How To Successfully Lose Weight Just By Walking

How To Lose Weight By Walking
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Numerous times we have heard that walking has many benefits, it can help in creating a healthy lifestyle, with weight loss, manage one’s health conditions, and various others.

However, how come that despite its many advantages, people are still skeptical about walking and the health benefits it gives? We are here to finally put your mind at ease with this long debate and help you see the benefits of walking and how you can incorporate this habit for a healthier lifestyle.

Before you can even plan or start your soon to be healthy lifestyle with walking, you need to understand first what walking is, how it works, and its relation to weight loss. This way, you can see how this habit is going to affect you both entirely and in various ways.

Walking how it works

By simple definition, walking is the ability of a person to move from one place to another at a regular phase. Its definition is as simple as its activity, but how does it work?

Walking is actually related to cardio activities such as aerobics, running, hiking, and many others. However, it is not widely known to having the same benefits as these activities. Why is that? Well according to an article in Harvard Health Publishing, one probable reason why walking is not that acknowledged is because we have created an image that heavy training, being covered in sweat, and other strenuous activities are the way to go in order to achieve that goal that we have, and that less difficult activities don’t bear that much fruit, which is a huge misconception.

Walking and weight loss

We have already identified that walking has the same benefits as other cardio activities, right now we’ll go deeper into how walking can help you in weight loss.

There are two important things you need to have in order to achieve weight loss, and this is not only applicable to walking but also in other activities.


Right off the bat, we’re going to tell you that walking to lose weight alone will not be enough, you need to have balance in the number of calories you take and how disciplined you are in maintaining walking as a regular part of your daily routine.

Walking may be able to burn your calories, however in order to see beyond expected results you need to discipline yourself in how much calories you are taking in.


Other than being able to burn calories, walking also has the capacity to help you prevent the loss of muscles and keep weight off.

Losing weight also entails that there is a tendency to lose muscles, but with walking, you will be able to lose only calories and keep muscles which are essential because they help you in burning fat.

However, just because you are losing weight by walking and you’re drawing near your weight goal, it means that the journey is over? No.

You can gain weight all over again if you don’t maintain a regular habit of walking or exercising.

Success in creating a habit of walking

Now that we have finished talking about how to lose weight by walking, lets now go into what can motivate you to do it and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Change of mindset

The most important thing to know is that saying ‘I want to have a healthy lifestyle’ is very different from doing and committing to the actual thing.

This may be the most common tip in starting a routine or habit but it’s definitely the hardest to do. You need to be fully determined and committed to adapting to this new lifestyle.

Spend quality time and interact with family and friends

One of the many good things about creating a lifestyle with walking is that you can spend more time with the people you care about. It doesn’t have to be that they are also incorporating the same lifestyle that you are achieving, but it gives you the opportunity to visit a friend or a loved one.

Get more work and errands done

While you are creating a habit of walking, you are also able to create a habit for other errands, such as regular grocery shopping, taking out the trash, and many others. Going outside to walk, enables you to remember things you could do along the way that helps you get more jobs done.

Cut out the negativity and stop comparing

If there is one thing you shouldn’t do when adapting a healthy lifestyle is to incorporate any negativity in it. Remember you are doing this for yourself, not for the benefit or amusement of other people.

Also, do well to remember that you are doing this because you love and care about yourself that’s why you want to be healthy.

Contribute to bigger causes besides self-growth

If you care about the environment then you’ll be happy to know that as you are gearing up for your new lifestyle, you are also becoming a contributor in helping the environment. Walking means, less commuting and less use of transportation.

Meeting new people

Walking makes you go out and see different people, which can also lead to meeting new people and making new friends.

There will be times that you might feel discouraged about walking because you might get bored with it, however, chances are you might meet people who are transitioning to the same lifestyle or have been doing it for a while.

What’s good about this is that, it can get you motivated, other than it can prevent you from feeling alone, other people can also help you in your journey.

Save and invest more money

We have mentioned that walking to lose weight can contribute in helping the environment by less use of transportation. There is another thing that walking can help you with and that is saving up money.

Instead of spending money on transportation and fuel, you now have the opportunity to save and invest in other things. Walking is beneficial for your health, environment, and budget.

Learn or listen as you workout

If socializing is not really your cup of tea, then you need not to worry about that. There are many things you can do in order to spice up your daily walk.

You can listen to an audiobook and learn as you walk or continue that book you can’t seem to put down. If music is more of your style, you can plug in your earphones and listen to music and boost up your energy.

Discover new places

If you would like to walk but prefer somewhere where there are fewer people or tired of the same scenery then you can do exactly that. Your main goal is to lose weight and walking further causes you to burn more calories, which means, expanding your options of places makes you exceed the daily goal you had originally set.

Alone time

Walking also gives you the chance to spend more time with yourself. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate your life, your decisions, and more importantly helps you be more comfortable and happy by yourself despite the lack of presence of other people

Setting a schedule

Now that we have given you ways in which you can motivate yourself to start and commit to your new lifestyle, we can now go to your schedule.

There are many factors in which you can decide this, you can base it on your free time, work or school schedule, preferred time of the day, and etc. So what we’re going to help you with are the choices that you can have.


You can start your day by walking, as most people usually do. Some benefits of walking during the morning is that there are fewer people, your body clock can have an earlier waking time, enabling you to do more, it can increase your metabolism even more, and there is less pollution.

You can take this opportunity to buy fresh ingredients for your breakfast, you also have more time to prepare.

Noon and afternoon

Not everyone loves to wake up early in the morning, and if you’re not one of those people then you can do your daily walk, around noon time or in the afternoon. Also, since walking is not a strenuous activity, you can do this during your lunch or break time at work. This can also help in reducing the stress that you have on work.


Let’s say your hectic schedule and heavy workloads are preventing you from getting up early and making time for your routine during the day. You don’t have to worry because walking can also be done in the evening.

During this time, you are free to walk for as far and long as you like (just make sure not to overdo it.) Also, this can help with your stress from school or work.

But then again, as we’ve mentioned these are just suggestions your daily walking routine should depend on you.


Overall, walking can be used in achieving weight loss, given that a balanced and healthy diet is also being done simultaneously. Despite not being as strenuous as other aerobic exercises, walking possesses the same benefits.

However, what counts the most is the willpower and determination of a person to fully commit to this lifestyle.

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