20 Delicious Keto Casserole Recipes For Weight Loss

Delicious Keto Casserole Recipes For Weight Loss
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Casseroles are perhaps one of the easiest meals in the history of mankind. Well, maybe I’m stretching a little but you can’t deny the convenience of casseroles.

Just assemble the ingredients in a deep pan, pop them in the oven for some time, and come back to a delicious homemade meal that can either be shared by the entire family or save the leftovers for later. 

In keto casserole recipes for weight loss, it’s mostly the same thing — meat, vegetables, and cheese. The main difference is that instead of using starchy binders like potatoes and pasta, these recipes use low-carb alternatives instead.

Also, these recipes are focused on cutting calories so you might see other substitutes as well. Nevertheless, trust me when I say that the end product comes out just as good, if not better. 

So, without further ado, here are some of the best keto casserole recipes for weight loss I found on the internet. 

20 keto-friendly casseroles for weight loss


1. Cauliflower “mac and cheese”

Cauliflower “mac and cheese” Recipe
Credit: How To This And That

Okay, it’s not really mac and cheese because instead of macaroni, you’re going to use cauliflowers instead. Not only does this make the dish keto-friendly, it also makes everyone’s childhood guilty pleasure a lot healthier.

Now, there’s a lot of these same recipes around the internet but what I like most is How To This And That’s version. Their recipe is one of the most reviewed one on the internet, so I think it’s safe to say a lot of other people love it. It’s savory, it’s cheesy, but best of all, it’s fairly simple to make and only has 281 calories per serving. 

2. Low carb keto lasagna

Low carb keto lasagna Recipe
Credit: Kirbie’s Craving

When I started doing keto, lasagna is one of the 2 things I had the worst time saying goodbye to (pizza being the other). I mean, my family has a recipe that’s been handed down from my grandma, to my aunt, and now me. How could I give that up so easily?

Well, it turns out I didn’t have to. 

While I still have our family recipe tucked inside one of my cabinet drawers, I also use Kirbie’s Craving’s keto recipe. Honestly, making the cheese dough that replaces the not-so-keto lasagna noodles makes this recipe a little more time consuming but it also makes the entire dish taste and feel as if I wasn’t compromising anything at all. 

3. Zucchini lasagna

Zucchini lasagna Recipe
Credit: Skinnytaste

If the previous lasagna recipe was too much work, here’s another one. This one replaces the lasagna noodles with zucchini, so it’s a lot easier to make. You can use your knife to cut the zucchini but I find it’s simpler to just use my mandoline. It takes less time and the cuts come out even, so the end product tends to look prettier, too. 

Also, the switch from pasta noodles to zucchini drops the calorie count to just 275 kcal and the carbs to 13g. 

Catch the whole recipe at Skinnytaste

4. Low carb deconstructed pizza casserole

Low carb deconstructed pizza casserole
Credit: Kalyn’s Kitchen

Speaking of having to give up pizza, I sort of didn’t and that’s all thanks to this recipe I found on Kalyn’s Kitchen

It’s basically pizza without the dough. What it has, though, is sausage, pepperonis, mushrooms, tomatoes, and mozzarella. It doesn’t taste exactly like pizza but it’s got a lot of the same flavors — and I love it! Plus, a serving only yields 289 calories. 

5. Keto chili cheese dog casserole

Keto chili cheese dog casserole Recipe
Credit: Keto Size Me

From mac and cheese, to lasagna, to pizza… you’ve probably noticed how I might not have fully let go of my boyhood favorites just yet. And here’s one more to add to that list! Chilli cheese dog casserole! 

I like to make these in advance when I know the boys are coming over to watch some basketball or UFC. They’re great for sharing with friends and family, and if you just control yourself to 1 serving (maybe less?), this dish should just fit right in your diet. 

Get the full instructions from Keto Size Me

6. Cheesy smoked sausage and cabbage casserole

Cheesy smoked sausage and cabbage casserole Recipe
Credit: Peace, Love, and Low Carb

Really, this recipe is just one mom’s way of using her excess cabbages but it turned out to be, in my opinion, one of the best keto casserole recipes for weight loss on the internet. 

It’s filling because of all the fiber, savory mainly because of the smoked sausage but also because of the other ingredients, and easy to make. But, more importantly, each serving only comes with a little over 300 calories, so it’s fantastic for anyone who’s trying to watch their weight. 

Get the full recipe from Peace, Love, and Low Carb

7. Chicken cordon bleu casserole

Chicken cordon bleu casserole Recipe
Credit: Joy Filled Eats

This dish has all the elements of a typical cordon bleu minus the breadcrumbs, so you already know it’s going to taste good. Furthermore, it’s way easier to make because you won’t have to stuff, roll, and/or bread your chicken. 

The recipe from Joy Filled Eats also comes with its own creamy dijon sauce, making it the complete package. 

8. Philly cheesesteak casserole

Philly cheesesteak casserole Recipe
Credit: My Montana Kitchen

Ahh, the Philly cheesesteak — one of America’s quintessential food. It’s loaded with protein, fats, and unfortunately, calories and carbohydrates. So, how do we make this dish keto? Simple. Don’t use the buns and turn it into a casserole. 

My Montana Kitchen’s recipe also replaces steak with ground chuck to make it cheaper, as well as a couple of bell peppers to add more layers of flavor. Surprisingly, even with the peppers, a serving of this casserole only nets 3g of carbs and 333 calories. 

9. Low carb cauliflower creamed spinach

Low carb cauliflower creamed spinach Recipe
Credit: Living Chirpy

At just 155 calories and 12g of carbohydrates, I think this dish is definitely one of the best keto casserole recipes for weight loss. And, even with a cheap food processor, you’d be done in around 25 minutes. 

I personally wouldn’t have this as my main meal though. It tastes great, but I’d rather have it as a side dish. You’d probably think otherwise but you wouldn’t know if you don’t give it a try. So, check out Living Chirpy and get the full details there. 

10. Keto ham and cauliflower casserole 

Keto ham and cauliflower casserole Recipe
Credit: Kalyn’s Kitchen

Lots of ham, lots of cauliflower, lots of cheese, a bit of yogurt — it’s just crazy to me how all these amazing ingredients combine to make a great keto meal that doesn’t load you up with carbs and calories! Just 238 total calories and 7.7g total carbs per serving in fact! 

I find that this casserole tastes great even when reheated, so I suggest freezing the leftovers in case you’re too tired to make lunch or dinner. Go see Kalyn’s Kitchen for the full recipe.

11. Twice-baked cauliflower

Twice-baked cauliflower Recipe
Credit: Kalyn’s Kitchen

Here’s another delicious dish from Kalyn’s Kitchen that’ll help you cut those extra pounds while staying in ketosis. Actually, this twice-baked cauliflower recipe is what inspired her to make the keto ham and cauliflower casserole, so if you liked that, there’s a good chance you’ll like this, too. 

It uses a lot of the same ingredients but the main difference, to me, is that it uses bacon instead of ham. They’re both incredibly delicious regardless. And, with just 292 calories and a little more than 3g of net carbs, this one’s just as weight conscious. 

12. Loaded cauliflower casserole

Loaded cauliflower casserole Recipe
Credit: Dear Crissy

This one’s from a different food blogger, Dear Crissy, but it’s a similar recipe to the previous one. Similar in that cauliflower, bacon, sour cream, and cheddar cheese are among their core ingredients but unique in that it also uses ranch seasoning as well as shredded colby and monterey jack cheese. 

I can’t fully describe the subtle differences between the dishes, so I urge you to try them all out for yourself.

13. Broccoli, cauliflower rice, and chicken casserole

Broccoli, cauliflower rice, and chicken casserole Recipe
Credit: Isabel Eats

You’re probably getting tired of all these cauliflower recipes, so let’s throw in a bit of broccoli in there. Really, though, you might not even notice the cauliflower because, with the help of the mighty food processor, it becomes rice. Well, sort of. 

Anyhow, give this recipe a try. A serving only amounts to 375 calories and 10g net carbs. Visit Isabel Eats for more info. 

14. Creamy cheesy brussel sprouts with bacon

Creamy cheesy brussel sprouts with bacon Recipe
Credit: Diethood

Don’t like brussel sprouts? Well, Diethood says this should change your mind. 

In my experience with the keto diet, the food I usually don’t like eating generally become tolerable after they’re ketofied (I’m totally making that word up). After all, how bad could they be when they’re smothered in bacon and cheese, right? This recipe is no different, except it’s not just tolerable. It’s amazing! 

15. Easy jalapeño shrimp veggie bake

Easy jalapeño shrimp veggie bake Recipe
Credit: Cotter Crunch

Now, while Lindsay from Cotter Crunch makes this with a cast iron skillet, you can totally do it at home with any pan you have that’s oven safe. It probably just looks more picturesque with a cast iron but if you plan to store the leftovers, I think glass baking dishes are the better option. 

Nevertheless, this dish is a must-try if you love shrimp and southern flavors. 

16. Creamy bacon garlic spaghetti squash

Creamy bacon garlic spaghetti squash Recipe
Credit: Paleo Gluten Free Eats

This recipe was originally intended for the Whole30 diet but looking at its macros, I think it’s totally doable for keto. I mean, with only 296 calories, 12g net carbs, and a whopping 23g of fat, it’s like it’s actually made for the ketogenic diet. 

To make this, you really need just a handful of ingredients (plus seasonings) — spaghetti squash, bacon, broccoli, coconut milk, and an egg. 

For the full recipe, head over to Paleo Gluten Free Eats

17. Low-carb green bean and mushroom casserole

Low-carb green bean and mushroom casserole Recipe
Credit: Simply So Healthy

Thanksgiving or not, a green bean mushroom casserole makes its way into almost every American’s dinner table at some point. I know some of my family members who eat this as their meal but I personally have this as a side dish. 

Nonetheless, it’s a great recipe and I thank Simply So Healthy for making a low carb alternative that fits any keto diet. 

18. Zucchini sausage breakfast bake

Zucchini sausage breakfast bake recipe
Credit: ASweetLife

This recipe uses coconut flour instead of all-purpose flour to keep the carbohydrates down. Also, the switch makes the meal more filling because of the higher fiber and protein content, making it better for weight loss. 

To be honest, I’ve only recently seen this recipe from ASweetLife, so I only made it once. I’m definitely looking forward to making it again though. 

19. Cabbage noodle tuna casserole

Cabbage noodle tuna casserole Recipe
Credit: Peace, Love, and Low Carb

I’m simply amazed at how people continue to create delicious keto alternatives to classic favorites, including the tuna casserole. 

Instead of pasta, you use cabbage and instead of canned mushroom soup, you make your own sauce. In the words of Peace, Love, and Low Carb, what “brings this sauce to life” is the dill and mustard powder. 

It doesn’t taste the same, of course, but if you’re feeling nostalgic on a carb-restricted diet, this might be the next best thing. 

20. Chicken bacon ranch casserole

Chicken bacon ranch casserole recipe
Credit: Wholesum Yum

Wholesum Yum details 2 ways you can make this recipe — 1) with spinach, and 2) with broccoli. 

Regardless of which vegetable you choose to go with, the rest of your ingredients — chicken breast, bacon, garlic, ranch dressing, mozzarella cheese, and cheddar cheese — are all easy to find in most groceries. 


And there you have it, folks — 20 keto casserole recipes for weight loss. Now, before I let you go, I need to remind you that although these dishes have relatively low carbs and calories, they’re delicious and it’s easy to get carried away. So watch your portions, keep track of how much food you’re eating, and, well… stay keto! 

Oh, and do you mind telling your friends about us? No? AWESOME! Thanks! 

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