Is Zara Good Quality?

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Is zara good quality? The answer truly comes down to what a buyer defines as quality themselves. However, in general it is safe to say that Zara is good quality overall. 

In terms of craftsmanship, Zara has been known to have inconsistent quality, with some clothes being able to withstand multiple years and others having loose threads within a couple of months. Despite this inconsistency in craftsmanship, shoppers continue to return to Zara because of the quality of design and convenience

From Zara’s in-store runway music to the sleek aesthetic, Zara has been setting itself out as a recognizable brand since 1974. 

Originally created in Spain, Zara esteems itself as a distinctive brand in North America today.

Zara’s layout is modern, without trying too hard. 

Their clothes are edgy; without looking tacky. From personally shopping at Zara hundreds of times, it’s easy to agree that the minimalism of their storefront displays confidence in their product. 

It is this feeling of confidence that buyers also want to experience and keeps them coming back. But what do customers have to say about the quality? 

In the rest of the article, we’ll dive into the real meaning of quality in the fashion industry and explore in what ways Zara is and isn’t quality. 

What Defines Quality? 

In the world of fashion, quality can be measured by the level of work and attention to detail put into a certain piece. 

Additionally, it’s the ability to hold up its appearance. 

It’s important to understand that Zara is a “fast-fashion” brand which means their main priority is to stay on trend by pushing new styles out as fast as they can. 

They often achieve this by using outsourced labor in other countries with poor quality control standards. 

Nonetheless, when I am wearing Zara I do not feel like I am wearing cheap clothing. In my own experience, I’ve never had a Zara article unreasonably shrink, wash away or tear. 

Some say quality goes above the craftsmanship of the clothing and is really about how it’s presented to you, moreover how it makes you feel when you are wearing it. But for others quality is simply about how long the clothing article can last. 

Why is Zara Good Quality?

In comparison to other fast-fashion brands such as H;M and Forever 21; yes, Zara quality is good. I’ve owned many Zara pieces and they have been more resilient than many of the pieces you could find at H;M or Forever 21. 

In terms of quality of design, Zara has done a good job at staying ahead of the game and on-trend. However, because it’s manufactured so quickly- attention to detail is often missed.

Zara’s Quality Problem 

Due to Zara’s quick turnover for fashion styles, the clothes are usually made abroad in large batches. 

According to Zara, approximately half of their merchandise is manufactured in 12 company-owned factories in Spain, Portugal, and Turkey.

And the rest? 

The remaining half of their merchandise is made in factories in China with low-quality control. 

This is the reason why many customers say that the quality of clothes is inconsistent. 

Zara’s Price for Quality 

Is Zara expensive? Zara is considerably more affordable than luxury brands, but when compared to other fast-fashion stores such as H;M and Forever 21; Zara can be considerably more pricey depending on the item. 

It’s safe to say that Zara is not expensive, but it’s not cheap either. 

The reason why Zara might have a higher price tag than these other fast-fashion stores is because of the quality of their design. 

In addition, Zara has leveraged its heritage as an authentic Spanish brand in a wise way, unlike most other fast-fashion brands. 

Is zara a luxury brand 

Although the trends that Zara pushes are often inspired by high fashion, Zara itself is not a high fashion brand. 

Additionally, like all fast-fashion brands, Zara has been criticized in the past for being uncreative and copying designers’ work. 

To qualify as a high fashion brand Zara, in my opinion, would have to make a unique style for themselves and depend on world-famous designers to curate their clothes rather than factories in China. 

Currently, this would go against their current business model and is unlikely to happen. 

Should I Shop from Zara? 

I would not fill a closet entirely with Zara if you are looking to invest your money into a closet that will last you many years. 

Some Zara pieces are great, but the more you wear them the quicker they fade. 

Zara is good quality for shoppers who want something to wear temporarily and don’t expect it to last more than a couple of years. 

The newest trends can now be purchased at Zara and you won’t need to wait for a sale to get them at a price that won’t break the bank. 

The Best Way to Shop at Zara

In the case that you are looking for long-lasting clothes, I would wait until the sale season for luxury brands.

However, if you are looking for something to wear quickly for a special event, Zara perfectly fits that gap.

In my own experience, if you wait for a sale at a higher-end store such as Micheal Kors you can absolutely get something at a similar price, but higher quality. 

However, in this case, you would be limited to sales. 

The Best Quality Pieces at Zara 

According to many shopper’s reviews online, the best quality pieces at Zara are their fall and summer coats (as these coats don’t need to keep you warm) and their simpler dresses. 

Dress shirts and fancier dresses are hit and miss. 

Additionally, many customers say that the shoes and winter jackets are extremely uncomfortable and lack functionality.

A good rule of thumb would be that, the more that is required out of a clothing piece like winter jackets to keep you warm, or shoes to wear all day; the worse quality it will be and the quicker it will break