How Should A Thong Fit?

Woman in thong
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There is no one way for a thong to fit your body. The most important thing is that a thong should fit comfortably, similar to your regular underwear. Make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose and moves with your body. 

Although you may assume just by looking at a thong that it would be uncomfortable, that is not the case if the thong is the right size and style for you. 

A thong should fit so well and should be so comfortable that you hardly notice it. 

A thong should lay flat against your body and not pull in any direction. It also shouldn’t be sagging and falling down.

Thongs are a versatile underwear choice because they can be worn under most clothing without being seen. 

I’m sure you know how it feels to try on a beautiful dress or a chic pair of pants, only to have the look ruined by unsightly panty lines. 

That’s where thongs come in! 

Before you let wearing a thong intimidate you, there are plenty of styles that will fit almost anyone. 

There are g-strings, low-rise thongs, seamless thongs, and so many more here. There is truly a thong for everyone. 

If you are ready to try out thongs but you’re worried about how they should fit, look no further. This guide will arm you with all of the tips and tricks you need to make sure that you find the perfect thong for your lifestyle. 

How To Choose The Right Thong Style 

Thong styles are not one size fits all. Thongs come in many different styles and materials depending on what you are looking for. 

It’s important to know what you are wearing the thong with so that you can select the right style.

If you are looking for a seamless look to go under delicate fabric or a nice dress, a traditional style thong in a seamless fabric or lace would be the best bet. 

These barely-there styles lay flat under even the thinnest of fabrics and show no lines.

If you want something a little sexier, but still barely there, a g-string style would be a great choice. 

G-strings are the tiniest thongs with just a small triangle of fabric in the front and two thin straps around the waist and one up the back. 

These are a very common thong style!

If you plan to wear your thong while exercising, a stretchy, breathable material and comfortable waistband are key. 

Many companies make thongs specifically to be worn with activewear in a seamless style. 

How Should A Thong Fit in the Front

An easy way to tell if your thong fits well in the front is to make sure that it fully covers you, but doesn’t have so much material that it bunches up uncomfortably. 

Depending on whether you selected a low or high rise style, the thong will hit somewhere different on everyone. You should be able to adjust the straps across your hips to where they’re comfortable for you. 

A great way to test the fit is to walk around a bit and make sure that the front of your thong stays put and doesn’t move over to one side or slide down. 

How Should A Thong Fit in the Back

The fit of your thong in the back will depend a bit on the rise and style of your thong. 

As a general rule, you want the piece in the back to be snug but not so tight that it’s pinching or irritating your skin. 

The material should fit snugly against your body and not gape or bunch. Ideally, the back should come up to your waist but not above the top of your pants or skirt. 

How To Tell If Your Thong Is Too Small

You can tell if your thong is too small in much the same way you could with any other underwear style. 

If the waistband is too tight and indents your skin around your waist and hips into that dreaded “muffin top”, then your thong is definitely too small. 

Another way that you can tell if your thong is too small is if the material in the front does not cover you comfortably. 

A lot of thongs have a very narrow V shape in the front, so it’s important to make sure the amount of coverage works for you.

Also, if your thong is too small and you wear it around for most of the day you will probably notice that the material chafes and irritates your skin because it is too tight. 

If you’re wondering why your tailbone hurts at the end of the day, your too-tight thong is probably to blame. 

How To Tell If Your Thong Is Too Big

If you think your thong might be too big, it probably is. 

If you can feel it wiggling around on you at all and you notice that it’s there, you probably need to size down.

A thong that’s too big will often ride up on you and stick out the back of your pants or skirt. This can happen when the rear strap is too long for your body. 

Ideally, you will only see the rear strap at the base of your back where it meets the side straps.

Another big indicator of a thong that is too big would be if it hangs away from your body or gapes awkwardly. 

This could lead to it falling down all day, which is frustrating! Ideally, a comfortable thong should feel like a second skin, so if it’s hanging off you it is likely too big.

Should I Size Up In Thongs?

No, you should stick to your true size in thongs for the most comfortable fit. Check out different brands, styles, materials, and rises to see what fits you best, but you don’t want to size up. 

It might seem tempting to size up because if you’ve never worn a thong before the idea of it might seem like you’d rather it be loose, but you really want a good snug fit. 

A good thong should feel like a second skin. You should barely notice that it’s there, but feel covered and completely comfortable. 

How To Make Thongs More Comfortable

If you’ve never worn a thong before, it might be hard to imagine how they could ever be comfortable. 

The truth is that one that fits you correctly is just as comfortable (if not more) than any other pair of underwear. 

The best way to make thongs more comfortable is to make sure that your thong fits you correctly and is made of a soft, comfortable, breathable material. 

A good style to start out with is the seamless style because they are so thin and flexible. 

This style is a favorite because it can be worn under almost any outfit and is a great way to get used to the feeling of wearing a thong. 

Another important factor to making your thong-wearing journey a comfortable one is to make sure that your thong fits you properly. 

It may take a few tries to find a brand and size that works for you, but it’s worth the work. Once you find one you like, invest in several colors in your size.