How To Lose Weight On A Budget

How To Lose Weight On A Budget
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Sometimes we dream of a healthier life but our wallet says otherwise, this is why we often go for cheap weights, cheap meals, and other cheap alternatives.

However, there are other ways into which we can achieve that healthier lifestyle not just by being stingy with money, but looking for ways to which we can put our money to good use or rather choose the better option as to which our expenses are put to maximum efficiency.

As we said, this article is not just about how we can limit our spending, so you can expect to see a list that consists of a variety of suggestions.

Plan your budget

Before we begin with the actual content of the article, we would like to remind you of what you need to plan and consider first before proceeding and sticking to the tips provided in this list, which is your budget.

Since not everyone has the same standard of living it is good to evaluate first how you will work out your budget, based on the type of lifestyle.

What do we mean by this? It’s fairly simple.

You need to plan where your money is going, such as determining and creating the distinction between what are your necessities and needs from your wants.

To help you, here are a few things you can consider in your budget planning, which are your expense tracking, income, and savings.

Although this is not mandatory, planning your budget will enable you to make better choices and do long term planning with your expenses and savings.

How to Lose Weight on a Budget


Commute less

Avoiding to commute often can help you save money in more than one way. Other than you will be spending less in transportation fare by avoiding public transportation, you can also save money in terms of health care costs because you will be healthier.

By walking and or cycling you will be doing a daily physical activity, reduce air pollutants that emit from vehicles, and you can improve bonds and social relations in the community.

Workout at Home

You might think it’s a drag to build your own exercise room or area inside your own home, but you should know that all that hard work will pay off –  literally.

Some financial benefits of working out at home are, you will no longer pay for a trainer or coach, you will not pay any membership, you don’t have to commute, and you don’t have to pay for other fees such as maintenance.

Also, you can customize your workout room corresponding to the type of workouts that you will be doing.

Other benefits of exercising at home are you can save time from commuting, you can exercise whenever you want, and you do not have to be conscious about how you look and what you wear.

Grow Your Own Produce

There is nothing better than knowing that the food you’re consuming is safe and one hundred percent organic.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg with growing your own produce, other than it is safer and fresh, it can also save you a lot of money, maybe even make you earn more.

Growing your own crops enables you to save money on groceries, this means you can save expenses on snacks, fruits, veggies, and even spices. The best part is knowing it is one hundred percent fresh and free from chemicals. Having your own produce also saves you gas money because you will lessen driving or commuting all the way to the grocery store.

As for its other benefits, growing crops can be a family activity for you and your family members.

You can even start selling your own crops as a form of passive income, or maybe just to earn a few more dollars.

Make a Shopping List

If farming and growing your own crops is not really your thing, then you can at least save on your grocery expenses by creating an effective grocery list.

Creating a grocery list might seem all that simple, but creating an efficient and effective one can help you to save more and spend less.

To help you get the better picture here are a few things you should consider before making your ideal grocery list.

For starters, familiarize yourself with the different groceries near you, and know which one offers the cheapest but the best quality, if you know one particular store that is far away but is definitely expense wise then don’t hesitate to do your shopping there. Also, don’t be afraid to store hop if there are stores which only offers the best in one category.

Be detail oriented with the items on your list, for example always make a note of the items inside your kitchen or household that is low on storage, avoid guessing.

If you can stick with efficient and long term products. Buy in bulk, know the storage life, and expiration date.

Most importantly, stick to your list.

Make your own meal

This one is highly done by those who want a healthy lifestyle and at the same time save money.

The reason for this is because making your own meals offers a variety of benefits in terms of health, weight loss, and cost efficiency.

Let’s begin with how making your own meal saves you money.

Making your meal saves you money by a long shot because you can already save by not commuting or driving to a restaurant or dinner, you do not have to pay for the ambiance of a restaurant let alone the price of a meal, you can plan meals that you want which can make you feel full and prevent cravings, and you can refrigerate leftovers.

And if you think that is already a package then think of the benefits of making your own meals, you can control the portions you eat, plan out the ingredients, and make it as a family activity.


Those are just a few ways in which you can lose weight while on a budget, with these ideas alone you can already save a lot of money while working out, without sabotaging your wallet, health, and lifestyle.

We hope that this article was able to help you and give you effective and practical insights, and with the same, we hope that you will also share this article to anyone who might need these ideas.

As a community let us help one another, even by just simply sharing.

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