8 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Healthy Eating Easier

Kitchen Hacks Healthy Eating Easier
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We have often mentioned that spending time in the kitchen and preparing your meals is one of the most convenient and practical ways of keeping yourself healthy and staying on track in your healthy lifestyle.

Other than you can learn a new skill or improve one, preparing your own meals helps you by assuring you that the ingredients in your meals are healthy and fresh, determine the right amount of portions, saves you a lot of money, and saves you time.

But why stop there? Although preparing meals already has a lot of benefits, it doesn’t mean that you can’t step up your game any further.

There are still many kitchen hacks which can help you in elevating your healthy lifestyle and bring out faster visible results.

Of course, to make things easier for you, we have created this list of hacks which you can use in order to prepare healthier foods.

Kitchen hacks for healthy eating


1. Make foods in line with the season

One effective way of saving more on your meal plan is by planning according to the seasons.

Having your meals plan and made according to the seasons ensures you that the crops and produce are in their best and topmost quality, and this is not only in accordance with how they taste.

Also, when crops such as fruits and vegetables are in season, they are most likely to be cheaper and more affordable due to their abundance.

One thing you do not have to worry about is how you would be creating a meal plan and the procedures on how you would be preparing them, as with the help of today’s technology and inventions such as the internet, you can simply browse and search.

2. Make a habit of going to the farmer’s market

If you are a person who usually does his shopping at the grocery, then better make a switch to the farmer’s market.

It is cheaper and going to the market offers a lot of benefits.

For starters, you get to pick and do a quality check on the products you are purchasing, you get to help and support the local economy and farmers, and you are assured that it is safer and fresher. 

3. Time and manage your salt input

There are a variety of reasons why you should consider the timing of when you season salt, and how much you put in your meals. 

For starters, seasoning salt at the right time in the proper way can improve the taste of a meal.

Also, putting the right and adequate amounts of salt in your meal can help a lot in improving your health and preventing health complications such as high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, and even stroke.

4. Don’t expose your non-stick pan to temperatures that are too high

While it might seem odd to not expose your pan to high temperatures since for starters you bought it for the purpose of cooking, however, it would be good to know first the health hazards that you’re getting yourself into placing it over that roaring fire.

Apparently, exposing your non-stick pan to high temperature or heat can cause the coating to break which then releases toxic chemicals which can infiltrate your food and harm your health.

So next time, don’t skip the instructions manual, better yet do research.

5. Keep or store tomatoes at room temperature

For overripe tomatoes, it is advisable and okay to store them in the fridge to prevent them from withering, however, how many people buy overripe tomatoes, a few maybe or even no one. 

The only chance and reason you got yourself an overripe tomato are that you bought them, and they have been in storage for far too long.

But as far as we’re concerned you shouldn’t keep or store tomatoes in the fridge. 

The reason for this is because keeping tomatoes at cold temperature deprives their flavor-enhancing genes of doing their job, which means they don’t offer as much flavor as those that have been kept in room temperature.

Unless you really have to or your tomatoes are overripe keep them at room temperature at all times.

6. Water or hydrate your vegetables before cooking

Soaking vegetables on clean water before cooking is something a lot of people practice, and this is mainly to keep them sanitized.

However, there is another reason why you should consider cleaning your vegetables before cooking them, and that is to revive them, reviving them means getting to improve both their texture and taste.

Although many may argue that cleaning your vegetables before cooking them might increase their loss of flavors and nutrients, it actually depends on the vegetable as each one has a different reaction and effect.

But one thing’s for sure, you should always clean what you prepare.

7. Poached Eggs

Although by eating egg alone you can gain a lot of health benefits, poaching them can actually contribute a lot to those benefits.

For starters, eating an egg gives you a lot of nutrients that the body needs or requires in order to function properly, egg reduces health complications such as heart disease, can help you lose weight, and improve your eyesight, and this is only to name a few.

Poached eggs, however, can provide lower cholesterol than a regular cooked egg and can be safer as they are cooked at a lower temperature, high temperatures increase the production of toxins.

8. Toast your bread

The case of toasted bread is similar to that of a poached egg. The way they are prepared causes a change in their nutritional value that we might not be aware of.

As for toasted bread, they become healthier in a variety of ways.

They can help lower or decrease the risk of diabetes by lowering the glycemic index and fat content of bread, they also help with diarrhea by adding ‘bulk’ to your waste, this works as the bulks formed by toast bread slows down your bowel movement, which can make them come out as fuller, and toast bread can also help with vomiting and nausea.


Step up and make your meal planning game more interesting by doing a few if not all the tips we have provided, and if you are someone who is just getting started with your meal planning routine, then we would like to let you know how grateful we are to have been a part of your new journey.

And if by chance you are a reader whose attention was caught by this article for whatever reason such as a person whom you know is doing their own meal planning or is just getting started then kindly lend them a hand by sharing this article (on pinterest).

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