17 Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss

Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss
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First of all, did you know that people who have soup generally weigh less and have slimmer waists than people who don’t? It’s true! Science says so!

Moreover, the same study says it’s because soup consumption helps make you eat less calories and less fat while increasing protein, carbs, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. So, if someone ever tells you to stop sipping soup, slap ‘em in the face (please don’t) with facts!

But on a more serious note, the problem with soup is that although it has all these healthy benefits, a lot of what’s out there is loaded with sodium — and that’s not very good.

I’m not saying don’t use salt though. Heck, I use salt with everything. However, a little bit goes a long way especially since there’s more ways to add flavor to your food, all without having to worry about blowing up the number on the weighing scale.

With that said, dig in to some of the best low calorie and healthy soup recipes for weight loss that I found on the internet. They’re all listed below with a bit of nutritional information to help you find what you need. Take a peek!

Healthy vegetarian soup recipes

1. Red curry quinoa soup

Red curry quinoa souprecipe
Credit: sarahaasrdn.com

Sara Haas, the maker of this recipe, describes her dish as “bold-flavored”. Now, I don’t even know what bold food tastes like, so I won’t even attempt to explain that. What I know, however, is that for a soup that has as little calories as this, it’s actually quite hearty.

That being said, the stars of this recipe are quinoa and red curry paste. Quinoa, as you probably already know, is a great source of vegan protein and fiber which both keep you full and are therefore great for weight loss. Plus, it’s got all nine essential amino acids and has boat loads of antioxidants.

Macros: 164 calories | 26g carbs | 4g fat | 6g protein

2. Thai lemongrass soup

Thai lemongrass soup recipe
Credit: connoisseurusveg.com

Connoisseurus Veg made this soup to feel refreshing and comforting but healthy at the same time. Looking at the ingredients and the nutritional information, it definitely looks that way. Seriously. It’ll take me forever to highlight the health benefits of every singly herb and vegetable used in this recipe.

For instance, there’s lemongrass — a herb with several antioxidants that hunt down disease causing free radicals. Plus, it’s commonly found in many detox teas for its diuretic properties and digestive benefits. It’s one hell of a weight loss herb, I must say.

Macros: 136 calories | 7.2g carbs (0.9g fiber) | 7.9g fat | 10.4g protein

3. Lemon coconut lentil soup

Lemon coconut lentil soup recipe
Credit: beginwithinnutrition.com

Clearly, the highlights of this recipe from Begin With Nutrition are lentils, coconut oil, and lemon — all super nutritious and great for weight loss.

The MCT’s in coconut oil, for instance, boosts metabolism and good cholesterol. On the other hand, lentils are rich in protein and fiber to help make you feel satisfied, and they carry a bunch of vitamins and minerals. Plus, they add a nuttiness to the soup which, in my opinion, goes well with the rest of its flavors.

Macros: 161 calories | 19g carbs (7g fiber) | 7g fat | 7g protein

4. Vegan garam masala carrot soup

Vegan garam masala carrot soup
Credit: abeautifulplate.com

As expected with Indian-inspired cuisine, this vegan garam masala carrot soup from A Beautiful Plate is fragrant with a blend of earthy, sweet, and hot flavors. But, even though it has a pinch of cayenne and black pepper along with the garam masala, it’s not overly spicy. Of course, if you want your soup to pack more heat, you could always adjust the recipe to your liking.

Anyhow, you probably already know all about the health and weight loss benefits of carrots but just in case you forgot, it’s associated with reduced levels of cholesterol (the soup itself has 0 cholesterol, by the way). Plus, it’s rich in vitamin A which is great for your vision, vitamin K, fiber, and antioxidants.

Macros: 282 calories | 21g carbs (3g fiber) | 23g fat | 3g protein

5. Vegetable weight loss soup

For our last healthy vegetarian soup, I’m going to admit something.

I’m not actually the biggest fan of vegetables.

Having said that, even I have to get some veggies in my system and one of my favorite ways to do that is soup. Specifically, when I know I haven’t had my share of vegetables for a while, EatingWell’s vegetable weight loss soup is right on top of my list.

It’s got celery, carrots, kale, and zucchinis and beans if you consider those vegetables, too. Of course, the produce used in this recipe comes with a lot of healthy nutrients and fiber without too much sugar.

Macros: 225 calories | 27.8g carbs (7.6g fiber) | 12.7g protein

Healthy chicken soup recipes

Moving on from vegetarian healthy soup recipes for weight loss, let’s talk about chicken soup. The first few recipes in this part  list will help detoxify your system while the last ones are just overall great for weight control and, of course, health.

6. Detox southwest chicken soup

Detox southwest chicken soup recipe
Credit: aspicyperspective.com

As detox goes, this southwest chicken soup from A Spicy Perspective is meant to be eaten for days at a time to rid your body of toxins that may not only bring you more risk of disease but also slow down your metabolism and thus stalling weight loss.

Among the many detox agents in this recipe (and possibly one of the most commonly used detox ingredients in the world) is turmeric. Or, more specifically, curcumin. Like pretty much all other recipes, this one also uses black pepper as a seasoning but healthwise, it boosts the absorption of curcumin 2000-fold (yes, TWO THOUSAND), making the soup an uber effective cocktail of antioxidants that flush out toxins.

Macros: 252 calories | 17g carbs | 12g fat | 21g protein

7. Detox chicken soup

Detox chicken soup recipe
Credit: damndelicious.net

It’s chicken soup with a couple of vegetables and a lot of detoxifying ingredients. That’s the most straightforward way I can describe this recipe from Damn Delicious.

The vegetables here — carrots, celery, and kale — are actually quite similar to the previous recipe, and the herbs are largely similar, too. What this recipe has that the former doesn’t, however, is cremini (crimini?) mushrooms — a fibrous fungi that’s rich in B vitamins and several minerals. These mushrooms (and the absence of turmeric) are also one of the few reasons why this and the previous recipe taste different, so I’m leaving the decision of “which one is better?” up to you.

Although, this recipe has significantly more calories and carbs. You might want to take note of that.

Macros: 403 calories | 50g carbs (7g fiber) | 7g fat | 31g protein

8. Detox immune-boosting chicken soup

Detox immune-boosting chicken soup recipe

First of all, detoxing itself already promotes a stronger immune system, so all the detox recipes here are going to do essentially what this recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny is aiming at.

Nevertheless, what sets this recipe apart is all the garlic. 10 cloves! I don’t know about you but I don’t mind that at all. I love the taste of garlic but more than that, it’s probably the main reason why this soup is so good for the immune system. One study even says it helps prevent the common cold by up to 63%!

Macros: 253 calories | 20.6g carbs (6g fiber) | 6.5g fat | 28g protein

9. Weight loss soup

Weight loss soup recipe
Credit: skiptomylou.org

Weight Loss Soup — That’s what Skip to My Lou calls her recipe, so that’s what I’m calling it, too. What I like about this, though, is that you can either use chicken, turkey, or even ground beef as your protein. Either way, the soup is going to be tasty, healthy, and low cal.

Plus, it’s loaded with vitamin C thanks, in large part, to the tomatoes and mushrooms.

Macros: 263 calories | 7g carbs (1g fiber) | 13g fat | 30g protein

10. Chicken tortilla-less soup

Chicken tortilla-less soup
Credit: therealfoodrds.com

As you might expect, this soup has a lot of the same elements as many versions of chicken tortilla. You’ve got onions, chiles, jalapeños, tomatoes, avocados, and of course, chicken, among other things. Clearly, a lot of these same ingredients have amazing health benefits. I mean, avocados alone are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fat.

Plus, this recipe comes from The Real Food Dietitians — a team of 2 registered nutritionists. So, if they say this is healthy, I know damn well to believe them.

Macros: 223 calories | 19g carbs (4g fiber) | 6g fat | 25g protein

Healthy beef soup recipes

Of all the things to have in soup, beef is my absolute favorite. My mother used to always make pochero (I believe it’s Spanish beef stew) when I was little and although it wasn’t the healthiest, it definitely helped spark my love for both beef and soup. But, now that I’m older and more weight and health conscious, I use beef soup to help control my cravings and appetite while still getting the nutrients my body needs. Here are some of the best healthy recipes I found online:

11. Heart Asian beef noodle soup

Heart Asian beef noodle soup recipe
Credit: eatthis.com

For this recipe, you’re going to need a slow cooker to tenderize the chuck roasts. The low and slow cooking process also saturates the beef with flavors from all the different ingredients in the pot including soy sauce, beef stock, garlic, onions, star anise, and ginger.

This soup from Eat This, Not That! isn’t just about flavor though. After all, I have it on my list of the best healthy soup recipes for weight loss because, well… it’s healthy.

Ginger, for one, helps ease muscle and joint pain while also improving cholesterol levels and digestion. Another ingredient used in the recipe is bok choy — a vegetable that’s packed with antioxidants, beta carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C, and vitamin K.

**NOTE: Both carbs and protein aren’t specified in the recipe but given that it’s beef soup, you can expect a lot of protein and amino acids.**

Macros: 350 calories | 8g fat 

12. Vegetable beef soup

Vegetable beef soup recipe
Credit: Verywell Fit

It’s low calorie, low carb, and high protein. That’s the easiest way I can describe this recipe from Verywell Fit.

Obviously, much of this soup’s protein content comes from beef but cremini mushrooms and bacon (also in the recipe) add a few grams in there, too. Also, this recipe celery root instead of potatoes to not only keep the carb count down, but also get a more controlled release of glucose, making it a particularly great option for those of you with diabetes or issues with sugar and insulin.

Macros: 125 calories | 6g carbs (2g fiber) | 4g fat | 12g protein

13. Cabbage soup with ground beef

Cabbage soup with ground beef recipe
Credit: Wholesome Yum

This recipe is from Wholesome Yum and she’s known to be the genius behind several easy (but tasty) low carb recipes. This is no exception.

She made this recipe on the premise of improving the once-poplar cabbage soup diet. It inherently had unsustainable disadvantages; the most glaring of which are the lack of protein and fat. On that note, what she did was simple: add ground beef to the recipe and have it as part of a healthy meal plan rather than an actual diet. This way, you get all the nutrients your body needs without exceeding your caloric limit.

Macros: 111 calories | 5g carbs (1g fiber) | 6g fat | 9g protein

14. Healthy beef stew

At first glance, what I first thought of this recipe was about how many ingredients I needed to get at the groceries before I could actually make it. I mean, it needs 18 (yes, EIGHTEEN!!!) ingredients! For something as simple as soup, I think that’s borderline ridiculous.

In spite of that, it’s actually still quite easy to make. Just dump the ingredients one by one in a dutch oven according to the instructions and give it a little stir here and there. The sheer number of ingredients, I think, also give this soup several layers of flavor that your palette will thank you for.

In terms of health and weight loss, it doesn’t have too much sodium (512mg) and cholesterol (71mg), and it’s loaded with both protein and fiber to keep you full. Calories aren’t too high either.

Check out Taste of Home for the full recipe.

Macros: 336 calories | 34g carbs (5g fiber) | 11g fat | 26g protein

15. Instant pot skinny steak soup

Instant pot skinny steak soup
Credit: Sweet C’s Designs

First of all, it’s called skinny steak soup for obvious reasons. It’s low calorie but packed with protein and fiber. Both cholesterol and sodium aren’t exceedingly high either at just 69mg and 431 mg respectively. And, if you’re following the weight watchers (WW) diet, an entire bowl of this soup only totals 3 points.

Having said that, this soup from Sweet C’s Designs uses a handful of the same healthy ingredients that a lot of other recipes on this list use, including carrots, cremini mushrooms, and celery which, by the way, is an incredible source of antioxidants and nutrients (e.g. potassium, vitamin A, vitamin K).

Oh, and you can cook this soup in as little as 20 minutes with an Instant Pot. You don’t have to but that’s probably the quickest option.

Macros: 364 calories | 24g carbs (6g fiber) | 7g saturated fat | 30g protein


16. Weight loss wonder soup

Weight loss wonder soup recipe
Credit: Homemade Hooplah

At just a little over 100kcal, this soup from Homemade Hooplah has one of the lowest calories on this list. Moreover, it only has 55mg sodium, so there’s that, too.

Plus, with just 1 bowl of this soup, you already get more than your fair share of vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium. Ain’t that great?

The only problem I have with this soup is that I think it needs more protein, but you could always serve it with chicken, beef, or whatever protein source you want to use.

Macros: 108 calories | 24g carbs (7g fiber) | 4g protein

17. Cabbage fat-burning soup

Cabbage fat-burning soup recipe
Credit: allrecipes

Nell Marsh posted this recipe at AllRecipes.com and I think it’s the very definition of easy. Just have all your ingredients at the ready, throw them all in a large pot with just enough water to cover the vegetables, and simmer until the veggies are tender.

It’s a legit 1-step recipe that’s super low in calories and fat while still having a bit of fiber to help make you feel full. Moreover, you’re getting a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and a few other micronutrients that your body needs to properly function.

Macros: 90 calories | 20.7g carbs (5.5g fiber) | 0.5g fat | 4g protein


One, I hope this serves as proof that with the right ingredients, food can both be delicious and healthy.

Two, I urge you to include soup as a regular part of your diet. Particularly with these healthy soup recipes for weight loss, they’re low calorie but still satiating and carry a good amount of nutrients that your body needs, making them ideal candidates for whenever you need light but filling meals. Plus, I think they’re one of the better ways to sneak vegetables into the systems of meat-eaters such as myself.

And with that, I shall take my leave. If this helped you in anyway, I only ask that you tell your friends about us. Maybe we can help them, too.

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