Lash Lift Pros and Cons

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Are you considering getting a lash lift? Why wouldn’t you be when celebrities and makeup enthusiasts are raving over eyelash treatments that help them achieve gorgeous lashes. 

Instead of purchasing mascara or using false eyelashes, they highly recommend getting an eyelash lift treatment.

According to beauty experts, eyelash lifts can quickly open up your eyes. This provides you with a quick way to improve your natural beauty, especially your eyes.

If you are thinking of getting an eyelash lift treatment but still have questions, continue reading.

Lash Lift Pros and Cons

Getting an eyelash lift definitely helps beauty enthusiasts to achieve eyelashes that look naturally curled

However, others may doubt its safety, effectiveness, and performance. 

It’s natural to be skeptical, especially if you haven’t tried getting lash lifts in the past. 

Even reading recommendations online may not be enough to convince you to get your lashes curled or lifted.

“Is it safe to get your lash lifted? Will it be painful? Do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes?” These are only some of the things that you might be curious about.

To ease your mind, I have done some research and compiled some useful information about the eyelash lift treatment.

Pros of Lash Lifts

It’s a painless procedure

If you are scared of painful beauty treatments, eyelash lifts are perfect for you. 

This procedure is painless. 

You just need to tolerate some discomfort, especially during the actual process. 

This includes closing your eyes while your lash technician is performing the treatment. 

It provides quick results

Getting an eyelash lift provides you with quick results. 

On average, you just need to wait within 20 minutes to get curled lashes. 

Compared to other beauty treatments, you don’t need to spend hours on seeing improvements. 

It offers lasting results

The process offers quick results, but it lasts for a long time. 

After the actual process, you can expect to have curly lashes for 4-6 weeks.

It enhances the natural beauty of your lashes

Some eyelash treatment offers more dramatic change. 

However, if you just want to slightly improve your natural lashes, this procedure is perfect for you. 

Lash lifts enhance the natural beauty of your lashes, giving you effortlessly gorgeous lashes.

It doesn’t need constant touch-ups

Compared to other eyelash treatments, lash lifts don’t need constant touch-ups. 

With this, you don’t have to frequently visit your lash technician for additional treatments. 

This shows that eyelash lifts are easy to maintain. You don’t have to go through the hassle of booking another procedure every other week.

It helps you achieve a quick and natural makeup look

Applying makeup can be a chore, especially for those who are leading busy lives. 

Good thing eyelash lift treatment allows you to achieve a quick makeup look. 

After the procedure, you don’t need to keep making an effort in applying mascara or false eyelashes. 

You simply do the rest of your makeup like doing your brows, applying foundation, blush, and lipstick.

It’s a more affordable procedure compared to other lash treatments

As mentioned above, this procedure doesn’t need constant or routine touch ups. 

Thus, it’s more affordable compared to other treatments. 

Eyelash lifts cost around $75- $150. 

It’s a one-time procedure, so you don’t have to worry too much about shelling out your budget for it.

Cons of Lash Lifts

It can be harmful if done incorrectly

If your lash treatment is not performed by a professionally trained technician, it may be dangerous. 

It may cause damage to your lashes and other parts of your eyes. 

It’s important to book your lash treatment appointment at a trusted and well-reputed salon. 

This way, you can rest assured that the procedure is safe.

It might require you to avoid wearing eye makeup for days

If you are a fan of mascara, especially waterproof ones, you might need to avoid them for at least two days. 

Waterproof mascara is difficult to remove, so it may potentially leave a residue, which may affect the lash lift treatment.

Meaning, you might need to say goodbye to your favorite mascara days before the treatment.

It may cause irritation if you have sensitive eyes or skin

Eyelash lift treatments use chemical solutions. 

If you have allergies and other skin sensitivities, the procedure may be risky for you.

It stops you from wearing eyelash extensions

If you love wearing false eyelashes or getting eyelash extensions, this treatment may not be best for you. 

Getting an eyelash lift means that you need to skip other procedures, especially ones that involve lash extensions.

It may not provide a huge improvement if you already have curly lashes

People with naturally curly lashes may not benefit from getting lash lift treatment. 

If you already have curly lashes, you might be disappointed if you request an eyelash lift. 

It won’t make a huge difference because it’s more ideal for those with straight lashes.

Reminders in Preparing for an Eyelash Lift Treatment

If you want to dive into the trend of eyelash lifts, make sure that you set your expectations first. 

Also, it’s best if you know how to prepare for the treatment before booking an appointment at your trusted lash salon.

Here are a few things that you need to do before your appointment:

Perform your own research

This post provides you with basic information about eyelash lift treatments. 

However, it’s still best if you perform some research on your own.

By personally researching lash lifts, you will know what to expect about the treatment.

Find a trusted lash technician

Any beauty treatment can be risky and dangerous if you let untrained personnel do it for you. 

You need to make sure that you only book an eyelash lift treatment at a reputable salon. 

It’s also best if you choose your own lash technician so you can get excellent results.

Prep your eyelashes

Try your best to take a break from mascara and other lash products for a few days. 

This helps ensure there are no residues on your eyelashes before the actual treatment. 

Learn aftercare tips

To prolong having lifted and curly lashes, you also need to perform aftercare routines. 

After the treatment, you have to avoid washing your lashes for 24 hours. 

Aside from this, you need to avoid using mascara. 

You can also use eyelash serums to maintain your lifted lashes.  

To ensure you use the right product, you can consult your lash technician for recommendations.


Getting an eyelash lift treatment has its benefits and disadvantages. 

Even if it has risks, there’s no denying that the lash lift pros outweigh the lash lift cons. 

If you are planning to get a lash lift treatment, make sure that you know what to expect and how to prepare for it. 

Hopefully, this post helped you explore your options when getting a lash lift treatment. 

Not ready to get a lash lift? Starting slow is the key. 

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