How To Raise Your Self Worth And Create Success

How To Raise Your Self Worth And Create Success
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One of the quickest ways to success is to look at yourself in the mirror and see what you think about yourself.

People who walk around without standards will always be stuck in a place they don’t want to be. Even when brought to their attention they will ignore and discard the notion.

If you want change, change your standards. Change how you look at things.

With a little bit of practice and opening your mind, you can raise your standards and better your chances at life.

“You can’t hire others to do your pushups for you.” – Jim Rohn

See what others don’t. Don’t be like that one person who is always on a diet and feels one donut won’t hurt. 

Find your current standard level

When I used to go smoking and drinking with my friends years ago, while they tried to start fights with random strangers, the thought of having standards was never something that came to mind. I was too busy living in the moment and not worrying about anything.

Many of you are like that, and to fix a problem, you must identify it.

Take a break and have a seat. Grab yourself a pen and paper. Yes, you can sit and think of all the things that need fixing, but writing it down makes it official and you will be less likely to forget.

What do you eat, do you read at all and how many times do you do things that can harm your body?

Tai Lopez says a book a day, but to shift into a new habit you could do a book a week. One book a week is more than the average adult who reads one book a year.

Pushing past your pain point

If you don’t want to do it, maybe you should!

If you look on the site, you will see I have written several articles, but would you believe me if I told you I hate reading?

It’s true. I can’t stand it and for the longest, I avoided it, ever since middle school. But as I shifted into a new mindset, I realized if I want to become more I needed to do what pains me and get out of my comfort zone.

I still hate reading. I can’t tell you why, but as difficult as it is for me, I spend 95% of my day doing just that.

Raise your standards by refusing to be comfortable.

How comfortable can someone be when they are forced to do what they hate and for something that brings no gains for a job that will kill them or cause depression.

Start small and list all the things that make you uncomfortable, then take steps towards those things and don’t be afraid to fail.

Are you playing the blame game?

Do you believe you have the right to say the reason you are not successful is because of someone else? If you do, you are sadly mistaken.

True, parents and loved ones could have done a better job in helping you reach your dreams because they are wasting their lives and haven’t raised their standards, but there is no obligation.

If you blame now, you will blame for the rest of your life. People will not say the reason you didn’t make it was because of your parents, they will say it was because you let yourself be caught in a pointless trap.

Where you were born or the color of your skin does not make the wo/man. What makes the wo/man is effort and the willingness to try and never give up. Be grateful even when it’s hard and don’t blame because it does not equal success.

Drop The dirty baggage

I talk about this often and I feel it’s worth a quick mention on this post. Not all friends are forever.

Negativity is a real disease. Trust me when I say stress is something you do not need in your life. I fight depression every single day. Once it creeps in, it will never leave and your closest ones can cause it.

Find your reason

Everything has a reason, find yours. Most people with low standards don’t have anything to look forward to. Find the thing that pushes you or you can do it in reverse. Find the thing that you really hate and make that drive you.

The reason I haven’t quit and never will is because I hate a 9-5 with a passion and I hate being broke especially when I know deep down I could be more.
Raise your standards, drop what is not needed and remember, you can make something of yourself. Read daily, push yourself daily and when things get tough remember your reason.

Make a commitment in the comments below. I want to know what you just read was not another article, but something you will use to motivate you.


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