Is It Ok To Wear False Eyelashes Everyday?

Woman Applying False Eyelashes With Tweezers
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Wearing false eyelashes everyday is okay.

But you should be careful with the eyelash glue you are using.

I myself have tried using my false lashes every single day and it actually brings me a lot of confidence.

So is it ok to wear false eyelashes everyday?

How about reading the rest of this post to learn more about the answer to your question.

How Long Do False Lashes Stay On?

Usually, good quality false lashes can stay on for about 3 to 7 hours.

But once it has served its purpose, make sure to immediately take them off.

It is highly discouraged to keep your false eyelashes on your eyes for more than 12 hours.

This is because your false lashes can prevent your real lashes from cleaning themselves.

And when your real lashes can’t clean themselves, they will easily attract lots of bacteria and allergic reactions to your eyes.

Some women even experience extreme irritation after keeping their false lashes on for more than 10 hours.

Can You Sleep With Fake Eyelashes On?

There are different reasons why you can’t sleep with your false eyelashes on.

While it isn’t that serious, sleeping with fake eyelashes on is still strictly discouraged among women.

For one, sleeping with your fake lashes can give extra weight to your real lashes.

And giving your real lashes extra weight might lead to hair loss.

Hair loss? Isn’t that too extreme?

Believe it or not, that is indeed true.

This event is called traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia happens when there is too much weight and pressure on a hair shaft.

This can cause your follicle to become strained and can also weaken your natural hair.

Another reason why you can’t wear fake eyelashes while you are sleeping is that it can cause eye irritation.

Even while you are asleep, your eyes can attract dust and dirt.

These small particles can accumulate around your real lashes and can eventually enter your eyes, which will then cause an allergic reaction.

Other women who have tried sleeping with their fake eyelashes on woke up with irritated and reddish eyes.

That’s why you should never try sleeping with your fake eyelashes on.

Are Fake Eyelashes Bad For You?

Fake eyelashes are not bad for you.

In fact, they are made to make a woman feel more confident and look more gorgeous which is a good thing, right?

But even though wearing fake eyelashes every day isn’t bad, you still need to make sure that you are using it properly.

For example, you need to keep your fake lashes clean all the time.

You also have to make sure to clean your natural lashes before and after taking off your fake eyelashes.

Wearing fake eyelashes is never bad as long as you know how to take care of them every day.

Do Fake Eyelashes Ruin Your Eyelashes?

Your fake lashes can indeed ruin your real lashes.

In fact, in some serious cases, fake lashes have caused real lashes to fall out.

One of the reasons why your fake lashes can ruin your real lashes is because you don’t know how to take them off properly.

If you take off your fake lashes without care you can break your real lashes and cause damage to the hair follicle.

If your hair follicle is damaged, your real lashes can fail to grow back.

Your eyelashes might only be a small part of your body but it has a very good function for your whole being.

For one, your real lashes protect your eyes from getting dirt inside and avoid causing eye irritation and allergies.

That’s why taking good care of it is really important.

So if you love wearing fake eyelashes every day, then you also have to take care of your natural lashes.

Can You Wear Fake Eyelashes If You Have No Eyelashes?

Having no eyelashes or thin lashes can be hard.

Some women even lose their confidence because of this problem.

Unfortunately, you can’t wear regular false lashes without eyelashes.

This is because regular falsies require your real lashes so they can have something to stick themselves to.

But, there is a way for women who have no lashes to get fake eyelashes for themselves.

And that is through the help of magnetic lashes.

However, picking the right magnetic lashes is still very important since not all of them can work for you.

Magnetic lashes are two layers of fake eyelashes that have magnets around them.

One should be attached on the top and the other on the bottom.

Usually, magnetic lashes also need your real lashes so they can have something to sandwich too.

But it can also work for women who have no lashes at all.

How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy And Your Falsies Clean

Sharing Is A Big No

Never share your fake eyelashes with someone else.

Some falsies may cause you no harm but it might be a little bit dangerous for others.

We all have different levels of sensitivity.

So to avoid harming you or anyone around you, it’s better not to share your fake lashes with anyone else.

Find A Natural Eyelash Glue

The adhesive you are going to use for your fake lashes also plays a huge part in your eyes.

Not only do they help your fake lashes in place but they also need to be safe for your eyes.

Avoid using adhesives that have formaldehyde.

It’s better to use eyelash glue that has more natural ingredients or is handmade.

Wash Your False Eyelashes Regularly

Like our real lashes, fake eyelashes can also accumulate and catch dirt and dust.

So to avoid getting eye irritation or a bad allergy, make sure to always wash and sanitize your fake eyelashes regularly.

Even though they are fake, you still need to take care of them like they are a real part of you.

Also, make sure to store your falsies in a dry place.