30+ Keto Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss

Keto Breakfast Recipes Weight Loss
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I’m one of those dudes that believe keto isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. And, what better way is there to start any day in life, especially if you’re trying to lose weight, than an amazing, filling breakfast? 

Also, your first meal sets the tone for how the rest of your day goes. A relatively high carb and high calorie breakfast will give you more energy early on but it also limits how much food you can eat the rest of the day.

On the contrary, a light meal will give you more leeway but it likely also won’t be as filling and/or enjoyable. These are things you have to think about when you’re trying to cut those excess pounds. 

With that said, I’ve listed what I think are some of the best keto breakfast recipes for weight loss. Not only that, I’ve grouped them into categories depending on how much calories they have per serving to help you plan out your day in advance.

Let’s get to it! 

Keto breakfast recipes under 200 calories:

1. Strawberry avocado keto smoothie

Low-carb strawberry smoothies (2 delicious recipes!)
Credit: Wholesome Yum

This recipe essentially needs only 4 ingredients: avocadoes, berries, berries, and a sweetener. Pop them in a blender, give it a whirl, and drink your delicious keto breakfast away. 

Wholesome Yum’s recipe specifically uses frozen strawberries, almond milk, and powdered allulose. With the avocadoes, 1 serving only amounts to 106 calories and 7g net carbs, giving you a lot of elbow room to plan for your next meals. Of course, you can use other berries (like blackberries and raspberries) as well as other types of milk but the macros are going to change, so you’ll have to calculate for the changes on your own. 

2. Keto vanilla chai protein shake

Keto vanilla chai protein shake
Credit: Savvy Honey

Here’s another breakfast that you can drink. It’s probably even easier to make than the last one because you don’t even have to use a blender. Just a shaker cup or maybe even a tall glass and something to stir all the ingredients together and you’re good to go. 

Moreover, this recipe uses Perfect Keto’s vanilla-flavored collagen which has MCTs in it. In case you didn’t know, the weight loss benefits of MCTs are backed by multiple studies. So, besides the low calories and low carbs, the protein powder makes this drink even better. 

Check out Savvy Honey for the full recipe. 

3. Low carb “yogurt”

Low carb “yogurt”
Credit: Hey Keto Mama

Uhh… This isn’t actually yogurt. More like a mixture of sour cream, whipped cream, and sweeteners. Regardless of nomenclature though, I think it’s net carbs of just 2 grams is definitely better for keto than pretty much any brand of store-bought yogurt. It’s quite tasty, too. 

It also has just 145 calories, so it makes for an awesome ingredient to a variety of other dishes, including parfaits and several others. 

Visit Hey Keto Mama for the full details. 

4. Bacon sriracha deviled eggs

Bacon sriracha deviled eggs
Credit: Sweet CS Designs

Eggs and bacon are two of keto’s most prominent foods and in this recipe, they combine to make a beautiful dish. It’s real simple, too. Simply boil eggs, cut them in half and scoop out the yolk, whip the yolk together with mayo and paprika, pipe the mixture back into the eggs, and top with sriracha, bacon, and chives. 

Each half yields just 131 calories and 1g carbs. What I like to do is eat 2 halves (1 whole egg) and a few slices of avocado for breakfast. It’s a light but beautiful meal that, in my opinion, does a great job of waking me up. 

Get the recipe at Sweet CS Designs

5. Egg in a nest with braised cabbage

Egg in a nest with braised cabbage Recipe
Credit: Ketogasm

I don’t know about you but I think braised cabbage is a very underrated dish. This recipe’s version isn’t exactly what I’m used to though because it doesn’t have onions but, trust me, it’s great nonetheless. 

Also, it’s satisfying, incredibly fast and easy to make, and only carries 121 calories and 5g net carbs per serving. 

Head over to Ketogasm for the details. 

6. Jalapeño popper egg cups

Jalapeño popper egg cups recipe
Credit: Ruled.Me

It’s the right amount of spice, it’s cheesy, and it has bacon. I’m sold with just three. But, in case you needed more, this recipe also makes for great make-ahead meals. After all, if you follow Ruled.Me’s instructions, you’ll end up with 12 jalapeño popper egg cups. So, there’s plenty for later. You can even have it as a snack if you want to. 

7. Whole30 pan roasted portobello egg roast

Whole30 pan roasted portobello egg roast recipe
Credit: Paleo Gluten Free Eats

As you can see, this recipe was made the the whole30 diet but its macros — 162 calories and only 8g total carbs — are undoubtedly fit for keto. 

The colors on this dish — the redness of the tomatoes, the yellow hue of the yolk, and the browning of the mushrooms — really pop out, adding to what is already an appetizing blend of flavors. If you want to try this out, visit Paleo Gluten Free Eats

8. Cloud eggs

Cloud eggs recipw
Credit: Kirbie’s Cravings

There’s really nothing too special about this recipe except for fluffy egg whites. However, the whites do have a savory flavor to them because it has parmesan and chives mixed into them.

Each serving amounts to a low 173 calories and only 1g of carb but I highly recommend pairing this with something else that’s keto friendly. Have bacon and avocadoes on the side, perhaps. 

Check out Kirbie’s Cravings for more details. 

9. Spinach, feta, and artichoke breakfast bake

Spinach, feta, and artichoke breakfast bake recipe
Credit: Skinnytaste

This one’s a casserole that I think is great for feeding your family and friends but if you’re not feeding a crowd, it makes for an amazing meal prep, too.

It’s also a vegetarian recipe that only has 128 calories and 4g carbs per serving. However, you can always experiment and add meats like bacon, ham, sausage, or maybe even chorizo. If you do, just remember to adjust the macros so you know what and how much to eat for your other meals. 

Get the full recipe at Skinnytaste

10. Almond crusted breakfast cheesecake

Almond crusted breakfast cheesecake
Credit: Joy Filled Eats

Before I say anything else, YES, you can definitely have cheesecake for breakfast. But this isn’t just any regular cheesecake though. This one’s healthier, low carb, and of course, low calorie. 

Joy Filled Eats did this by swapping out grahams for almonds and combining cream cheese and cottage cheese. The result is a 152 calorie, 3g carbs breakfast that’s also great for snacks. If you want, you can even top it with berries and make it an even better meal. 

Keto recipes under 300 calories

11. 5-ingredient go-to green smoothie

5-ingredient go-to green smoothie
Credit: The Real Food Dietitians

Let’s start with perhaps the easiest low carb breakfast in this category. All you need are bananas, avocadoes, spinach and/or other greens, milk, and protein powder. 

Now, if I’m being honest, I’m not a fan of green smoothies. Most of them taste horrible to me. But not this. I think it might be because of the protein powder or the bananas, but it does a good job of masking the taste of spinach. And, with only 215 calories and around 15g net carbs, it’s suited for a keto weight loss diet, too. 

Catch the full recipe at The Real Food Dietitians

12. Strawberry breakfast chia jars

Strawberry breakfast chia jars
Credit: KetoDiet App

What I like about this is that it doesn’t need any additional sweeteners to be tasty. You can add them in if you want but I think the natural sweetness of strawberry and the earthy, sort of savory flavor of cinnamon that’s in these jars are more than good enough. 

You can make these in advance and store them in mason jars for future breakfasts or you can make them fresh every morning. Both are quick and tasty either way. You can get the full recipe at KetoDiet App.

13.  Keto strawberry donuts

Keto strawberry donuts recipe
Credit: Hey Keto Mama

I honestly didn’t think this was possible, especially considering the reputation of donuts to be fattening but Hey Keto Mama made it happen. Each donut only has 221 calories, 2.8g carbs, and a whopping 20.3g fat. That’s pretty much as keto as donut gets! 

The blog made this is a treat but I think it works great as a make ahead breakfast. It doesn’t taste low-carb either, so you just know it’s delicious. 

14. Keto muffins (3 amazing recipes!)

Keto muffins (3 amazing recipes!)
Credit: Hey Keto Mama

Like donuts, I think muffins are great breakfast options particularly on days when you’re in a hurry. You make them in advance during the weekend, store them in the fridge, and reheat them whenever necessary. 

In this case, I like variations. Different flavors, different textures, but all equally fantastic for cutting extra pounds. Here are a few of my favorites: 

  • Keto Size Me’s blueberry muffins (223 calories, 3g net carbs)
  • Hey Keto Mama’s banana nut muffins (248 calories, 4g net carbs)
  • Low Carb Maven’s nutella swirl muffins (255 calories, 5g net carbs)

15. Chocolate protein waffles

Chocolate protein waffles
Credit: Ketogasm

It’s chocolatey (duh), easy to make, but more importantly, it’s a great breakfast for weight loss — high in protein (29g), low net carbs (5g), and low calorie (230 kcal). Ketogasm really outdid herself with this recipe and I highly recommend it. 2 thumbs up! 

16. Keto pancakes (2 tasty options!)

Keto pancakes (2 tasty options!)
Credit: wholesomeyum

You have donuts, muffins, and waffles, so now it’s time for another American favorite — pancakes! 

I got the recipes I use from Wholesome Yum. She has 2 amazing versions that I alternate. They taste slightly different from each other but they’re equally just as good for a weight loss breakfast. Here’s where you can find them:

17. Roasted brussel sprouts with bacon casserole

Roasted brussel sprouts with bacon casserole
Credit: Wholesome Yum

It seems like we’ve mostly been talking about sweets so here’s something that, to me, feels more like an actual meal. 

If we’re being real here, though, I don’t like brussel sprouts. However, I think the cheese bacon, and cream in this recipe do amazing jobs of masking the vegetable. It also has 211 calories and only 6g net carbs, making it a great keto meal! 

Get the full recipe at Wholesome Yum.

18. Keto eggs benedict casserole

Keto eggs benedict casserole
Credit: Peace, Love, and Low Carb

Peace, Love, and Low Carb says this dish as “a remixed eggs benedict” and I can’t find a better way to describe it. For one, it doesn’t use English muffins (because carbohydrates) and it doesn’t use poached eggs either (probably because it’s too much of a hassle). 

However, it still has all the bacon (maybe even more) and all the eggy goodness of a traditional eggs benedict. The eggs in this recipe, in my opinion, are even better flavored because of the garlic and onion powder. Oh, and that hollandaise sauce? Simply. Amazing. All these at just 280 calories and 2g carbs. 

19. Low carb breakfast burrito bowl

Low carb breakfast burrito bowl
Credit: Ketogasm

This recipe is built around 3 things: taco meat, cauliflower rice, and scrambled eggs. Together, they make a blend of flavors that’s just perfect for mornings. And, for a meal that only has 299 calories and 5g total carbs, it’s pretty darn filling. 

Also, Ketogasm has tips on how you can make all this in just 1 pan so you have less dishes to do afterwards. Get all the details there! 

20. Loaded cauliflower

I feel like we haven’t had a lot of vegetables on this list yet, so here’s one you might like. 

It’s basically mashed cauliflower with chives, cheese, and bacon. Each serving has a total of 298 calories and just over 4g net carbs. Also, with a good food processor, you’d be done making this in 20, maybe 25 minutes. Makes for a good meal prep, too. 

Breakfasts under 400 calories

These are relatively heavier meals compared to the previous recipes but if you’re anticipating a lot of activities coming to you during the day, these will definitely help. Just make sure to plan the rest of your meals ahead. 

21. Keto cinnamon rolls

Keto cinnamon rolls recipe
Credit: Hey Keto Mama

Here, I found 2 recipes that you might like. They’re both unique from each other but, in my opinion, just as good. I say that because I find both of them delicious. You may like one more than the other but you wouldn’t know that unless you give them a try. Here’s where you can find the recipes:

22. Low carb bagels with fathead dough

The secret to this dish is the fathead dough. I’ve mostly seen this kind of dough used in keto pizzas, so I was shocked to see it used for bagels. Even more surprising was how good it was. 

The dough making process can be a little tricky though. Well, at least for me. You see, I’m not much of a baker but with a bit of practice (and patience), I nailed it. You can, too. 

Just head over to Wholesome Yum for tips!

23. Easy avocado toast

Easy avocado toast recipe
Credit: Sweet CS Designs

Here’s the thing: Keto and toast? They don’t match. Bread is typically high in carbohydrates and one too many can easily kick you out of ketosis. 

But here’s the good news: Sweet CS Designs made a keto-safe bread recipe that looks just like your regular loaf of bread. It even tastes and feels a lot like it, too! 

That’s just the base though. You can check out the avocado toast recipe right here. With 330 calories and 10g net carbs, it’s incredible how filling this is. 

24. Heirloom tomato and swiss chard eggs benedict

Heirloom tomato and swiss chard eggs benedict
Credit: Low Carb Maven

Remember the eggs benedict casserole recipe I showed you earlier (#18)? Well, here’s another one, only this time it’s not a casserole and instead of using English muffins, it uses heirloom tomatoes. One other thing that’s unique about this recipe is the swiss chard. 

Overall, it’s a wonderful dish by Low Carb Maven. It’s a little heavy on the calories at 377 though, but with only 4g net carbs, it’s definitely still keto. 

25. Keto chorizo omelette

Chorizo omelette recipe
Credit: Hey Keto Mama

First of all, this same recipe is also in some of my other keto breakfast articles. It’s that good, I had to recommend it over and over! 

Maybe I’m biased though because I love chorizo but that doesn’t take away from its being an incredible ketogenic meal. Although it’s got a bit more calories (378) than most other egg recipes on this list, it’s also loaded with fat (32.5g ) and protein (18g) while still keeping the carbs at bay (just 2.5g). 

Check out Hey Keto Mama for the recipe.

Recipes under 500 calories

This is the group with the highest calories on this list. There are other amazing breakfast recipes out there for sure but for the sake of weight loss, I’m keeping it relatively low cal. Don’t worry though. These recipes are filling and are well capable of fuelling your mornings. 

26. 5-ingredient ham and cheese pockets

5-ingredient ham and cheese pockets recipe
Credit: Keto Diet App

Ham and cheese sandwiches have a special place in my heart. I think we can all agree that it tastes incredible and that it’s easy to make but, to me, it’s also a blast of nostalgia. See, my mother used to make these for me when I was a kid. 

But, again, bread isn’t too keto-friendly. 

Thankfully, Keto Diet App found a way around it. It’s slightly more tedious to make but it tastes even better than what my mom used to make (sorry, ma). Each serving has 426 calories and just 4.2g net carbs. 

27. Bacon and egg breakfast wraps with avocado

Bacon and egg breakfast wraps with avocado
Credit: Low Carb Maven

This meal comes with its own version of low carb wraps which, really, make the dish more of a taco than a wrap. Regardless, it’s got bacon, eggs, avocado, cheese, and salsa — everything you’d expect from a store-bought breakfast taco/tortilla without all the carbs. 

Each wrap has 469 calories and just 3g net carbs. It’s also loaded with plenty of fat and protein, and it even makes for an amazing make-ahead meal for busy mornings. 

Get all the instruction you need at Low Carb Maven

28. Keto cannoli stuffed crepes

Keto cannoli stuffed crepes
Credit: I Breathe I’m Hungry

“Crepes?! Cannolis?! Those two are like carb bombs!”

True, but this is different. These cannoli stuffed crepes only have 4g of carbs — and that’s already for 2 pieces of crepes! It’s crazy how I Breathe I’m Hungry engineered this recipe. 

And you know what’s the best part? It’s like having dessert for breakfast. 

29. Ultimate breakfast roll ups

Ultimate breakfast roll ups
Credit: Ruled.Me

It’s basically bacon, sausage, and lots of cheese wrapped in eggs. It’s literally that easy to make. Also, if you already have bacon and sausage leftovers from previous keto recipes, all it takes is a good sized non-stick pan, making it so quick to clean up afterwards. 

If you want, you can add veggies to the recipe and maybe even have berries and avocadoes on the side. As they are, though, these breakfast roll ups only have 412 calories and a little over 2g net carbs. 

Ruled.Me has the full recipe if you need it. 

30. Breakfast pepper rings

Breakfast pepper rings recipe
Credit: Keto Size Me

You know those silicone egg molds that people use to create perfectly shaped eggs? Well, in this recipe, you’ll be using sliced bell peppers to shape your eggs. They won’t be perfect, some of the egg whites are going to spill over, but you know what makes this better? You can eat the bell pepper. Topped with sausage and parmesan cheese, and you’ve got yourself a complete meal. 

2 rings makes 1 serving and each serving has 483 calories and only 5g net carbs. Grab the complete recipe at Keto Size Me


I know you probably won’t try all of these out but I can only hope that you at least try some of these keto breakfast recipes for weight loss.

I have my own favorites from this list, too, but one thing I know for sure is that they all helped me achieve my own fitness goals. 

Knowing roughly how many calories and carbs (as well as other macros) I’ve had for breakfast has helped me lose weight and keep the weight off. Now, I’m feeling better than ever, and I know you will, too. 

If this helped, all I ask is that you tell your friends about us so we can help them, too. 

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