How to stop bra band from rolling up

bra band rolling up
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Almost every woman has encountered the issue of her bra band rolling up her back at some time or another. 

I’ve spent hours researching why a bra band rolls up on sides and on the back, and looked at bras that don’t roll up. 

Bras have come a long way since their invention, and even further since corsets and stays, but they are still problematic garments. 

Many women find them uncomfortable and unsupportive. 

Every woman is different and it can take a long time to find the bra that is right for you, but there will be one out there.

Why Does My Bra Band Roll Up?

It is important to note that the bra band rolling is experienced by women of all shapes and sizes. 

Women who are curvy and women who are skinny both ask “why does my bra roll up in the back?”

That’s because this is not caused by one body shape or size. A bra band rolls up at the back for a variety of reasons.

It’s The Wrong Size

The most common is that the bra does not fit very well. Many women choose a bra band that is a size or even two sizes too big for them. 

This is because the extra fabric feels comfortable and less constrictive. However, that causes a problem.

The band of the bra is what holds the cups in place, and it provides all the structural support. 

If you didn’t have that band, the bra would come off. That is why very few bras are designed to be backless, even though you can buy plenty of strapless ones.

If the band is too loose, therefore, it cannot support the cups properly, and the bra will not do its job. With lots of extra fabric, the band will simply roll up instead of staying in place against your back.

This is by no means the only reason that the bra strap may roll up, but it is one of the commonest. 

It’s a good idea to get yourself measured professionally if you are experiencing this issue a lot. You may be wearing a bra that is too loose.

Your Body Is Soft

This is not about whether you are fat or skinny. Some people simply have softer bodies than others. 

If your body is soft, there is less to hold the bra strap in place. Your body will move when it exerts pressure, and this causes the strap to slip.

Over the course of the day, it will start to ride up your back. There is too much give in your skin to hold it in place. 

This can also happen if the front of the bra presses against your stomach when you slouch forward. Your stomach will push the fabric up.

It is hard to deal with this issue. Old bras are more likely to suffer from it, because the bands will have stretched and may not be as elastic anymore. 

The best thing to do is to go and get a new one. Try and choose one that fits low on your back, as this may help to stop it from flipping or rolling upward.

Make sure the shoulder straps are long enough and are not pulling it up.

The Band Is Too Soft

Some bras use plastic boning inside the band that goes around your back. This helps to prevent the bra strap from rolling, because the plastic is rigid and holds it in place against your back.

However, this sort of bra does tend to be less comfortable, because the strap is made stiff by this boning. You may find that it begins to dig in after a while.

If you are really struggling with the bra band rolling, try one with plastic boning, but be aware that it might take a bit of getting used to. The boning is often quite uncomfortable at first.

The Rest Of The Bra Does Not Fit

Although the band of the bra is doing most of the work, it is helped by the rest of the bra fitting well. 

If your bra does not conform to your body, it is constantly going to be pulled and pushed out of place. 

Cups that are too large or too small, or shoulder straps that are too tight or too loose will both cause the band to roll.

It is important to make sure each part of your bra fits as well as possible, and does not ride up or slip down when you move around. 

This will help to keep the back band in the correct position, and prevent it from rolling up.

What If The Bra Band Rolls Up On Sides?

Sometimes, you will find that it is the sides that roll up, rather than the back. This can be just as uncomfortable. If it happens, you should check that your shoulder straps are not too tight.

The reasons behind this kind of rolling are very similar to the reasons for the back rolling up. 

The wrong sizing, your body density, a worn out band, or a poorly fitted bra will all cause this kind of rolling.

You may want to try a different bra style if you find it rolls up beneath your arms. 

There are many options out there, so try a few and see if any are more comfortable. T-shirt bras are a good option for many people.

Bras That Don’t Roll Up

Because everyone is different, it is almost impossible to find a bra that will never roll up on any woman. 

However, there are bras that are much better at staying in place. They tend to have wider straps, because this decreases the movement. Some have plastic boning.

Let’s explore some top options that don’t roll very readily, and hopefully you will find one that works well for you.

For example, the Charlotte Padded Bra is a very attractive option. It has underwiring, but it also has padding beneath the cups. 

This should help the bra to stay in a good position on your body. It is very pretty and comes in a range of colors and sizes, so you can choose one that you love.

If you’re really struggling with the straps, you might also want to try a Backless Bra

These definitely aren’t for everyone, but they can work well. They are ideal if you are wearing low-cut tops or backless dresses.

They adhere directly to your breasts and provide support from the front.

Alternatively, try this Capezio Seamless Clear Back Bra. The back strap sits very low on your back, and has been double-layered for extra support. 

Be aware that these bras are on the small side, so you should scale up to get one that fits you.

If that doesn’t suit you, try an Elissa Strappless Bra. This has a particularly wide back strap so that it can be worn without the shoulder straps, and it should still offer plenty of support. 

You can also cross the shoulder straps over as another option for keeping everything in place.

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