How To Sharpen Plastic Lip Liner?

Woman with lip liner on lips
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I know I am not the only woman who has experienced watching in agony how my favorite lip liner slowly breaks.

Have you ever tried sharpening your lip liner but it keeps on breaking into smaller pieces until you’re left with nothing?

Because boy, I did.

And that is because I simply don’t know how to sharpen my lip liner.

But that was ages ago and now, I am a pro with sharpening lip liner, especially plastic ones.

That’s why I highly recommend all the ladies out there to learn the proper way to sharpen their plastic lip liners.

What Is A Plastic Lip Liner?

Plastic lip liners are basically lip liners that are encased with a plastic body.

It has the same function as your normal lip liner but instead of the typical wood enclosure, this one has a plastic one.

Plastic lip liners have almost the same features as wood lip liners.

That’s why some ladies found themselves breaking their lip liners because they didn’t notice that they bought a plastic one.

And trust me, sharpening your plastic lip liner is different when sharpening the typical wood.

So, I have to say that when choosing a lip liner for yourself, make sure to research the product.

This way, you will have proper knowledge of what lip liner you are using.

How To Sharpen Plastic Lip Liner

Let’s say you brought another lip liner after you have fully used your previous one.

And then you researched about the product and found out that it’s made of a plastic enclosure.

Being the person who is used to sharpening lip liners made from wood, you must have a hard time figuring out how to sharpen them.

I mean, no woman loves to use an unsharpened lip liner.

It would make our makeup look weird, and we never want that to happen.

So to help you with your dilemma, here are the best products and ways to sharpen your plastic lip liner.

Double-blade sharpener

The reason why plastic lip liners break easily is that they’re made of soft plastic.

So when you try to sharpen your plastic lip liner with a normal sharpener, this can cause it to break.

That’s why, if you have a plastic lip liner I suggest sharpening it using a double-blade sharpener.

Double-blade sharpeners are made to sharpen plastic lip liners.

This kind of sharpener has two blade systems that are perfect for sharpening your plastic lip liner.

The first blade has a hard metal made to sharpen stronger products like your wood lip liner.

And the second blade has a softer metal which is perfect for your plastic lip liner.

This blade can help create a cleaner and smoother tip for your lip liner.

What’s more, is that double-blade sharpeners can sharpen your plastic lip liner more quickly than others.

Single-blade sharpener

Single-blade sharpeners can indeed sharpen your plastic lip liner.

But there’s still a huge chance that your lip liner would end up getting destroyed when using it.

So, when using a single-blade sharpener make sure that it is durable and sharp enough to sharpen a plastic lip liner.

But you also need to make sure that it’s not too strong or your lip liner would get destroyed.

Although your single-blade sharpener can indeed sharpen your plastic lip liner I would still recommend using a double-blade one.

Tips In Sharpening Lip Liner

Put it in the fridge

I know this may sound silly and absurd but this trick works.

The tip of your lip liners is creamy and soft.

So to avoid destroying it while sharpening I suggest putting it in the freezer first for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

The cold can help harden the tip of your lip liner.

This can make sharpening a lot easier and can also create a smooth pigment for you to use.

But remember not to let it stay in the freezer for too long.

Avoid pressing too hard

I know that sometimes we might think the more you push your lip liner while sharpening, the better the results.

But the truth is, if you put too much pressure on your lip liner while sharpening it, it will cause the product to break.

So my advice is to avoid pressing your plastic lip liner too hard if you want to keep it as long as you need.

Clean your sharpener regularly

Makeup residue can build up quickly, especially if you use makeup regularly.

Some residue might even get stuck on your sharpener which can interfere with the sharpening process.

This can also result in a misshapen lip liner which we don’t like to use.

But fortunately for you, cleaning your sharpener is very easy.

All you need is your alcohol to sanitize it and a cotton swab to wipe on the surface of your sharpener.

You can sanitize your sharpener by dipping the cotton swab in the alcohol until it’s wet enough.

Next is to wipe and rub it inside and out until you no longer see makeup residues on the sharpener’s surface.

It is very important to keep your makeup kit and sharpener clean if you want to have better results and keep your products longer.

How To Sharpen a Lip Liner Without A Sharpener

No sharpener? No problem.

There are some instances where we don’t even realize that we have run out or have misplaced our sharpeners.

Luckily, there are some tools that you can use to help sharpen your lip liner once more.

X-Acto knife

X-acto knives are made to sharpen materials made out of paper, thin metal, fabric, or even plastics.

So if you happen to have an X-acto knife hiding somewhere inside your home, you can use it to sharpen your lip liner.

These knives are very sharp so you need to be extra careful when using them for your sharpening process.

But instead of directly using the knife to sharpen your pencil, this time you will have to use the pencil to sharpen itself on the knife.

All you need to do is put gentle pressure on the tip of your lip liner and softly sharpen it on the knife in a downward motion.

Remember to keep the knife away from you as these knives are very dangerous to use because of their sharpness.


If you don’t have a sharpener or an X-acto knife, you can also use your scissors.

Scissors are a common thing found in your house so I bet this will make things a lot easier for you.

Just simply put the lip liner head between the blades and softly shave it away until you see a pointy tip.

Like your knives, you need to be very careful when using your scissors as well.

Pencil sharpeners

Although I wouldn’t recommend using pencil sharpeners when sharpening your lip liner, it’s still a possible way.

I only use this once during an emergency as it can easily break your plastic lip liner.

So if you really don’t have a choice and you need to use your lip liner, you can also use a normal pencil sharpener.

But you need to put extra effort and care when using it to sharpen your plastic lip liner.

Pencil sharpeners are made to sharpen wood so its blades are too strong for your plastic lip liner.