How Being Spiritual Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur

How Being Spiritual Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur
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Academic research and popular literature have both recently started connecting the two streams – spirituality and entrepreneurship.

Spirituality is often seen as an abstract, difficult to understand concept. But to those who practice it – it has been extremely beneficial in helping them in all walks of life. Entrepreneurship being a highly demanding career path, it is worthwhile to look at how we can combine the two for some really outstanding results!

The problem is – ancient Indian philosophers gave us all the answers. But we don’t ask the right questions anymore! One such question is – how does being spiritual help me become a better entrepreneur and help me accomplish my goals?

Without getting deep into philosophical discourse, here are 5 rock-solid improvements it can bring to your life:

1. Builds your intuitive ability

Being an entrepreneur means taking a lot of risks. And the stakes are always high on our decisions. As entrepreneurs, we often rely on experience or the gut feeling. The thing is – those gut feelings don’t just pop out of mid-air.

Start-ups bring uncertainty with them. Hits and trials are often the way we approach it. Having some sort of spiritual bend in our routine helps unclog the mind. It is all there in the science behind meditation.

Studies say that meditation burns the older brain cells and makes way for new ones. It helps re-invent the mental reflexes and intuitions. It literally improves our gut feeling!

2. Gives you an unfailing sense of purpose

Why do entrepreneurs do what they do? Money? Creating something? Or solving a problem?

I truly believe money should be incidental. A by-product of following our life’s calling.

The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are actually solving a genuine problem. Money just happened because they did it so well. They really understood a problem people were grappling with. Look at the first e-commerce companies. Way to make life easy for their consumers!

This is what spirituality gives you – an unfailing sense of purpose. It gives you a reason to make lives better. If you pick up any spiritual literature, you will see that they focus on service.

The philosophy is that no matter what capacity we have, we should serve mankind. One or one hundred – doesn’t matter.  We can either serve by helping directly or by making someone’s life better through a product/service. Isn’t that what we do as entrepreneurs? Try to make lives easier!

Being truly spiritual gives people that unstoppable reason to do good to society, to make lives better and genuinely help people. Money just happens along the way.

3. Keeps you attuned with all that really matters

Admit it. We love getting distracted. The FB and Instagram breaks we keep taking, take much more away from us than we think we are giving away. And the world around is creating more ways for us to get distracted.

Tips and tricks to remain focused won’t work unless we program our internal hardware to ‘QuickHeal’ the virus of temptations!

I have found that regular practice of meditation has helped me tremendously in focusing on the task at hand. As I see the uselessness of certain actions and the importance of certain others, I have been able to prioritize better!

5 years ago, I used to worry about 20 different things while working. As an entrepreneur, it always took a toll on my ability to manage time and make better decisions – two of the most crucial things I needed.

We all need to pick our battles. It is not always easy to grasp the right problem and let the wrong problem go. As entrepreneurs, we lead ourselves to believe that everything is our problem. It really is not.

In meditation, we come face to face with our five most important problems. Rest is all just garbage that we like to accumulate for no good reason, turning our superbly intelligent minds into trash cans.

I believe that as an entrepreneur it is a killer ability to possess – the ability to separate the chaff out of the hay!

4. Stabilizes you

Choosing to be an entrepreneur means opting for a path full of tough times and decisions (at least initially, if not always). If capital isn’t an issue, human resource is. And if that’s not an issue, profits are, targets are, numbers are. There is always something.

Inarguably all entrepreneurs face tremendous odds, all the time. This fluctuating voltage and the shocks that our businesses keep giving us can make anyone want to quit. That’s where being someone that is spiritual helps.

A consistent meditation practice builds in us an ability to hold our fort during these traffic jams. It has been scientifically proven that the breathing techniques immediately help relieve stress by optimizing the oxygen supply to our nerves and vessels. As the pressure gets relieved, the mind is able to unclog and think with more clarity.

The stress of everyday business situations can get to anyone. Meditation is the most inexpensive and effective tool to de-stress the mind and body.

It builds a calmer heart, a clearer mind and hence a better businessman.

5. Gives you strength and self-reliance

Being spiritual exposes us to our individual capacities – through this intuition, confidence, and faith. And it does make a difference. This realization makes a lot of difference to the way we operate.

You may have heard of the story of two wolves. As the story goes, among the two wolves in our heads, the one we feed the most – wins. Be it the positive one or the negative one. With spiritually inclined entrepreneurs, the bad wolves generally turn into meek sheep over a period of time.

It is not that meditating makes our problems miraculously disappear. But it does give a strength of perseverance. As we meditate regularly, we grow to be unattached to the results and more attached to actions. This really helps in not giving up.

The best part is – it doesn’t cost you a penny to be a spiritual person (for those looking to raise another round of funding!). Nature ensured that the best we could possibly do for ourselves was available for free. And will always be.

Embrace it. It will change your life. Tried and tested!


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