how should a denim jacket fit on a woman

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A staple piece in any woman’s closet is the denim jacket. 

Its overall functionality is displayed through its ability to match any other garbs in your wardrobe. 

Its versatility makes it timeless.  

Denim jackets also come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

With its many designs available, you can find one you’ll surely love!

But how should a denim jacket fit on a woman? 

To find the perfect denim jacket that you can keep for years to come, you may need to try on a number to see what works with your particular style and body shape. 

That’s why we made this article for you! 

Keep on reading to find out how to pick the best denim jacket for you.

How Do I Get My Denim Jacket Size?

Unfortunately, because denim jackets are made of restrictive, thick cloth and twill weaving, you need to find a size that’ll fit you precisely. 

The jacket’s manufacturer creates standard sizes for their customers, including chest, shoulder, waist, and bottom. 

To know your size, you need to get a tape measure and wrap it around the particular body part, note it down, then use it when you shop for a denim jacket. 

Since only standard sizes are available, pick the one closest to your measurements. 

Below is one of the charts used for measuring jacket sizes:

Chest (inches)Hips (inches)Sleeves (inches)Front (inches)
Small36.2 37.8 27.1 24
Medium38.440 27.5 24.6
Large40.8 42.427.925.2
Extra large43.244.8 28.325.8
2 Extra Large45.6 47.2 28.726.3
3 Extra Large4849.629.127

Before you purchase your newest denim jacket addition, know the following:

Should A Denim Jacket Be Tight On A Woman?

A denim jacket should fit you tight, but not in a way that makes you uncomfortable. 

Remember that denim jackets are made of stiff fabric that gives an illusion of your body looking bigger than it actually is. 

In this sense, tight denim jackets work best to show your natural body size.

Today, many materials are added in denim jackets like spandex and elastane to help with the bulging effect of the original fabric. 

However, keep in mind that not all denim jackets are the same. 

You might still need to feel the material and try the denim jacket on to best know if it fits and suits you well.

Should Denim Jackets Be A Size Bigger?

Many people go a size higher when they buy jackets. This practice, however, isn’t recommended for denim jackets. 

Denim fabric gives you a boxy and inflated look. 

So if you choose to go a size bigger, your natural shape will get swallowed by the jacket.

An exception is when your denim jacket stifles you and limits your movements. 

Even if it’s your usual size, you can always choose a slightly bigger one so you can move freely.

Does Denim Jacket Stretch? 

If you wear your pure cotton denim jacket every day for three months, it will eventually stretch because of the wear and dry. The stretch can range from 1 to 1.5 inches. 

Conversely, if your jean jacket is too tight, you don’t have to grin and bear it. 

Instead, you can loosen and tug at the right portions of the denim by spraying it with lukewarm water. 

Then stretch it out physically or wear the garment to stretch it while on the go.

Do Denim Jackets Shrink? 

Yes, denim shrinks when exposed to hot water or extreme heat. 

It applies when the denim is made using 100% cotton, which shrinks when exposed to hot water and frequent dryer visits. 

Thus you can also shrink denim by washing it in hot water or using a clothes iron with high heat.

If you don’t want a shrinking denim jacket, you can choose one that isn’t made of pure cotton. 

Denim jackets with blended spandex or polyester in them will not shrink as much as pure cotton. 

It’s still best to understand your clothing’s care instructions to know the exact type of material used to make it and how you should take care of it. 

Is There A Perfect Denim Jacket?

There is no ready-made perfect denim jacket. 

How good a denim jacket will fit you will depend on many factors such as its manufacturer and your care of it. 

But first, you need to find a great denim jacket available in the market.

 Check out the following ways to know how to buy high-quality denim jackets that will last a long time. 

Check Reviews

Scour the internet and ask around. 

There will always be other people who can share their experiences with a denim jacket brand. 

They can give you an idea of whether the jacket you want is worth your money.

Check the Material

This will be hard if you purchase your denim jacket online. 

So, if you can, visit the store to purchase your jacket. 

High-quality denim is heavy and has a distinctive blue color that has depth where it penetrates from the core of the yarn to the outer of the jacket. 

On the other hand, knock-off and cheap denim have a uniform color of blue and are super lightweight.

Check the Buttons

Good denim jackets have buttons that are securely stitched. 

Buttons on denim jackets are called rivets and are specifically made to withstand the wear and tear of the clothing.

Check for Loose Threads

Know that high-quality denim jackets are done carefully with precision. 

The process of making outstanding denim leaves no room for any loose threads.

Are There Other Colors Of Denim Jackets?

Most of the denim jackets available are blue. 

But, today, because of innovations and creativity, the denim jacket is now available in almost every color. 

Manufacturers also always try to find ways to up their ante and get an edge over their competitors. 

As a result, they make denim jackets with different patterns, prints, and logos. 

How Do Famous Female Celebrities Like Their Denim Jackets?

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to wear your denim outfit, celebrities have their iconic denim jacket looks you can follow. 

Here are some of them:

Meghan Markle

The former American actress and now Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, goes for a classic look with her denim jackets. 

She makes denim jackets look timeless and classic when she puts on a white button-down shirt, black jeans, and loafers.

Karlie Kloss

An ex-Victoria’s Secret Angel and still a fashion model, Karlie Kloss opts for a fun denim jacket style. 

She hangs her denim jacket collar off her shoulders and pairs it with wide-leg black trousers and a vintage-inspired tee.

Ashley Graham

Model and TV personality Ashley Graham likes breaking the usual denim jacket rules by turning an oversized jacket into a dress and adding a rope belt tied at the waist to make it high-fashion. 

She also matches it with thigh-high boots for more glam.

Gigi Hadid

International model and a frequent Vogue contributor, Gigi Haded likes to rock a monochrome denim style with her matching dark-wash denim jacket and pants.

Hailey Bieber

Socialite, model, and media personality Hailey Bieber prefers modern denim jacket styles with prints that match her jeans.

Other Ways To Style Your Denim Jacket

Now that you know how to pick a great denim jacket, we’ll now jump to other ways you can style them. Here are some fast tricks you can try:

  • Go bold and match your denim jacket with a long leather skirt and heels.
  • Stay classic with a white shirt, jeans, and white sneakers.
  • Go semi-casual with your denim jacket hanging over your dress.
  • Look edgy with a see-through top, cute shorts, and a denim jacket. 
  • Have fun and pick a different denim jacket color, like khaki. It goes well with a white shirt, matching jeans, and white heels.
  • Bring back the 80’s fashion with a long dress and an oversized denim jacket.
  • Go for a monochrome look with a black denim jacket, shorts, and crop top.
  • Not feeling like wearing a top? Just button up your denim jacket and pair it with a long skirt.
  • If it’s cold outside and you want to go for a laid-back look, wear a hoodie and sweatpants with a denim jacket and sneakers.
  • Look for a belted denim jacket and pair it with jeans. Put on your red stilettos if you want to go classic.
  • Rock a fresh and preppy look with blazer-style denim jackets, white crop tops, and tank tops.
  • Get funky with patchwork denim jackets and pair them with light-washed jeans and heels.
  • Get groovin’ in the ’80s with some denim jacket with shoulder pads, matched with high-waisted jeans and boots.

Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Denim Jacket

Denim fabrics are delicate and need to be taken care of if you want them to last. 

Well-loved denim can last up to three years or more. 

So here are some of the tips you can apply to keep your denim jacket in shape while making sure it’s squeaky clean:

Pick Mild Detergents

Strong and regular detergents can make the dyes used in your denim jacket fade away. It can also soften the denim fabric’s stiffness that will deform the jacket’s shape.

Remember to use small amounts of mild detergent of about a half teaspoon to wash your jacket. Additionally, don’t let it soak for too long.

Don’t Use Hangers When Drying

Hangers can change the shape of the fabric. 

It can also cause indents in the shoulders and collars of the jacket. 

So how should you hang your denim jacket? The best option is to hang them on a straight wire or lay them on an old towel.

Opt for Cold Water When Washing

Warm water causes the fabric to shrink and fades the dyes. 

It’s advisable to use cold water in washing your denim jacket to maintain its shape and size.

Use A Lint Roller

A lint roller is an adhesive tool that helps you get rid of your jackets’ lint, dust, and other dirts. 

You can use it for quick cleaning, so you don’t have to wash your jacket.