Lash Lift Too Curly (How to Fix it)

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Yes, a lash lift treatment can give you a quick makeover when done right. 

But what if you end up with a bad lash lift? 

If your treatment has gone wrong, especially if you end up with a lash lift that is too curly, you need to find a quick way to fix it. 

If not, you will end up having to wear fake-looking and unflattering eyelashes.

Lash experts recommend that you avoid random solutions when trying to fix lash lifts that are overly curled. 

Let’s dig a bit deeper .

How to tell if lash lift is too curly  

Having curly lashes is the main goal in getting a lash lift. 

However, they shouldn’t be too curly. 

A lash lift should provide you with flattering lashes and not make them look bad or awkward.

If you feel uncomfortable about the way your lashes are curled after the treatment, it may be overly done. 

Here are a few signs that you can check to see if it’s a lash lift gone wrong:

Your lashes appear to have too many curls

When you look in the mirror and see your lashes have lots of curves and curls, it’s a bad sign. 

Remember that a lash lift should only boost the appearance of your lashes. This means that the treatment should make your lashes look naturally curly. 

If you can see multiple curls that look fake and awkward, it’s a clear sign that you need to have your lashes fixed.

Your lashes clump together

Another sign that your lash lift has been unsuccessful is when your lashes clump together. 

When your lashes fuse together, it indicates that something is wrong with the treatment. 

Your lashes look unflattering and uneven

Flattering lash lifts have even or uniform curves. 

If you see that your lashes curve in different directions, you need to visit your lash artist immediately.

Why is My Lash Lift Too Curly 

There are several reasons why lash lift treatments lead to overly curled lashes. 

Here are some of them:

Products used during the treatment are expired

There are times when lash artists forget to check the expiration date of the products used for lash lift treatments.

If your lash artist uses solutions that are past the recommended date, you can possibly get overly curled lashes. 

The treatment took longer than necessary

The actual process of getting a lash lift should only last around 45-60 minutes. 

If the treatment goes beyond that, the chemicals used for perming will sit on your lashes longer than necessary. 

When this happens, the products will likely overcurl your lashes. 

In worst cases, your lashes may even get seriously damaged.

The silicone eyelash pads were not placed properly

The lash lift treatment requires silicone pads during the actual process. 

These pads should be placed as close as possible to your waterline. 

If the pads are not placed properly, the curling process may lead to errors. 

This may lead to awkward curves in your lashes.

Can You Redo a Lash Lift?

You can actually redo a lash lift. 

If you think your lashes are too curly, you can revisit your eyelash technician and have them fix the problem for you. 

You can also go to another salon if you are not confident about getting the services from the same lash salon or artist. 

The lash technician will then check if you can re-lift your eyelashes. 

If not, they will recommend reversing the treatment.

How Soon Can You Redo Lash Lift

It is highly recommended that you wait at least 48 hours before asking for a second lash lift. 

This helps ensure that the lashes have enough time to reform. 

This means that your eyelashes will be able to secure their bonds.

During the re-lifting process, expect it to take half the amount of time compared to your first session. 

This helps avoid overprocessing your lashes.

Decreasing the processing time also helps ensure your eyelashes will not be damaged by the perming ingredients.

what to do if lash lift is too curly 

You don’t have to panic if your lashes get too curly because of lash lift treatment. 

You can quickly fix them by following these tips:

Booking an appointment with your lash artist.

The quickest and safest way to address your overly curly lashes is to revisit your lash artist. 

They will have all the products and tools that can be used to fix your eyelash problem. 

Also, you can get professional advice on how to take care of your lifted lashes after the treatment. 

Using products that can fix your lashes at home.

If you can perform some research about fixing over-processed lash lifts, you can address the issue at home. 

You can purchase lash products and apply them with caution. 

This is only ideal if you are 100% sure of what you are doing. 

How to Fix a Lash Lift that’s Too Curly

Fixing a Lash Lift with a Help from a Professional 

Request for a second perm.

You can ask your eyelash technician to redo the lash lift treatment. 

This is done by getting a second perm.

The same process for lifting your lashes will be done. 

However, the duration will be cut in half. 

This helps ensure that overcurling the lashes won’t happen again.

Ask your eyelash artist to reverse the process.

Reversing a lash lift means you want to get rid of the curls on your lashes.

The reversal process requires relaxing the curled or permed lashes. 

Your lash artist will apply a relaxing solution so your lashes will straighten out.

Note that before your lash technician performs relifting or reversing, they will evaluate your lashes first. 

This helps ensure that the additional treatment won’t cause damage to your eyelashes.

Fixing a Lash Lift on Your Own

  1. Place a silicone pad underneath your lashes. Make sure it’s as close to your waterline as possible.
  2. Grab a clean and dry spoolie or eyelash brush. 
  3. Apply a lash perming solution using the spoolie.
  4. Gently brush from the roots to the tips of your lashes. 
  5. Reapply perm solution if necessary.
  6. Stop applying once the overly curled lashes start to relax.
  7. Remove the perming solution using a cotton pad.
  8. Grab another clean and dry spoolie and apply the setting solution.
  9. Remove the silicone pads and continue brushing your lashes until you are satisfied with the shape. 

Note that you need to be cautious when fixing a lash lift at home. 

If you are unsure of the right products or techniques to use, you can always consult a professional instead.


Having too many curls on your lashes can be overwhelming. 

However, If you have a bad lash lift, you can proceed to book an immediate appointment with your eyelash artist. 

You can also perform some DIY lash lift solution at home. 

In short, you can always find ways to fix curly lashes. You just need to find the best option that is right for you. 

Hopefully, this post gives you enough tips about fixing an eyelash lift that is too curly. 

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