How to Wear Combat Boots?

woman Wearing Combat Boots
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Anywhere I go, I see lots of women wearing a pair of combat boots.

No matter what season it is or what event is currently happening.

I always see at least one woman wearing these bad boys.

Combat boots are very versatile and they can give a woman any style they are trying to achieve.

Now if you’re wondering how to wear combat boots, I got your back.

Combat Boots Outfit Ideas

Combat boots have been a fashion staple ever since it was invented.

It has always been a trendy choice of footwear if you’re looking for something bold.

Or perhaps something that can make a fabulous outfit with any of your clothes.

If you already have a pair of these in your wardrobe, now is your chance to grab them for your next schedule.

And if you’re still planning to buy one, this is the sign you are looking for.

Let us check out this list of the best outfits to wear with your combat boots.

How to wear combat boots with jeans

Let’s start with this very versatile wardrobe choice.

Just like your combat boots, jeans are also a fashion staple.

They never go out of style and they can fit with any top or footwear.

Well, as long as you know what look you’re trying to achieve then your jeans would look great with them.

There are so many types of jeans to choose from that can go with your combat boots.

Combat boots with skinny jeans

If you want to give a bold and chic appearance, skinny jeans with combat boots would be the best combo.

Your skinny jeans can show off the form of your thighs and legs which can give a very striking contrast with your combat boots.

You can wear any top with this outfit idea depending on the look you want to have.

You can wear skinny jeans with combat boots topped with a lacy blouse if you want to appear more feminine and chic.

You can also wear your skinny jeans with combat boots with a turtleneck shirt tucked inside your jeans.

This outfit can give you a very stylish and sophisticated look.

Pairing your skinny jeans and combat boots with a button-down shirt would give you a polished and smart appearance.

Basically, skinny jeans and combat boots are always a go-to outfit.

Straight leg jeans

Now if you want to give an edgy and stylish look with your combat boots, try wearing them together with straight leg jeans.

The look of your straight leg jeans with your combat boots would highly depend on the way you style them together.

If you want to appear fab and edgy, let your straight leg jeans pool on top of your combat boots.

But if you want to have a rugged and stylish look, you can also roll up your straight leg jeans a bit to show off your footwear.

Mom jeans

For the ladies who want to give a casual and comfortable appearance with their combat boots, you can always try them with your mom jeans.

Mom jeans are super versatile and they can look so good when paired with your combat boots.

They are perfect if you want to give a casual and laid-back look.

The style of your mom jeans can tone down the bold character that your combat boots give.

What’s more, is that mom jeans can let you move around freely without any hassles.

So I suggest wearing your combat boots with your mom jeans if you want to feel comfortable yet still look stylish.

How to Wear Combat Boots with Dress

Dresses and combat boots are the perfect choices for the ladies who want to make a statement with their outfits.

It’s the perfect outfit for all seasons and for all ladies who want to look stylish all year round.

A dress can give you a feminine and breezy look.

But your combat boots can level up their whole appearance when you wear them both together.

If you want to give off a country-girl-meets-city-boy kind of look, you can always wear your midi dress with your combat boots.

Topping this with a denim jacket can also upgrade your whole attire.

It’s perfect for the fall or the winter season.

Summer dresses would also look super chic and feminine with a pair of combat boots.

Maxi dresses with spaghetti straps would look super cool when you wear them with your combat boots.

A summer hat and black sunglasses would be the best accessories to complete this look.

Now if you want to look sexy and bold, try wearing your combat boots with a mini-length bodycon dress.

This would look absolutely stunning when topped with a leather jacket.

An outfit like this would turn lots of heads, especially if you plan to wear it during your girl’s night out.

How to Wear Combat Boots with Leggings

Combat boots with leggings is a very comfortable and versatile outfit choice.

They can be worn as your work clothes if you’re feeling a little bold and daring.

You can also wear them when going out for brunch if you want to look stylish and elegant.

And you can also wear them as your traveling outfit if you want to appear comfortable and fabulous.

Leggings can be worn with any style of top.

It’s the perfect type of apparel that can go with almost anything.

Now, the only thing you will need to make your outfit look more classy and chic is by matching it with a pair of combat boots.

Accessorizing this wardrobe choice with some light jewelry will do the trick.

How to Wear Combat Boots with Skirts

Skirts and combat boots? Yes, please.

Personally, the skirt and the combat boots combo is one of my favorite outfit ideas.

Skirts are so versatile like your combat boots.

You can wear them on almost all occasions and they would look super “in” with any trend.

Wearing a pencil skirt with combat boots would give you a very bold and sexy look.

You can top it with a lacy blouse if you want to appear more professional and work-ready.

You can also top it with a blazer coat so you would look super stylish during formal events.

And you can also wear your mini skirts with your combat boots when hanging out with friends.

It can easily take you from a casual hangout to a business meeting with your colleagues.

As long as you wear it with the right top then your skirt would look exceptionally stylish with your combat boots.

How to Wear Combat Boots with Shorts

Want to show off your most feminine and stylish side?

Then try wearing your combat boots with your shorts.

Shorts of any kind would look good with a pair of combat boots.

They complement each other so well and it would be the perfect outfit to make everyone notice your footwear.

On the other hand, your combat boots can also give a striking contrast with your shorts.

What’s more, is that they are the most perfect wardrobe idea when going out for casual parties or meetings.

You can pair this with any top depending on your mood or your style.

Just make sure not to wear too many accessories or you would overdo and ruin your whole attire.