How To Deal With Food Cravings

How To Deal With Food Cravings
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Cravings deal with our ability to control ourselves when faced with temptation, and it is one of the hardest battles we face in our daily lives.

To be able to say yes or no, separate right from wrong, and determine which is bad or good, is something a simple child can do, but why is it, that this type of simple yes or no question gets a little more difficult when it comes to our cravings and urges?

When sitting on the dinner table and you’re given the choice of roasted chicken and broccoli, which one would you pick?

If you think about it, the answer should be simple, the broccoli right, since it is healthier and good for you, but how come the one that ends in our plate is the roasted chicken?

It is simply because our palate and minds crave it.

But just because we have this thing called ‘cravings’ it doesn’t mean that it will be like that forever, just like the brain, the palate can also be trained to have a change in preferences, and this is just one of the few things that can help you fight off cravings that we will be sharing below.

So, without prolonging this any longer, let’s head over to the different ways you can deal or fight off your cravings.

How To Deal With Food Cravings


Eat on time

Eating healthy has many health benefits and this includes both avoiding hunger and cravings, and weight loss.

This works because whenever you get hungry, your blood sugar drops, and having low blood sugar activates the region of the brain that gives us a desire to eat, while having proper blood sugar levels activates the region of the brain that controls impulses.

Some of the other benefits of eating on time are it can boost your metabolism and help you create a routine of food consumption to help prevent hunger.

Bottom line is, don’t let yourself get hungry.

Get enough sleep

One important and essential part of our daily lives that greatly affects our health is sleep, and sadly this is something that most people do not take seriously.

Not getting enough sleep, even reducing it by one to two hours can greatly affect our health.

Some of the things that lack of sleep or sleep deprivation does to our health are it decreases the efficiency of our immune system, affects our energy, slows down the productivity of the neurons in our brain, and it can cause stress.

However, going back to how sleep can affect our hunger and cravings, this happens because whenever our body is deprived of sleep, it interferes with the release of ghrelin (a hormone that signals the brain for hunger), what this does it misses out the right timing of release and in larger amounts, making us eat from time to time and crave more.

In addition to this, it also interferes with the hormone leptin which is in charge of appetite suppression, releasing only in small amounts making it difficult for us to determine if we have had enough food consumption.

Treat yourself every once in a while

There are a variety of reasons why giving into your cravings every once in a while can help suppress it even more, and make you healthier.

Starting with how giving into your cravings makes you manage your cravings even more.

Food is a source of comfort, that’s why we have this thing called stress eating or emotional eating. Now, letting yourself go, every once in a while helps suppress not only cravings but these stresses and emotions, which makes it a whole lot easier for you to go back into track once done.

The other reasons why it is okay for you to give in to your food cravings every once in a while are because cravings can be your body telling you to eat a certain food because there are certain deficiencies going on inside you that you’re not aware of, and because despite cravings being mostly unhealthy food, it doesn’t mean that they possess no amount of nutrients that the body needs.

For example, fats, fats can be bad for you if consumed too much, however, fats are still needed by the body because fats are essential for producing energy for the body and helping in cell growth.


Well, it seems that there is nothing a little water can’t solve.

Water has a lot of benefits and some are linked to weight loss and hunger suppression.

One reason for this is because when we are hungry we tend to crave for things our body doesn’t really need, that’s why drinking water whenever hunger strikes help, other than it can suppress your hunger it can also help in determining whether you are really hungry or not.

Other than it helps in suppressing your hunger and cravings, water can also help in weight loss, hydration, and many others.

Make a habit of mindful eating

Mindful eating is something that we all must practice and make a habit out of. The reason for this is because mindful eating somewhat works like meditation, it helps you stay focused.

When you are focused you are able to have full control of your thoughts and emotions, and meal planning works like that, it helps you manage food consumption but more on the area of healthy food choices.

Basically, mindful eating helps with cravings by changing the way you look and think about food, helping you manage emotional eating, reminds you when to eat and not to eat, decipher which is craving and hunger, and many others.

Bottom line is, one of the most effective ways of fighting off cravings is by being focused and aware with your food consumption.


There are many ways into which we can manage and fight off our cravings and hunger. Other than having a balanced lifestyle, one way we can best control our cravings is by being mindful about the choices we make with our food.

We tend to forget that foods are things that we put inside our body, this is why we should be more careful about how we choose the foods we eat.

If you are one of those who has difficulty in controlling his or her hunger, we hope that by reading this article we were able to help you in some way to overcome that problem, and hopefully, you’ll be able to do the same to others by sharing this article.

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