

These days, with all the amazing colors, materials, and even different cuts that briefs offer, they can be both sexy and sensible. 

The only complaint we’ve heard about briefs is that they are quite visible in anything form-fitting. These underwear are probably best under jeans or any dress or skirt that doesn’t cling to the bum. 


The hipster style is similar to the cheeky in that it’s a low-rise option, but they offer quite a bit more coverage. They have lower leg holes than the cheeky so you won’t be able to see any of the bum itself. 

Women like the hipsters because they also provide a wide hip band that accentuates the hips instead of cutting them off with a thin elastic, so of course, hipsters are extremely comfortable. 

They are great with jeans, dresses, or as pajama bottoms, and can provide full coverage during your period. 


There is no doubt that high-rise jeans are seriously in style right now, so it makes sense that high-rise undies are making a comeback as well! 

What could have once been seen as matronly or undesirable is now considered sexy again! 

Plus, the high-rise style can provide serious comfort, especially if you do not like the way more low-rise options sit so far down on the hips. 

With this style, the entire tummy will be covered, making them a great option for form-fitting dresses and of course, high-rise jeans.

Control Top

Looking for a high-rise option that has a little extra oomph? 

Control top underwear can ensure everything stays in place all day long so you feel comfortable in any outfit!

Shapewear has become extremely popular over the years under formal wear, but now, control top panties are proving that you can enjoy a smooth, panty-line free shape with all your clothes.

French Cut

With the same classic waistline as the brief, but with higher leg holes to show a little more of that alluring thigh crease everyone has been talking about, the french cut is known for its cute but inviting shape!

The french cut is a great choice for under high-waisted jeans as well as a summer dress or even shorts. 

What Is the Best Fabric for Underwear?

Here’s the thing, there are a lot of underwear types for women, and of course, cut and style are extremely important in finding your favorite pair of undies, or even the best option for a certain outfit or occasion, but almost equally vital to the shape is the material! 

If you do not like the material the underwear is made out of, even the most comfortable style in the world won’t feel right on your body. 

So, now you know what the most popular women’s underwear styles are and hopefully which styles of panties are right for you, but before you go out and buy a whole new underwear drawer’s worth, let’s talk about fabric. 


First on the list, and certainly the most popular, cotton is the doctor-recommended fabric for all of your underwear as it allows for the most airflow and therefore reduces the risk of yeast or bacterial infections. 

Even if your underwear isn’t made of cotton, it’s important that the small piece of fabric that protects the vagina is. 

The only downside about cotton is that it is not quick-dry, so if your panties become wet, you will want to change them as soon as possible.


A slightly more expensive option, silk can feel amazing on the skin and look beautiful as well. It is not quite as breathable as cotton but is still a great option for keeping your downstairs clean and healthy. 


Nylon and polyester are popular options as they are cheap and easy to make and make comfortable stretchy underwear. 

In fact, most underwear available today, unless specified as 100% natural, include at least some synthetic fibers. 

While these options are plentiful, it is important that you change them immediately after sweating or any wetness as they are not very breathable and can lead to infection. 

Plant Fibers

These days, plant fiber clothing is in high demand as people are becoming more environmentally conscious. But the good news is, these fibers make great underwear! 

They dry quite a lot quicker than cotton, so if you know it’s going to be a hot day or you’re planning to work out, these might be the perfect option!

 It can be tedious to try to read every little tag on individual pairs of underwear to find out which fabrics they are made of! But it really will make a difference to your daily comfort and your feminine health.

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