How To Actually Lose Weight When You Weigh Over 200 Lbs

Actually Lose Weight When You Weigh Over 200 Lbs
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Have you tried all the recommended weight loss tips only to lose nothing?

If you’re frustrated and desperate to shed extra pounds and feel light, you came to the right place.

The fitness world has loads of regimen to help people lose fats; however, not everyone is the same.

Some tell their success stories of working out, while others owe their lower weight to supplements.

If you don’t fall on either and you weight 200 lbs or more, follow the tips discussed here and you’ll soon feel happy looking at the scale.

Stop the Exercises

Yes, you read it right! While regular exercise is one of the most crucial ingredients to achieve the body you want, it is almost always intended for those who have little weight to lose.

In the case of weighing more than 200 pounds, regular and hardcore exercise such as jumping and intense movements will only do more harm than good.

Because of the heavyweight that your body needs to support, you’ll only end up with joint pains and fatigue. Excessive and intense exercise will also cause cravings.

Believe it or not, exercise doesn’t do much of the work than you think it does.

Don’t get us wrong — exercise is vital for a healthy and fit bod. But in the case of getting a 200-plus mark on the scale, your best bet is proper diet, which lets us move on to the second rule!

Don’t Count Calories

If you’re an athlete, model, or fitness trainer, by all means, count the calories you consume. But if you’re 200-something pounds, counting calories is not the right way to start your weight loss adventure.

Why? It’s because of the hormonal imbalances you most likely have. These hormonal damages include the following:

A. Insulin resistance

Carbs are fine, but maybe not for you. Consuming foods with high carbs content wouldn’t give you the energy you need; they will just be stored in your body because of its resistance to insulin.

Insulin is the hormone responsible for moving glucose from the food into the cell so you can use it as energy.

Insulin resistance causes weight gain. Cut down on your carbs intake and introduce them later when your hormones are balanced.

B. Leptin resistance

Leptin is the hormone responsible for sending a signal to the brain that you’re already full or have some calories to burn. Because you’re resistant to insulin, leptin is also getting blocked.

This is also the reason you first need to focus on nutrition; exercise will come naturally once it’s fixed.

To balance your leptin, consume veggies and lean protein, and take fewer carbs.

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Repair Your Gut

Another possible issue if you weight 200 lbs or beyond is gut inflammation. Due to this, your body is not able to process and absorb the foods you eat. And yes, even the healthy ones!

Here’s the good part though: repairing your gut is simple. Follow these tips to healing:

Start The Day With a Glass of Detox Drink

This secret apple cider vinegar (ACV) drink is simple and doesn’t need any machine. To make it, prepare the following ingredients and mix them together:

Warm water – 1 glass
ACV – 1-2 tbsp.
Lemon juice – 2 tbsp.
Cinnamon – ¼ tsp – (must be Ceylon cinnamon, normal Cinnamon is not safe for every day Consumption. )
Cayenne pepper – 1 dash
Ground ginger – ½ tsp (Too much of this makes it hard to drink so 1/4 tsp is best)
Raw honey – 1 tsp. (Must be raw, or local honey – optional to add some sweetness, recommend skipping for now)

And that’s it! This detox drink is great in refreshing and rejuvenating the body, while at the same time helping you lose weight.

A glass of this drink a day is enough to aid in your weight loss regimen.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Since you should not engage yourself in an intense workout, a good alternative is to do a lot of walking.

Walking, though it sounds and is simple, is very effective in helping you on your weight loss journey.

In a nutshell, walking improves your posture and blood flow and burns more fat. If you can’t fully walk, don’t force yourself. Do what you can now.

Consider Your Emotions

A lot of people suffer from emotional and binge eating, which are usually caused by a surge of emotions or condition, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Peer pressure
  • Stress

Addressing your emotions is crucial in eliminating emotional and binge eating.

The emotional aspect of weight loss is as important as the physical, so considering it in the presence of a support group can significantly help.

Accept and Love Yourself

Self-love and acceptance is a powerful weapon to continue working to reach your goal of becoming a better version of yourself.

Many believe that if you accept yourself, you should be contented with what you have.

But that’s not self-love! True self-love will push you to be better. Failure to take care of yourself is you saying “You’re not worth it”.

You are worth it, and as you go on your weight loss journey, love and accept who you are.

Getting rid of the extra fats when you weight 200 lbs seems like an impossible feat, but it’s not. Just look at the many success stories of the people around you.

Now, it’s your turn. Are you up for the challenge? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

Have you tried all the recommended weight loss tips only to lose nothing? Here\'s How To Lose Weight if You Weigh Over 200 Lbs. We cover all the reasons why your weight loss efforts have not been working and show you what to do instead.

28 thoughts on “How To Actually Lose Weight When You Weigh Over 200 Lbs”

  1. Avatar for Danielle

    Thank you for writing this. Although it seems simple, having someone finally lay it out for us heavy girls, is wonderful!!

    1. Avatar for James

      Appreciate the feedback, Combs. If you read the full article and still feel that way, I would love to know why. Saying this is bad advice without explaining why you think so is very misleading to those seeking and needing the help.

  2. Avatar for Mariel

    I really loved this article. Specially now I’ve decided to start this journey of loss weight. I identify myself when said about exercising sometimes I try to do it but I end with pain in all my body specially my feet and legs. Thank you so much.

    1. Avatar for James

      Happy this was helpful to you, Muskaan. Simplicity is something a lot of ppl skim over without realizing the power behind it.

  3. Avatar for Chrissie

    I cried when I read this! At last someone has laid it out simply, basically stating that if we have a lot of weight to shift we must do it in stages. This simple concept has given me such renewed confidence to continue my weight loss, as I was a bit lost. All I need to do now is determine the next stage for me. Thank you so much.xx

    Regarding the negative comment from Combs…….an ill mannered criticism reveals an uneducated approach. I, for one, don’t want to read unexplained complaints. Shut up!

    1. Avatar for James

      That makes me really happy to hear that, Chrissie. Thanks for the backup. If this post is able to help just one person, I am happy.

      Stick with your journey even when it gets hard or it seems like you are not progressing, just keep your head up and remember that it takes time. If at any time you feel like giving up, use the contact form in the footer and message me. Let me know it’s regarding this post.

      That goes for anyone else reading this comment, I’d be happy to give you support.

      Make this your best year!

  4. Avatar for Sher

    While I agree on some basic concepts,I completely disagree on the exercise. For some, not all, the intense workouts are the missing motivator that leads to success. Personally, CrossFit & portion control worked wonders for me. I wish everyone much success in finding what works for them, never give up & keep on trying.

    1. Avatar for James

      Really appreciate the feedback and motivating words for others reading this article, Sher.

      Everyone’s bodies are different. If you are able to do and handle exercise, then you probably should. It’s all about staging; once you hit a certain stage on your journey you’ll be able to do something you weren’t able to before.

  5. Avatar for Marnie

    So true, I’ve tried so many diets; keto, dukan, weight watchers, low carb etc. And the only thing that has worked has been clean eating; no flour, no sugar. I started at 283lbs and In 4 months I’ve lost 20lbs and couldnt be happier. Once I dropped the flour and sugar I stopped craving the junk. I dont even get tempted by it and its really easy to follow. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.

    1. Avatar for James

      That’s right, Marnie. You have to make this a habit until it becomes who you are. These things happen over time not overnight.

      Preciate the comment and congrats on your success.

  6. Avatar for Rik

    Im actually speechless.. wow.. i have been trying the gym and crash dieting my body is kiling me.. i feel like im falling apart

    1. Avatar for James

      Happy this was helpful, Rik. That’s why it’s a good idea to take things by stages. A lot of ppl end up quitting because of what you just explained.

      Make it a fun experience rather than something you feel you need to do and you will get there.

      Enjoy the new year and good luck on your journey.

  7. Avatar for Coleen

    My husband kept telling me not to try running and this explains so well that, at this point, it really isn’t a good idea. I walk a bunch and am going to tweak my eating patterns. I appreciate that this understands the extra stress on our joints with the extra weight. My body will get there, but I have to start being nice to it to make it last! Thanks!!

  8. Avatar for Dani

    I know what you have said works. I did just that and lost 62 lbs. Kept it off for a year and I looked good and I felt so good. I don’t know why but I started creeping back to old habits….a couple years later it was back on. So depressing. I am trying to find my motivation to get going again since I have been carrying it around again for a couple years. Ugh!

  9. Avatar for Laura

    I loved reading this!!! Before I had my daughter 11 months ago I was just under 200. After I had my daughter I’ve been stuck at 228. I’ve been so frustrated because I’ve been trying so hard to get back to at least my pre pregnancy weight and go from there.I’ve been trying to run now but just not working and as stated in the article only causes me to crave bad foods and sweets. (Soo annoying!!) I feel like everything I do right now doesn’t help. Going to try and go off this. Walk instead of run. And try and cut down on the sugars. Baby steps… I have however been consuming more water which I feel makes me feel fuller longer. Here’s to a better and healthier new year!

    1. Avatar for James

      Hi Laura,

      Sugar is like a drug! When you are taking it, you will crave more of it. But once you cut down and stop you will no longer want it. It’s the same for me, I rarely eat sweets and when I see them I don’t feel tempted.

      Shifting your diet will play a big part in getting to the weigh you want. Small steps like adding spinach to your eggs, using less salt, and cooking with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.

      As long as you stick with it, you will get there.

      Good luck on your journey.

  10. Avatar for Debbie

    FINALLY somebody who gets it! THANK YOU. I have struggled with my weight for the majority of my life. I’ve tried many diet plans always getting stuck after losing about 25lbs. Feeling like a failure because despite “doing everything right” it just didn’t work. We didn’t know I had insulin resistance and we never heard of leptin when I was a teen. I finally found a doctor who put me on a medical keto diet for 4 months and I lost 60lbs! Thank you for understanding that for some us of it’s more than counting calories vs burning calories.

    1. Avatar for James

      Really happy to hear that, Debbie. Thank you for telling us your story. I have no doubt someone will run into this comment and it will help/motivate them not to give up on themselves.

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