How To Make Money with PayPal – 60+ Legit Places to Make Fast Cash!

How To Make Money with PayPal – 60+ Legit Places
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PayPal is making waves as one of, if not THE most reliable, fastest, and easiest way to send and receive money. Also, because it’s widely used across the internet and around the world, websites offering job and side-hustle opportunities are springing up like mushrooms, so making money online with paypal has never been as simple as it is today. 

This means that wherever you are right now, as long as you have a PayPal account and a solid internet connection, you can start adding tens, hundreds, and even thousands of dollars to your account.

Sadly, the digital world isn’t immune to the evils of scammers, but don’t worry because I’ve compiled a list of fast and legit ways on how to make money with paypal. 

These can be anywhere from freelance, part-time jobs, or full-time jobs, side hustles, and even ways you can earn money from doing things you’re likely already doing.

Let’s get to it! 

Make money with paypal jobs

Work-from-home job opportunities are booming and a good majority of them pay you through PayPal. As a matter of fact, that’s how I and a gazillion other people get paid. 

Having said that, perhaps working as a freelancer is the fastest way to earn money since you most likely will get paid per project. However, if a more stable source of income is what you’re after, part-time and full-time jobs are also on the table.

Regardless, working from home gets you a lot of practical benefits such as not having to dress up for work, not having to commute, and having your entire house as your office. These things alone can save you a lot of time and money that you could spend elsewhere doing something you love.

Generally speaking,, Fiverr, and are your bread-and-butter websites whenever you want to look for a job online but there are a few others that I’ll be listing later on. For now, here are a few jobs you could get into:


There are different types of writing jobs you can get into such as copywriting, blog writing, and news writing just to name a few. You could also choose to focus on a specific niche or write about all sorts of things granted you’re willing to do your research. 

When it comes to money, how much you can earn as a writer depends on a bunch of different variables but, really, it all boils down to how good you are and how much you and your boss agreed on. 

On average though, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says writers earn about $73,000 annually. Not too shabby for a job you can do at home, eh? 

That being said, here are a few other websites where you can get paid to write:

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)

As one of the hottest jobs online, companies are always (and I do mean always) looking to hire ESL teachers so there are plenty of opportunities to get hired.

Qualifications to be an ESL teacher vary from company to company but at the very minimum, you will need to be an excellent English speaker (duh) and be good with kids. Some sort of teaching experience and an English-related degree are a plus but not always necessary. 

Now, when it comes to pay, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says ESL teachers earn about $53,630 per year. Naturally, this isn’t a set amount and freelancers, part-timers, and full-time teachers get paid differently. At the end of the day though, it’s your choice. 

If you’re interested, check out these websites:

Data Entry

Data entry is something perhaps most people who know how to use a computer can get into. With basic computer skills and fast and accurate typing, you’re pretty much good to go. 

Basically, a job in data entry requires that you transfer data from one source to the other. The faster you do it, the more you get paid. 

Maybe because the job is comparatively easier than most, it also doesn’t pay as much. Per BLS, data entry keyers earn an average of $33,740 annually which, by most people’s standards, is actually still quite the solid income.

With that said, you might want to add and to your list of websites to visit. 

Virtual Assistant (VA)

In my eyes, VAs are definitely a huge part of how small companies get big and how big companies get even bigger. 

You see, the job of a virtual assistant is to handle all the little things so their bosses can focus on the bigger picture. This means that VAs need to have a wide set of skills and a keen eye for detail. 

These skills can be different from employer to employer but you’ll now if you’re qualified for the job based on the job description. 

When it comes to salary, PayScale says VAs make anywhere between $10 – $29 per hour which makes it approximately $21,040 – $60,704 per year. Obviously, like all the other jobs I’ve listed, how much you get paid depends on how good you are at what you do, how many hours you can put in, and what you and your boss agreed on.

For this job, I think Guru, PeoplePerHour, UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer should be on top of your list. 

Web developer

Currently, there are well over 1.7 billion websites across the internet (per Internet Live Stats) and it’s growing by the hundreds per minute. 

With this much activity, it’s no wonder why web developers are in high demand. So, if you know how to design, code, or create a website, you’re in for a real treat! 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developers earn about $69,430 per year. 

Try these sites if you want to get paid to make websites:


If you’re well-versed in multiple languages, you can also find work as a translator. 

PayScale says this profession gets paid $22,972 – $78,245 annually but if it’s freelance work we’re talking about, again, how much you earn depends on you and your employer. 

Try checking these sites if they have any openings:

These are just some of the jobs where you can use your expertise to quickly earn money. If neither of these jobs fit you, that’s okay. With the number of jobs floating around online, there has to be one that’s perfect for your skills and experiences. All you have to do is find it.

Let’s move on. 

Make money with surveys

Jobs, no matter how easy it may be for you, can take a bit of time and effort to earn good money. 

Surveys, on the other hand, are much, much faster and so much easier to accomplish. They don’t pay nearly as much though but, hey, if all you need is a few extra dollars, I think this way is as good as any. 

Unfortunately, most surveys pay you through points and gift cards but worry not; everything you earn from the survey sites on the list below have a PayPal cashout option. Check ‘em out:


Besides answering surveys, InboxDollars also pays you to watch videos, play games, shop online (through cashback), and read emails. Not only that, the site also has a $5 signing bonus

Because of all these things, I think InboxDollars is one of the easiest ways to earn money from doing your typical activities online. And, the best part is that you can collect your money through PayPal! 

Vindale Research

Like InboxDollars, Vindale Research has a signing bonus but at only $1, you might think this survey site isn’t any good. 

The truth, however, is that Vindale Research has a reputation of being one of the highest paying survey sites out there. They say some of their surveys even pay you as much as $50! So, if you think about it, that signing bonus really is just a bonus.

Not only that, you also get paid to refer your friends, read email, and take a picture of yourself with your Vindale money. 


As with Vindale, Mindspay is also known to have high paying surveys. Again, some of their surveys can earn you as much as $50 after completion. 

Honestly though, those $50 surveys only come every so often but their typical surveys do pay higher than most. 

That being said, all of this site’s transactions are done through PayPal. So, no points, coupons, or gift cards even if you wanted them. 


MindSwarms believes that the truth lies behind people’s expressions which is essentially what makes them different from most other paid survey sites. 

You see, with MindSwarms, you answer questions, 7 to be exact, via video. Once you’re done, the site will verify your answers and pay you through PayPal. 

However, the catch is that it might be harder to qualify for surveys. Nevertheless, if you do qualify, it’s an almost guaranteed $50. 


With Qmee, you will make most of your money through surveys but they do have a few other activities where you can earn cash, including coupons, offers, and using their browser app. 

Also, Qmee doesn’t have a minimum cashout requirement which means you can take your money anytime you want. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 cents or 100 bucks, you can transfer your funds to your PayPal account.


With most other survey sites, even if you do qualify for a survey, you can still get screened out after answering a few pre-survey questions. This can be frustrating and, honestly, a real waste of time considering surveys don’t pay all that well in the first place. 

This isn’t the case with PaidViewpoint. 

Here, you get paid for virtually every question you answer – even the questions asked in registration! You also don’t screen out of any survey you’re invited to so you’re never wasting precious minutes that you could spend on…I don’t know. Watching Netflix, maybe? 

That said, once you’ve accumulated $15, you can then request to transfer your money to your PayPal. 


FusionCash has a $5 signing bonus which, again, makes it so much faster to earn cash.

Also, apart from answering surveys, FusionCash pays you to sign up for other websites, watch videos, accomplish simple tasks, play games, and a few other activities to help you pile up money. 

Before we move on, I suggest you sign up for all these websites because although answering surveys can be a fast and easy way to earn money, you won’t actually qualify for a lot of of them. Therefore, by signing up for as many sites as possible, you increase your pool of qualified surveys and, consequently, your chances of earning cash. 

Ways to make money with PayPal – Shopping (cashback and refunds)

First of all, let me ask you this:

Why do you need money? Is it because you need to go shopping?

I’m guessing a lot of you said yes to that and even if you didn’t, you’re going to have to buy something sooner or later so this applies to you too. 

With cashback, receipt scanners, and refund apps and websites, you can easily get a part of your shopping bill back. 


If you want to buy anything online within the next 30 days, using Shopathome’s portal to shop is a great way to earn free, fast, and easy money. 

Right now, they have a $10 signing bonus that you can claim if you spend $25 or more at any of their partner shops, including some of the most popular retailers such as Target, Macy’s, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Home Depot just to name a few. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have anything you want to buy yet, I suggest you wait before signing up so you can get the free $10. 

If you really want to sign up now, however, it’s really up to you. Their cashback offers run all year round anyway so you get money back in your pockets regardless. 


Speaking of signing bonuses, BeFrugal has one too.

Both Shopathome and BeFrugal give you $10 for signing up but considering the conditions to claim the free money, I think the latter has a slightly better offer.

To be more specific, BeFrugal’s terms are that you need to earn $10 in cashback within one year of being a member. Compared to Shopathome’s 30-day limit, there’s much less pressure here. 

Moreover, BeFrugal has a huge pool of affiliate retailers at over 5000 and a guarantee to have the highest cashback offer of any site. 

As a matter of fact, they’re so confident that if you do find a site with a better offer, they’re willing to top it and give you 125% of what the other site is giving. 


TopCashBack is another site that, I believe, should be in your toolbox if you want to make money with PayPal. 

Like BeFrugal, this company prides itself in having the biggest cashback offers all around the web. Their guarantee isn’t as appealing though but If you happen to find a site with a better deal, just let them know about it and they’ll match it. 

They also don’t have a minimum cashout requirement so no matter how little money you have in your account, you can always use PayPal to claim it.

Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates)

Rakuten has been one of the few rebate apps I highly recommend to people who ask me about saving money. 

Their pool of affiliate retailers include some of the most well-known brands and they have some of the biggest cashback offers I’ve seen with some getting as high as 40%. 

As is the theme of this article, you can claim your cashback through PayPal. 

That’s not all though. 

Rakuten also has a credit where you can get 3% cashback on top of the original offer. Moreover, if for some reason what you want to buy doesn’t have a cashback deal linked to it, the Rakuten credit card is going to give you 1% of your cash back anyway. 

So, with Rakuten’s credit card, you can virtually buy anything from anywhere and get at least 1% of your bill back. 


Ibotta gives you 3 different ways to earn cashback but it’s probably better known as a receipt scanner.

Basically, these kinds of apps give you back a portion of your shopping bill for taking a picture of your receipt. Particularly with Ibotta, you also need to activate offers through their app so they know what items in your receipt have cashback deals. 

The other two options are shopping online through their app and linking loyalty accounts to your Ibotta account. 

Regardless of what route you take with Ibotta, they’re all legit and reliable ways to get money through PayPal.


Don’t you just hate it when you buy something at full price only for the same exact product to be on sale the next day? Well, with Earny, you don’t have to worry about that. 

When you sign up for Earny, you give them permission to track receipts sent to your email. This lets them know what you buy and how much you spent. 

Through this information, Earny scours the internet to find better prices. If the app does find a better deal, it also collects the difference in your behalf. 

The catch, however, is that the company gets to keep 25% which means you only get 75% of the difference. 

Personally, I don’t think that’s bad at all considering I wouldn’t have had that money without them. 


Paribus works pretty much the same way as Earny except it gives you 100% of the difference, not 75%.

Honestly, I don’t know how they make their money but to be even more honest, it doesn’t really matter. If I buy something today and it goes on sale tomorrow, I’m going to want 100% of the difference back and Paribus makes that possible. 

There’s a lot more apps and websites you can use to earn PayPal money through shopping but what I listed here are just some of the best ones.

Other legit websites/apps you can use to earn PayPal money through shopping:

Make money selling your stuff

One other way you can make money with PayPal is by selling stuff you already have at home. Things you don’t need or use anymore – like old electronics, sports gear, and furniture for example – are things you can easily make money out of. 

Plus, you’ll be reducing the clutter so not only will you be a few dollars richer, your home will look tidier too. 

Here are a few examples of what you can sell and where to sell them:

Sports gear

Old hockey sticks from your high school playing days, roller blades that your kids grew out of, kettlebells and weight plates you don’t use anymore, and pretty much anything sports and fitness related – you can sell all these things for a good price. 

Play It Again Sports and SidelineSwap are typically great places to sell used sporting gear but as of right now, it doesn’t look like they have a PayPal option. 

That being said, try selling your gear on and You’re going to have to pay for a few fees though but both websites do a great job finding people to buy your equipment through PayPal. 

CDs, DVDs, games, and books

Let’s face it:

Streaming sites like Netflix and Spotify have made CDs and DVDs of our favorite movies and music obsolete; new gaming consoles are made every few years which then makes old games incompatible with newer tech; you don’t really read your old textbooks and novels. 

Lucky for you, these things can also be sold to make money. 

Here’s a short list of websites you can sell these items to:

Electronics (cellphones, tablets, and other tech)

Do you have any old phones, tablets, laptops, consoles, and other electronics just lying around? Maybe dumped inside one of your bedroom drawers “just in case” you needed them? 

Well, guess what, it’s probably been there for months (maybe even years!) and you still haven’t used them and you probably never will. So, if you needed the money, sell them!

Old electronics, even the broken ones, can still be sold online. Naturally, eBay and Craigslist are options but here are a few other sites that are dedicated to buying used tech:

There are other websites out there where you can sell your used electronics but these three, in my opinion, are some of the best ones that pay through PayPal. 

Jewelry and other accessories

Jewelry seems to always have a place in the market and when there’s absolutely nothing else you can do to make money, selling them can be both fast and easy. 

Speaking from personal experience, I got through school because my mom sold some of her jewelry to pay for my tuition. It was a painful time for her but she did what she had to do. 

Case in point, you may have put sentimental value to some of your jewelry. So, if you have other options, don’t be pressured into selling them right away. 

But, when all else fails, it’s nice to know that you have that as an option. 

Having said that, try setting up shop on and RubyLane. They’re both great and have PayPal as a payment option. RubyLane, in particular, might be better for antique and high-end jewelry despite being a smaller market. 

Gift cards

Have you ever been given gift cards for retailers you just don’t go to? Or used a gift card once, left a few dollars in, and never used it again? 

Then sell them! 

You won’t be getting 100% of your gift card’s value though but don’t you think it’s better to get a fraction of it rather than not getting any value from it at all? I don’t know about you but if I’m not using it, I’d rather have the money. 

That being said, you can sell your gift cards here:

Cardpool is another great place to sell your website but unfortunately, the site currently doesn’t pay with PayPal. 

Nonetheless, all these sites pay up to 92% of your card’s value depending on its brand and demand. 

Make money testing websites

Like all the other products and services, websites need to keep getting better to attract and keep their audience. 

So, how do websites know which direction to take when they’re renovating their pages? 

They listen to people. 

And, if you become a website tester, you can play a role in these changes. 

If you take this route, you will need some sort of device that can access the internet like a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. Also, some companies might require you to record yourself testing their website so you will also need a good quality camera, a microphone, and a software specified by the company to put all the pieces together.

The following testing sites pay you your dues through PayPal:


These kinds of websites typically pay you $10 for about 20 minutes of website testing. Although, depending on the test, the payment could vary anywhere from $3 to $90. 

Make money online watching videos

Watching videos is a great way to just chill and kill some time but you know what’s even better? Getting paid to do it. 

Honestly though, most of these videos will be ads and trailers but some sites do pay you to watch interesting TV shows and stream movies. 

Check these out: 

  • Perk.TV


To end this, I just want to say that there are hundreds, if not thousands of other ways you can earn money through PayPal. These are just some that I know are legit and relatively fast.

Case in point, try these sites out if you’re in quick need of money. If none of these suit your tastes, that’s fine. I’m sure there’s something out there for you; all you need to do is explore.

If you find anything that’s not on this list, let me know so I can add it. But, for now, share this with your friends who might be needing money, too!

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