How Long Do Sticky Bras Last?

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You can wear a sticky bra 50 to 80 times, assuming it’s of good quality. Meanwhile, inferior brands will only last you several times before they’re completely unusable.

But even if you get a good quality sticky bra, it’s still no guarantee that it’ll last you that long. So how long do sticky bras last?

It all depends on how you care for them. Sticky bras are special underwear that we use for certain occasions.

They require special care compared to regular fabric bras and that’s what’s going to make them last longer.

After all, it’s not going to be a sticky bra if it’s not sticky. So let me tell you how I care for my own sticky bras including storage tips and how you can retain their stickiness.

What Are Sticky Bras And When Do You Use Them?

If you haven’t used one yet, sticky bras or stick-on bras as they’re also known, are bras that don’t have straps or hooks. 

You don’t wear them the traditional way because they stick to your skin like using an adhesive. They provide support and can give your boobs a lift without your bra straps peeking out from your clothes.

So when do you use them? 

Since they have no shoulder and back straps, they’re used when wearing sexy outfits (think backless and strapless dresses). This way, you won’t have straps peeking out that will destroy your whole look.

While you can opt to go braless, using a sticky bra will also prevent your nipples from being seen. Unless that’s what you’re going for, then braless it is, girl!

Types of Sticky Bras

Sticky bras come in different shapes and have their own ways of enhancing your breasts. Some of these are:

Lifting bra

Best for women with C cups or bigger, they give your boobs a lift if they aren’t as perky as they used to be. It doesn’t overdo it and makes them look naturally perky.

Push-up bra

If you’re looking to add some volume and cleavage, these stick-on push-up bras are designed to give your breasts that needed boost.

Plunge bra

Wearing something more revealing? Put on your low-cut dress with confidence with a plunge stick-on bra that’ll give you fuller breasts to go with your killer dress.

Nipple cover

If you don’t need the support but don’t want to free the nipples either, these nipple covers to protect you from unwanted exposure. Technically not a bra, but it still protects your modesty nonetheless. 

How To Preserve Sticky Bras?

Sticky bras are made of either silicone, polyurethane, or other similar materials. 

What makes it stick to your skin isn’t magic but a medical-grade adhesive. It’s skin-friendly so you don’t have to worry about adverse reactions. 

And preserving your sticky bra means ensuring it remains sticky and clean as long as possible. Here’s how to preserve sticky bras:

Wash With Soap and Water

Just like anything you wear, you need to clean your bra after use. But it doesn’t go in the washing machine! 

To wash your bra, you need to run it through tap water and use only mild soap to kill any germs and remove dirt while preserving its stickiness. 

When cleaning, gently rub your palms on the bra in a circular motion. Don’t soak it in water for a  prolonged period. 

If you must, soak it with water and soap just long enough for it to be completely wet before you start washing.

Other things you need to avoid are harsh soaps and detergents. 

Alcohol and other cleaning solutions are also a no-no. The only solution you can use is the special sticky bra cleaner, in case it comes with your purchase.

If there are stains, dirt, or small particles stuck to your bra, never use your fingernails or a brush to take them off.

Air Dry

After washing, shake off the excess water. 

Don’t wring or squeeze the bra! Then let it air dry with the adhesive side facing up. 

It usually dries overnight but don’t be surprised if it takes longer. It also depends on the weather where you’re at.

Also, don’t use towels to wipe your bra of excess water. The fabric will stick to your bra which can be difficult or impossible to remove.

Wearing And Removing Your Sticky Bras Properly

Aside from cleaning, you can preserve your sticky bra by putting it on and removing it properly. After all, you also need to preserve its shape and function, not just its adhesive properties.

To put it on, start from the bottom part of your boobs, positioning it to get the lift you want before sticking the rest of the bra.

To remove it, you’ll start from the top this time. 

You can be gentle as you peel it off since it’s not the same as ripping off a bandage. Being gentle also ensures the adhesive remains intact.

How To Store Sticky Bras?

After cleaning your bra, proper storage is also essential. 

The best way to do this is to store it in the container it came with or by using a bra storage case. Some bras come in plastic sheets that protect the adhesive. You’ve got to use those too.

If you don’t have that plastic covering, you can use a resealable bag instead. Be sure that dirt, dust, lint, and other materials don’t get into the container. 

When storing or even when drying your bra, keep it away from direct sunlight. Sun exposure can degrade your bra’s adhesive properties.

How Many Times Can You Use Sticky Bra?

As mentioned at the start, you can use high-quality stick bras around 50 to 80 times. Well, as long as it will stick to your skin! Though you can’t expect it to last you forever. But with proper care, you can maximize your bra’s lifespan. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Wash after every use: Sweat, dead skin cells, oil, and dirt can accumulate on your skin when you’re out the whole day. These can transfer to your sticky bra so you’ll need to wash it after every use. 
  • Clean your skin: Even before you wear your bra, cleaning your skin will help your bra stick better. As mentioned, sweat, oil, and dirt can cause problems with the adhesive. 
  • Don’t use cream or moisturizers: We all love our beautiful skin thanks to our favorite skincare products but products like creams and moisturizers prevent your bra from sticking properly. 

You have to keep your skin dry and free from additional skincare products if you plan to wear a sticky bra.

How To Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again?

If your adhesive bra doesn’t stick anymore, don’t despair! There’s still a way to resurrect your sticky bra from non-sticky purgatory.

But first, you’ve got to know what makes them lose their stickiness. This way, you’ll know how to avoid it in the future.

  • Lint, dust, dirt: A sticky bra is a magnet for these things. They can be pretty hard to remove and can severely reduce their adhesive capabilities.
  • Not caring for your bra: If you don’t follow its care instructions, then they’ll definitely lose their sticky properties real quick. Making your sticky bras sticky again isn’t rocket science. It’s quite simple, really. It’s just a matter of:
  • Cleaning after every use: To remove all external matter that can compromise the adhesive and keep it sticky longer.
  • Using it the right way: Use it only as intended, putting it on and removing it as instructed.
  • Storing it properly: To keep unwanted materials from getting on the adhesive.

Now, what if you’ve done all these things and they’re still not as sticky as before? There’s still one thing you can do, and that’s to use double-sided tape!

I know that doesn’t sound so appealing, but it’s only for desperate times when you have no time to get a new sticky bra or they keep slipping off. I’ve done it a few times and it works! 

But it’s a temporary fix just to keep your modesty safe and embarrassment at bay.

If your sticky bra has lost all its sticking powers, then it’s time to get a new one. Just remember to dispose of them the right way too.

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