10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs

Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs
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It seems like with the long list of foods that are bad for your health or can affect you negatively one way or the other, we have become more conscious with what we put inside our bodies and often ask ourselves the complicated question of “what food am I going to eat?”

But just as there are many foods that can have negative impacts on our health, there are also good ones which can help in our body’s improvement and maintenance. In fact, you might be unaware that there is one specific food which you can take in every day and not get tired of, and it so happens that you eat this food every single day, and it’s also very affordable.

You’ve cracked the answer, its eggs.

Other than being inexpensive, eggs are also a very versatile food. So basically you can cook them in many ways, depending on how you want and crave it, and not get tired of its taste.

But of course, there is more to the egg than how it tastes.

Health Benefits of Eating Eggs


1. Great source of energy

Proteins are a great source of energy. However, some studies show that proteins in eggs provide not only energy but muscle strength and prolonged hunger satisfaction.

To be more specific, eggs contain high amounts of Leucine which is important for protein synthesis and is an essential amino acid that helps on how muscles use glucose.

2. High in “good” cholesterol

When was it considered that having high cholesterol is good?

To expand more on that, there are two types of cholesterol.

The first one is low-density lipoproteins, commonly called LDL, also known as bad cholesterol, too much LDL can cause heart diseases, stroke, and other health complications.

The second one high-density lipoproteins, frequently recognized as HDL is the good cholesterol and is the one which eggs are filled with. This cholesterol reduces the risk of heart disease and even helps get rid of the bad cholesterol.

3. Filled with nutrition

Eggs are not only filled with proteins and nutrients, but eggs are also known for containing minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids.

In fact, eating one egg per day helps in boosting your immune system, improve teeth, and help in maintaining good healthy bones.

Eggs are even believed to prevent stress and anxiety.

4. Eggs help weight loss

In addition to the many benefits of eggs, eggs can also help in weight loss.

This is because eggs contain low calories, they help in increasing your metabolism, and as we’ve said they help in prolonging hunger satisfaction.

5. Stronger bones

You’re already aware that eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals.

However, there is one that contributes to the strength of bones, and that is Vitamin B Complex. Some combination of B Vitamin that helps in maintaining good bone health are, B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (cobalamin) – this helps in osteoporosis, folate, and many others.

6. Improved eyesight

Carrots aren’t the only food that can help improve your eyesight, eggs are also an expert in that factor.

Eggs are high in two eye-friendly antioxidants, namely, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

Lutein helps in macular degeneration, which prevents blindness, while Zeaxanthin, on the other hand, helps in protecting our eyes from ultraviolet radiation damage from the sun.

7. Choline

Many people are unaware of what Choline does, let alone what it is.

For starters, Choline is a macronutrient that is important to the body, this is because Choline helps in neurological development, nerve function, muscle control, as well as metabolism.

8. Prevents breast cancer

The list goes on and on, here is something you might also not be aware of.

Eggs contain nutrients that are capable of preventing breast cancer.

And this is unknown because it is due to the same nutrient that everyone has overlooked, Choline. Various studies that have been done showed that women who ate eggs on a regular basis or ate more had lower risks of developing breast cancer.

9. Rich in omega 3

Omega 3 is a fatty acid which helps in preventing or reducing heart disease, and other than it is found in fish oil supplements, you can also find this fatty acid in eggs.

Some of the benefits of Omega 3 other than it prevents heart complications is that it reduces triglycerides, lessens or slows down the formation of plaque in the arteries, and lessens the chances of stroke, cardiac arrest, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases.

So if you happen to have a history of breast cancer in your family or genes, then eating an egg on a daily basis is a good way to prevent it.

10. Improved physical performance

Because eggs are rich in protein, amino acids, and nutrients, they are able to bring out the best in one’s physical performance.

Proteins help in the building and maintenance of muscles, which is a must, not only for athletes but also for non-physically active people.

Eggs also being a great source of energy there will be little or no issue with stamina as well. Creating a balance between performance and endurance.

In addition to all of this, eggs help weight loss and improved metabolism makes it the perfect meal for athletes, fitness gurus, and workout enthusiasts.


Anyone can have a healthy lifestyle if they want to, actually, if one is determined and committed enough, they will without a doubt achieve that lifestyle.

There are various ways to achieve it, and if there should be factors blocking you from achieving that lifestyle there are also many ways in which you can work your way around it.

An egg sets the perfect example of one way you can have a healthy lifestyle. It’s affordable, healthy, and can be served in many ways, making it the perfect healthy food choice.

By reading this article did you think of anyone who is always stuck on making meal decisions, having a hard time adjusting to the healthy lifestyle because of eating the same greens, or perhaps needs to see that healthy does not always necessarily mean expensive.

Feel free to share this article. Should you have any insights or interesting stories to tell, feel free to share them as well.

Who knew there were so many health benefits of eating eggs! Eggs are among the healthiest and most nutritious foods you should be eating for weight loss, energy and more.


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