How To Easily Become A Morning Exerciser

How To Become Morning Exerciser
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I bet you usually find yourself caught in the middle of schedule conflicts. And boy, it keeps you from following your evening exercise routine! This leaves you no choice but to perform your fitness regimen in the morning.

But wait… there’s a problem: you’re not really an early morning riser! And you hit the snooze button way more times than the sets you do in a routine.

Don’t worry, there’s hope! Here’s a list of tips you can do to become a morning exerciser.

Plan Your Alternatives

Have you ever planned to jog early the next morning only to be greeted by heavy rain? Or maybe, the gym was closed for some reason or your workout equipment was not functioning properly or your gym buddy canceled at the last minute.

All these can happen. So do you go back to bed if an unexpected thing that hinders you to do your planned exercise happens? Of course not. This is where your alternative plans come into play.

Try to have more than one alternative plan so that when anything happens, you can still sweat and stay fit!

Follow What Best Works For You

For some people, the gym is the best venue for a workout. But do you know that this isn’t always the case? In fact, leaving early, barely awake, is not the best option to many, and maybe not to you, too!

Instead of dragging yourself from bed to the local gym, choose a workout that you enjoy. You can select from a variety of great options, including the following:

Create a New Bedtime Routine

If you’re not an early riser, try to establish a bedtime routine that allows you to sleep early and properly. Late nights will most likely let you oversleep your morning workout routine.

Having proper, adequate sleep (7 to 8 hours) is not only beneficial to performing your morning exercise, but it also affects your energy, reduces fatigue, and is linked to weight loss. To develop a new sleeping routine, you can first decide on the time you need to be awake for an exercise.

Then, determine your new bedtime. Let’s say you need to be up at 6 am, the ideal time for when you should be asleep is 10 or 11 pm. If you’re used to going to bed at 12 am or 1 am, train yourself first to sleep 15 minutes earlier each night until you reach your ideal bedtime.

Ready Your Workout Outfit (And Gym Bag)

Simple as it seems, preparing your outfit the night before is a small effort that goes a long way, especially if the gym is your destination. It doesn’t only make sure that you’ve got all you need, but it also spares you some time to sleep more.

This is particularly true for ladies since we need a great deal of time to choose which outfit is better, don’t we?

Hype Yourself Up With Music

Music has a way to affect our emotions and boost our energy. Ever heard a tear-jerking ballad in a gym before? No, it hasn’t happened yet.

When you open your eyes, don’t be tempted to hit the snooze button again. Instead, turn your speakers on and blast some energizing songs to motivate you and intensify your energy. Or if you have other people at home, use your headphones.

Create a playlist of songs you like that you know can heighten up your mood, turning you from a sleepy head to a lively morning exerciser. Change them often if you want to keep every morning workout fresh and motivating.

Have Something to Look Forward to

Yes, rewards work in workouts, but make sure to be firm with yourself. If you’d like a good cup of coffee on the way to work, make it so that you’ll only have it if you’ve done your workout. Treating yourself to a post-workout delicious and healthy snack is also a way to reward yourself.

Or maybe, promise yourself to buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing in return for a month of daily morning exercise! Whatever it is that makes you happy and motivated, have something to look forward to after a workout.

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

If you’re not an early riser and morning exerciser, don’t force yourself to be one in just a very short period of time. Shifting routines can be stressing, and this is true even to the most fitness-motivated person out there.

Especially for those with overwhelming schedules, hitting snooze in the morning is a blessing. Don’t beat yourself up for that miss morning session; instead, accept that sometimes, failures happen and work your way to eliminate it.

Don’t allow workout failures to become a habit. You’re better than that, after all.

Adhering to a morning workout, especially if you’re from an afternoon or night one, is a challenge — one that can test your determination and commitment. If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed to exercise, try the tips above to get you through  it.

Are you a morning exerciser? What do you do to keep yourself up early, alive and kicking? We’d love to hear your comments below!

With morning exercise it’s way easier to be a wimp and remain in bed. But no more! Reap the benefits of an early exercise with these easy to follow tips.
With morning exercise it’s way easier to be a wimp and remain in bed. But no more! Reap the benefits of an early exercise with these easy to follow tips.


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