Inspirational James J-Pierre Quotes for entrepreneurs

Inspirational James J-Pierre Quotes for entrepreneurs
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1. Life is short, make your definition long – James J-Pierre

2. Failure: Life has blessed you with a personal teacher so that you can grow, but you think life is against you. – James J-Pierre

3. Hustle in the dark and one day you’ll become someone else’s light. – James J-Pierre

4. I called myself an entrepreneur and I didn’t even know how to spell the word. – James J-Pierre

5. life is like a dish. You can create your own recipe or borrow someone else’s. – James J-Pierre

6. Everyone wants to be x’s and o’s as if those are the only letters in the alphabet. – James J-Pierre

7. Don’t BS me. On the alphabet, B and S may not be close but they still get together sometimes. – James J-Pierre

8. You’re not getting anywhere because you’re using a ruler to measure your success. – James J-Pierre

9. Today I asked myself. What’s the worst way a person can die? My answer. BROKE. Not the broke many will think of. Broke as in you died making no difference in anyone’s life, whether it be millions like Jim Rohn or simply one person. Broke as in you left nothing but a burden for your loved ones. A child who will never learn the lessons he needs to from you. Bills. A mortgage, no written guidance so that your child can learn from your past mistakes. Broke as in your funeral costing your family thousands they don’t have just to bury you, when all they need is to put you in the ground. That is the worst way to die. – James J-Pierre

10. I hustle in the dark because it’s easier to spot the faintest of lights. – James J-Pierre

11. everyone wants to climb the latter of success, but because the first few steps are missing, they don’t even try. – James J-Pierre

12. life can be full of shit. If you don’t take the time to design it, that’s all it’ll give you. – James J-Pierre

13. The world has some wonderful things, but because we’re going through shit it’s hard to see because we are so focused on the smell. – James J-Pierre

14. You can untangle the knots or you can use them to climb. – James J-Pierre

15. One of the pains of success: Knowing you’re going to be successful but it’s taking a long time. – James J-Pierre

16. Even the bird with the longest wingspan that can soar for days must land to take a break. – James J-Pierre

17. Life is like a 30-minute shower. Sometimes you’ll get a little soap in your eyes. – James J-Pierre

18. A lot of people are like dandruff. The longer they hang around, the more they gather until they become a real problem that’s hard to get rid of. – James J-Pierre

19. One day, they will say remember we are family and one day I will tell them to go die with the cockroaches they sleep with. I forgive, but I never forget. – James J-Pierre

20. Negativity is like being stung constantly by a thousand bees. At first, it’s really annoying but after a few more stings it becomes toxic. – James J-Pierre

21. I hang around shepherds because I can’t talk to sheep. – James J-Pierre

22. The promise of easy money is but a wolf’s trap laid out for sheep seeking taller grass. – James J-Pierre

23. Pride keeps me ignorant, pride keeps me alive, pride keeps me from crawling on my knees to poor minded men who look down on people because they think being worth 13$ an hour is something to be proud of. – James J-Pierre

24. For a person who suffers from clinical depression and suicidal thoughts, there are two hells and one heaven. – James J-Pierre

25. Haters are like mosquitoes. If you don’t coat your skin, they will suck you dry. Some will infect you and watch from a distance as you slowly die. – James J-Pierre

26. Putting 10+ years at a job is like choosing to be a turkey on thanksgiving. – James J-Pierre

27. The little things count because if they didn’t you wouldn’t let something as small as a mosquito bother you. – James J-Pierre

28. The worst pain I had to face is the fight with myself. I’m unsure who to root for because they both want what’s best for me. – James J-Pierre

29. Don’t be like everyone else and pawn your dreams for pennies, because they’ll never give you what it’s truly worth. – James J-Pierre

30. Grown ups’ could learn a lesson from watching cartoons. – James J-Pierre

31. I could’ve quit long ago, but there wouldn’t be nothing to quit to, unless I was ready to commit suicide. – James J-Pierre

32. It was always about the money, but when you want to be successful and all you think about is the money, all you work for is the money… You will never be successful. You will be blinded and make mistakes especially when you are disparate, so I guess it never really was about the money. – James J-Pierre

33. A double sided sword is crafted under heat and pressure and comes out ever more beautiful because of it. – James J-Pierre

34. Becoming an entrepreneur is like walking through flames. You either ignore it, deal with it or be engulfed by it. You must realize when you make it, the burns will heal and you’ll become a better person because of it. – James J-Pierre

35. Though I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, having depression as an experience has opened my eyes to so many things. – James J-Pierre

36. Have and the have nots. Why do people say that, it’s stupid? I think it should be the gets and the get nots, that makes more sense. – James J-Pierre

37. Your dreams have to be like a cockroach, they have to be hard to kill and you have to be like that pesky mosquito that doesn’t know when to give up. – James J-Pierre

38. If my brain was examined, they’d call me crazy… and for a long time I thought I was. Articles, doctors and psychiatrist and a whole bunch of other people constantly tell me there’s something wrong with me, so how could I not believe it. I now realize I’m not crazy, I just have access to a different part of the brain. A part of the brain that will cause people to kill themselves, because it’s so hard to handle. – James J-Pierre

39. Whenever one of my family members would ask me what I was doing, because I was unemployed; I didn’t have a problem telling them because I was doing something they were not. – James J-Pierre

40. My father would laugh behind my back to other family members whenever he heard I was doing something new. “He wrote a book, what does he know about writing a book? What school did he go to, to be writing a book?” While he laughed and asked about my credentials, I to laughed because what someone would go to school for, I could simply go on YouTube, search the web or simply read a book from someone who’s done it before me. – James J-Pierre

41. I used to think there was a secret when it came to success, until I read a shit load of books and articles and realized the secret is the millionaires are getting rich off idiots like me who believe there truly is a secret. – James J-Pierre

42. The future is bright, but fools run straight ahead and get blinded then complain, because they didn’t prepare by simply wearing a pair of shades. – James J-Pierre

43. If I had a dollar for every time I heard the age excuse; that would probably be my shortcut to wealth. – James J-Pierre

44. People can’t stand to be alone with themselves, so they bother me when I’m trying to be alone with myself. – James J-Pierre

45. I stood in the isle thinking about my future, while the man next to me complained, but when I asked him what his dream was he never answered. – James J-Pierre

46. It pains me to have all this knowledge and no one to share it with, I’d have to say its number 3 on my list. – Of what causes me the most pain. – James J-Pierre

47. If you want the long road to success do it all by yourself. – James J-Pierre

48. In a time where everyone is searching for success, it’s easy for other so called entrepreneurs to live off them because they haven’t learned patience when it comes to money. – James J-Pierre

49. The day is always good, you just have to ignore the bad and look for the good. Remember it takes more muscle to frown then it does to smile, so smile for another day. – James J-Pierre

50. This journey I’m on is long and it’s difficult. I’ve been on it for a while, I’ve given up, went the wrong direction and took a few breaks , but now I want to setup a cabin to help my fellow entrepreneurs by giving them wisdom, food and water so that the road becomes easier for them. – James J-Pierre

51. Success is falling through hell until you appear on the top of heaven. – James J-Pierre

52. opportunities don’t make U turns. – James J-Pierre

53. Becoming an entrepreneur helped me overcome my depression and my depression helped me become an entrepreneur. – James J-Pierre

54. life is nothing more than a contradiction. – James J-Pierre

55. why are you treating haters like some type of incurable disease when they are no more than the common cold. they come and go. – James J-Pierre

56. I can take the pain now. I’ve had 9+ years of practice. Depression is the worst thing that has happened to me, but it’s also the best thing that has happened to me. – James J-Pierre

57. I was going to change my last name but i decided to keep it to see if success really is the best revenge and if it is, I want those that I used to call family to regret every single day of it. – James J-Pierre

58. Entrepreneurs are not made, they are born. Every single one of you are entrepreneurs, but only few realize what they are and build upon it. – James J-Pierre

59. Don’t upgrade your phone this year. upgrade your mind. – James J-Pierre

60. When you talk to people about an opportunity, they are so quick to call it a scam, but we know where the true scammers lie. Religion and schools are the biggest scams, but when you grow up knowing nothing else why question it, right? – James J-Pierre

61. Ignorance is toxic – James J-Pierre

62. A Penny saved is a dollar lost. A penny invested is a dollar earned. – James J-Pierre

63. I am not Facebook I don’t need any more users. – James J-Pierre

64. I tried all the magic pills people brought me for success – all I got were side effects. – James J-Pierre

65. I could live without cigarettes and drugs; I wasn’t born with them, but I can’t live without entrepreneurship because it’s in my DNA. – James J-Pierre


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