16 Sites That Pay You to Sign Up (Easiest Way to Make Money)

Sites That Pay You to Sign Up
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Register an email, create a password, maybe answer a few other questions and BOOM! MONEY! 

That’s how fast and easy it is to earn some extra cash with get paid to sign up websites. 

It’s one of the many marketing strategies that these websites (or companies, to be more precise) use to attract people and, consequently, generate leads that could possibly turn into profit.

The sites listed here will credit anywhere between $1-10 to your account for simply registering. However, some of these sites have requirements before you can redeem your sign-up bonus but they’re fairly easy to accomplish and could grant you even more money. We’ll talk about those too. 

So, are you ready to earn some easy cash?

Here’s the list

1. Rakuten

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is offering a $10 bonus to people who sign up. This bonus can come as either a Walmart gift card or a Rakuten cash bonus. 

If you want your bonus as actual cash, choose the Rakuten cash bonus when you sign up. 

The amount will be credited to your account and sent to you via PayPal or check during their payment schedules which happens every 3 months. 

On that note, Rakuten is a cash back site – one of the best if I might add – which means it pays you back a fraction of your shopping bill. 

To use it, simply browse through their affiliate stores using their app or website, shop as usual, and wait until the cash back is credited to your account. Plus, they have a credit card you can use that gets you cash back on literally everything, regardless if it’s bought online or in-store. 

2. CouponCactus

CouponCactus has a $3 sign up bonus that you can get via check or PayPal. They send out all their payments on a quarterly basis so while waiting for your money, you might as well use your membership to earn a few more dollars. 

Like Rakuten, CouponCactus lets you earn money through shopping with their cashback deals. Additionally, they also have coupons you can use to save even more money. 

From what I know, they also have the largest pool of affiliate stores (over 18,500) of any rebates site. So, if you’re looking to save money on anything, there’s a good chance CouponCactus has some sort of deal on it. 

3. MyPoints

Like the previous two, MyPoints is a cashback site with a large pool of partner stores. It also gives you a $10 welcome bonus for signing up

However, unlike Rakuten and CouponCactus that pays your money based on their schedules, you can only redeem your bonus if you spend at least $20 on any of their affiliate merchants during your first 30 days of being a member. 

Also, MyPoints rewards you with points for shopping through their portals. After you’ve gathered enough points, you can use it to redeem gift cards to thousands of retailers or PayPal cash. 

4. BeFrugal

This site prides itself in having the highest cash back rates of any website but unlike other sites who claim the same thing, BeFrugal backs up their words. So, if in case you find another site with a better rate, tell them about it and they’ll match it with another deal that’s even better. That’s how their cash back guarantee works. 

When it comes to their sign up bonus, you can get $10 for registering. However, you do need to earn $10 in cash back within one year of your registration to qualify for the bonus. 

With incredible deals and over 5000 affiliate stores, that shouldn’t be hard to do. 

5. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a get-paid-to (GPT) site which means it pays you to accomplish a multitude of tasks. These tasks include cashback shopping, answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, and reading email. 

As you can see, the tasks are simple which also makes earning money through this site that much easier. 

You do need to have at least $30 credited to your account before you can request a payout though but their $5 sign up bonus should help accelerate the process. 

6. SendEarnings

SendEarnings and one other website on this list are from the same corporation that brought you InboxDollars. 

Not surprisingly, these sites work in pretty much the same way. Basically, they pay you to do simple tasks like answering surveys, reading emails, signing up for websites and other services, and several others. 

Of course, the amount you get per completion depends on what tasks you take. Some pay a few cents while others may get up to the hundreds. In fact, as of right now, they’ll pay you $100 to switch your car insurance policy. 

As with InboxDollars, SendEarnings has a $5 signing bonus that’s going to help you reach their $30 minimum cashout threshold. 

7. DailyRewards

Remember that one other website that’s also cut from the same cloth as SendEarnings and InboxDollars? Yeah, this is it. 

DailyRewards is also a GPT site that pays you for the typical things you do online. Things like playing games, sharing your opinion, and surfing the web – you can get paid to do all these. 

Again, there’s a minimum cashout requirement of $30 but the $5 bonus you get for signing up can be helpful. 

Before we move on, you should know that although these sites work the same way, they do have different offers. So, to maximize your money making potential, I suggest you sign up for all three. 

8. FusionCash

FusionCash is another GPT site that you can use to earn money. A few activities you can get paid for are watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, completing surveys, signing up for new websites, and several others. 

As of writing, they have a $5 signing bonus but they have other bonuses as well. These include bonuses for posting in forums, for completing your profile, and for your referrals. 

Having said that, you need at least $25 credited to your account before you can redeem your earnings. Moreover, at least $15 of that money must come from completing your tasks (i.e. non-bonus credit). 

9. Squishy Cash

This website is going to give you a $3 bonus for signing up but you also need a minimum of $20 in your account before you can request a payment. 

Lucky for you though, Squishy Cash is going to keep you busy with all the activities they pay you to do. So, you should be able to make that minimum in no time. 

For instance, you could answer surveys, subscribe to free trials and offers, shop, click on ads, and join contests/promos to get paid.

10. Cash4Offers

Although Cash4Offers advertises themselves as having a low payout requirement, I personally think $35 is rather large. Nonetheless, you do get $5 for simply signing up so it should make things a little easier. 

Also, once you’ve requested your first payout, your account will automatically be upgraded to Gold Member, meaning you can get your money in less than 3 days after requesting it. 

To earn more money in your account, Cash4Offers pays you to read emails, play games, complete surveys, and referrals. 

11. TreasureTrooper.com

TreasureTrooper.com has a $1 sign up bonus. It’s puny, I know, but the site also has a low minimum payout requirement of $20. 

This means that if you actively participate in the site’s offers, you can get paid pretty quickly. 

Speaking of offers, TreasureTrooper.com has plenty. These include completing surveys, trying out sample products, filling out forms, referring your friends, and a few others. 

12. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another website with a sign up bonus albeit a low $1.  

Nevertheless, their sign up bonus is truly just a bonus because this site has some of the highest paying surveys that I’ve seen

That being said, although Vindale is mostly about surveys, you can also get paid to give your feedback on videos, reading email, referring your friends, and even taking a picture of yourself with your payment from Vindale. 

The minimum payout requirement is a high $50 but, honestly, I don’t think it’s an absurd amount considering the high paying surveys and other activities you can get paid for. 

13. CreationRewards

New members get 1000 points credited to their account for signing up here. These points are equivalent to $5 when you request a payout.

Speaking of which, CreationRewards requires that you earn 5000 points ($25) within your first 60 days of being a member to qualify for the bonus.

To earn these points, you can take surveys, watch videos, surf the web, shop online, complete other offers, and refer your friends and family. 

After that, you can choose to redeem your points in the form of cash (via PayPal) or gift cards to several of the nation’s biggest retailers like Amazon and Walmart. 

14. Univox

Signing up for Univox is going to get you 200 points which is the equivalent of a $2 sign up bonus.

That being said, Univox is an app that you can take with you to get paid for answering surveys wherever you are in the world. 

Surveys can take anywhere between 5-15 minutes to complete with payments depending on how long the survey is. Needless to say, the longer the survey, the higher the compensation. Expect it to be anywhere along the lines of 50 cents to 2 dollars. 

Also, Univox members have different levels from basic, to verified, to premium, and lastly, ambassador. The level you will be in depends on how active you are at answering surveys. 

Moreover, each level will have different payout thresholds but for starters (basic), you will need 2500 points ($25) in your account to request a payment whereas ambassadors will only need 1000 ($10). 

15. PointClub

For registering at PointClub, you will receive a $5 sign up bonus (5000 points). 

It’s also a survey site with unique payout requirements. Unlike most other websites that require you to have a certain number of points or dollars in your account, PointClub only requires that:

  1. You have a verified account, and
  2. You complete 5 surveys

Another thing you should know about PointClub is that their payments are made in $25 (25,000 points) increments. This means that if you have 25,500 points in your account, you can only redeem 25,000 while the remaining 500 points will remain in your balance until you make at least another 24,500. 

16. LifePoints

LifePoints is another survey site that not only pays you for completing surveys, but also for signing up. Specifically, you can get 10 points for registering

As usual, each survey will have varying payments with the longer and more urgent surveys paying more than their shorter, less critical counterparts. 

LifePoints doesn’t have a specific minimum payout threshold as well. If you’ve gathered enough points to redeem the reward that you want, you can. For instance, if you have 100 points in your account and there’s a $10 Walmart gift card that’s worth the same amount of points, you can have it. 

Oh, and by the way, the rewards aren’t just gift cards. You can also use your points to redeem cash on PayPal. 

(BONUS!!!) SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy doesn’t have a sign up bonus but with the way their system works, it’s pretty much like it, if not better. 

Specifically speaking, SurveySavvy has an app, SavvyConnect, that you can install and download on a maximum of 3 devices. Each device you install it on will get you paid $5 which means you can make an easy $15 every month.

However, you do have to stay active in their community. This means taking part in paid surveys and letting them track how you use the internet (i.e. behavioral research). 


The internet makes it easy to get paid for doing the things you’re likely already doing but it’s even easier when there’s a sign up bonus involved. These bonuses make it easier to accomplish tasks given by the website which, consequently, makes getting paid that much faster. 

I hope this list helped you make a few extra bucks. If it did, show us some love and share this with your friends!

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