How To Let Go Of Your Ego

How To Let Go Of Your Ego
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Throughout our lives, we develop our own identity based on internal and external forces that help shape who we are.  The result of this is the Ego. It is the answer to the question, “Who am I?” The Ego is what helps us to deal with everyday situations that confront us as we go through the daily grind.

Our self image or Ego develops early on during childhood and are formed based on the situations we encounter.  It is your conscious mind and is a part of your identity which you consider to be your “self”, the “I” or the “me”.  It is the sum total of all our thoughts and beliefs which shaped the way we deal with relationships, situations and life in general.  

Problems arise when the self image we develop turn out to be negative or overly positive. Our concept of self which we have established since childhood most often turns out to be inaccurate and could be holding us back from achieving mastery of our true selves.

Until you realize that you are not your mind nor are you your body, it will be difficult to let go of your Ego and connect with your true self.Click To Tweet

We have to understand that we are all basically spiritual beings having a human experience. We are not our minds nor are we just our bodies.  We are a glorious mix of the total mind, body and spirit combination.

Be careful what you say after “I am….”

Thoughts and words are more powerful than you might think.  It may limit the vision you have of yourself and prevent you from living your best life.  Your attachment to the false identification you have of your true self holds you back from achieving your full potential.

Statements such as “I am fat”,  “I am always in need of money”, “I am lonely” or “I am unlucky” have far more negative effects and are really all just dictates of what the ego might tell you.  Thinking these thoughts and worse – verbalizing them through words uttered can have devastating effects on the self.

Thoughts such as these can easily lead one to depression and desperation.  It limits the experiences you can have and are stumbling blocks on your path to mastering yourself. Until you learn to let go of these limiting beliefs dictated by your ego, you might never be able to achieve your full potential and discovery of a life with pure and utter bliss.

The ego or the image we have of ourselves is dynamic.  You can always choose to change the way you think and feel.  You just have to decide that this is what is best for you.

Let go of your Ego

Yoga helps you to let go

The connection between mind, body and spirit is never more fully understood than when you practice Yoga.  Yoga is more than just a physical activity that you engage in to lose weight, get healthier or more flexible.  It stimulates your mind and spirit as well.

The regular practice of Yoga enables you to change your life patterns.  In effect, a total synergy between mind, body and spirit is achieved and the ego is slayed.

Let go of limiting beliefs.

Your beliefs about yourself stick even if they don’t serve you well.  Thoughts such as “I am not born to be a leader” or “ I am destined to be alone in life forever” are limiting beliefs you may have formed about yourself.  There is a tendency to filter out evidence that will prove these statements wrong.

You have to make a conscious effort to change the way you have always thought about yourself.  Choose to think differently. Think and re-think again every time you make a statement about who you are. Learn to let go of these limiting beliefs and watch how your life changes.  

Be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is that place where you feel safe and at ease without the stress that most of us would love to avoid. While staying within your comfort zone can give you a stress-free, non confrontational, steady and consistent performance, it is always best to challenge yourself by stepping out into the unknown.

When you get too comfortable in your comfort zone, the opportunity to grow, learn and try new things will elude you. Challenging yourself and your Ego’s negative beliefs can help you discover things you might never know about yourself.

Take a risk.  

Life is all about overcoming challenges.  It is not meant to be static. Welcome and embrace the difficulties you may encounter each time you choose to take a risk.  Do not allow your ego to dictate to you. The results may surprise you. Continuing to push yourself to become a better person exposes you to a lot of opportunities for growth and advancement.

Don’t overdo it.

Challenging yourself and stepping outside of your comfort zone could lead you to your best life but pushing yourself can only lead you to a certain extent. Beyond the level of optimal anxiety, there is a tendency for stress levels to increase and in effect might be detrimental.  Only you will be able to determine up to what extent you may be able to push yourself. Don’t overdo it.

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