Is Cocoa Butter Good For Your Hair?

Woman holding cocoa butter to apply to hair
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Yes, Cocoa butter is good for your hair. In fact, cocoa butter contains many ingredients and nutrients that can heal and make your hair even more beautiful.

cocoa butter in hair has been a huge talk among many women ever since its discovery.

And today, you are finally going to learn how good cocoa butter is for your hair and what other benefits you can get from using it.

Can you put cocoa butter in your hair? 

Cocoa butter is mainly used for cooking – which means it’s a kitchen product and for kitchen use only.

That’s why you can’t blame some women who question “is cocoa butter good for your hair?”

At first, I was having second thoughts about it too.

But after trying it out myself, I realized that the rumors are indeed true.

Cocoa butter is a really great ingredient that is good for your hair.

In fact, there are many benefits you can get from a jar of cocoa butter alone (more on that below).

Some women use cocoa butter for cooking while others use it for their skin.

Yes, you can also use cocoa butter for your skin.

To be more precise, a lot of anti-inflammatory skin products and creams contain cocoa butter and use it as their main ingredient.

Cocoa butter is also a primary ingredient in many chocolate brands.

You can also find lip balms, lotion, and creams that contain cocoa butter.

What Does Cocoa Butter Do For Your Hair?

Cocoa butter contains natural ingredients and oils that cling to your hair and give it the right nourishment it needs.

Your cocoa butter can easily penetrate your hair and soothe your scalp, giving you very healthy hair.

Many women encourage other women to try out cocoa butter as their natural hair care product.

Although I can’t blame some of you who are still trying to process the thought of using cocoa butter for hair care.

But trust me, when you try it out and see the results, you will realize how good it actually is.

And you will surely stop asking questions like “is cocoa butter good for hair?”.

Benefits Of Cocoa Butter For Hair

Deep Conditioner

One of the major things you can do with  cocoa butter is to use it as a deep conditioner.

Cocoa butter can rejuvenate and heal your hair.

This is best for women who have heavily damaged hair.

If you want to try out using cocoa butter as a deep conditioner, it’s best to use it together with shea butter.

All you need to do is apply both cocoa butter and shea butter to your wet hair directly.

After about 15 minutes rinse it off and you will soon have long and silky hair.

In fact, you wouldn’t even think about having damaged hair ever again.

Moisturizing Conditioner

Cocoa butter also contains oil and other natural healing ingredients that can keep your hair moisturized and clean.

Yes, that means your cocoa butter can help battle dandruff.

What’s more, is that it can also keep you from having a dry and itchy scalp.

Since cocoa butter deeply penetrates your hair, it can reach down  to your hair’s roots and give it a soothing effect.

Which now keeps your scalp from going dry.

Strengthens Strand

Using raw cocoa butter in your hair can also help strengthen each strand.

It helps prevent further damage and even helps you avoid having hairs fall out even with aggressive brushing.

All you need to do is apply raw cocoa butter to your slightly wet hair.

Spread the cocoa butter on your scalp while gently massaging it.

Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off and you will now start to see stronger hair.

If you do this after every shower, you will soon have stronger and much smoother hair in less than a week.

Restores Shine

When you apply your cocoa butter to your hair, the butter will immediately attach itself to each strand.

It will then seep through your scalp and coat your hair with its protective effects which repairs damaged hair.

That’s why it is very useful for women who have dry hair because of bleaching and dyeing.

If you decide to use cocoa butter in your colored hair, you will see very amazing results.

Cocoa butter can even prevent further breakage and split ends, making your hair look more natural and beautiful even when dyed!

How To Get Cocoa Butter Out Of Hair?

When you use cocoa butter as a hair treatment you will see amazing results.

But, you still need to make sure that you are applying it in the right way.

That’s why it is also very important to learn how to get cocoa butter out of your hair.

Cocoa butter, no matter how you use it in your hair, needs to be rinsed off after 15 minutes.

Once you have applied cocoa butter to your hair, make sure to time it until 15 minutes only.

This is because if you leave cocoa butter in your hair for more than 15 to 20 minutes, the chances of it solidifying in your hair are high.

Always make sure to have a timer at the ready when applying cocoa butter to your hair.

Cocoa butter can easily solidify at room temperature which will make it harder for you to take off.

Other Things Cocoa Butter Can Do

As mentioned above, you can also use cocoa butter as a skin rejuvenating ingredient.

It can also give you smoother and healthier skin.

Many experts highly recommend using cocoa butter if you want to use a natural product for your hair and skincare.