How Mindful Eating Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

mindful eating for weight loss
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Mindful eating has become rare nowadays due to the rise of technology and other global trends.

In fact, even if a mindfulness eating book was in front of you, you’d probably be too distracted to notice it.

Also, it is for these very reasons that mindless eating, food advertisements, and various technological advancements such as hoverboards have caused people to become unhealthy and overweight over the years.

Although, you should be aware that there are two types of mindless eating, one that is caused by the distraction brought about by technology, and the other one is in the formation of unconscious habits.

The good thing though, is that the solution lies within us as well, don’t worry, it doesn’t require you inventing, discovering or exerting too much effort at all. All you have to do is something very simple, practice and discipline yourself by mindful eating.

Mindful eating for weight loss


It helps you assess hunger

One problem that causes us to overeat nowadays is that we no longer know if we’re physically hungry or just emotionally hungry.

Physical hunger is when our actual bodies are experiencing food deprivation, and is sending us the signal to eat food.

Emotional hunger, on the other hand, is just our urge to eat or to satisfy our emotional needs.

When you are able to practice and master mindful eating then you are less likely to eat based on your emotional hunger.

Meal duration

Spending longer meal time makes you unaware that you are actually eating more. This happens because as you sit there, you don’t really see that you are tempted and unconsciously putting food in your plate from time to time.

You tend to refill your plate and have second servings.

When you are mindful in eating you can prevent this because you are able to determine if you have sat at the table for too long or if you have finished eating and it’s time to get up.

Mindful calorie count

Mindful eating also means you are able to mindfully track the calories that you are consuming, whether they are by the numbers or just you saying ‘no’ to second servings if you’ve had enough.

Also, by doing calorie count you are actually creating a balance in your food consumption by being conscious of what you will be eating and how much of it you will be eating.

Avoid binge eating

Most of us are guilty of binge eating, which is the main culprit of why we overeat.

But we can counter this bad habit by mindful eating and being mindful as a whole, which can be activated not just through discipline but also through recreational activities like yoga, tai chi, and other relaxing exercises.

The reason why these activities are essential to being mindful is that it helps us reconnect to our mindful selves, it can prevent us from giving in to our urges such as binge eating.

Eating slowly and chewing longer

You’re probably confused as to what I meant with eating slowly since I just recently said staying at the table longer, enables you to eat more food.

Let me clear things out before we proceed any further since we are in the context of mindful eating. When I say eating slowly I mean eating mindfully in the right amount of time.

In short, not eating for too long and not eating too quickly.

Eating for too long unconsciously makes you grab more food while eating too quickly on the hand, delays your brain from sending you signals, because you are eating too fast before your brain can even tell you to stop.

Now, when you are at the right pace of eating, it means you are also chewing longer.

How is that good? Well, there are many health benefits to chewing longer, including weight loss, some to mention is, it increases your enjoyment for the food, improves teeth, improves metabolism and digestion, better absorption of nutrients, and many others.

Mindful with foods

When you are mindful of eating, you are also promoting healthy choices in your meals.

Greens, fruits, and healthy supplements, these are the things you prefer inside your body. You tend to look for healthier food options and consume only the ones which are good for you.

Though, since we said mindful with food, this is not only limited to fruits and vegetables, meat and other types of food are still essential to maintain good health. The thing is just that you are able to balance and be more strict with your meals.

Be at the moment

When we say to be mindful of the moment, we mean two things, the food, and the people.

It’s all good that you’ve learned and mastered mindful eating, and are now incorporating it in your day to day life. You are now making healthier choices, more strict with your diet, and you have better self-control.

More importantly, however, is that in addition to being mindful of what you are eating you are also giving respect and attention to the people eating with you.

Healthy eating habits and choices can be forgotten, but proper etiquette, respect, and courtesy should not be.


Although technology has given us many advantages and opportunities over the last few years, we should never forget important values that the simpler life taught us.

This also entails us that, with progress also comes setbacks, this is why we should be observant and attentive to how technology and the things around us affect us, both good and bad.

Upon reading this, did you find any habits that you have developed which you weren’t aware was affecting your health in a bad way?

Also, did you find this article insightful and is something that a lot of people if not everyone, should take the time to read?

Perhaps there is someone whom you know who needs to practice and incorporate these things?

Let us know or share your story.

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Francine Adan

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