How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Enjoy Life

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Enjoy Life
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I’m sure you have heard the saying, “you are your own worst enemy…”

As cliché as that might sound, this statement does hold some truth. Of course, there will always be others standing in your way – those who are jealous, those who are competitive and those who just want to see you fail…

But, then there is you.

You can easily be your biggest critic and your own worst enemy by keeping yourself in a negative rut and hindering yourself from enjoying life to the fullest.

One of the best ways to enjoy life and get the most out of it is by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Try something new.

Take up a new hobby.

Do something you would have never dreamed of doing before.

You never know, it might just change your life.

If you are having trouble finding ways to get out of your comfort zone, let me offer you some tips for getting out of your comfort zone:

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1. Have a day of kindness
A random act of kindness is a great way to meet someone new and to help someone out. You never know when that random act of kindness might make its way back to you.

If you are naturally a shyer person, or maybe just not one to quickly offer up help, this is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and also make an impact on those around you.

It could be something as simple as holding the door for someone or even buying lunch for the person behind you in line.

2. Choose the opposite of what you normally get at your favorite restaurant.
We all get in a routine and we all have things we favor. You probably have that one restaurant that you just love, and specifically, there is this one item there you just love.

But, next time you go, get the opposite. If you normally go for the big steak, go for the vegetarian meal.

It might become your favorite place for more than one meal.

3. Cook something totally off-the-wall.
Cooking something totally new is a great way to try new foods and also to learn new tricks in the kitchen.

Try looking up something you might have seen recently on a TV show or in a magazine and become your own personal chef.

4. Spend time listening to the sounds of the world.
Just spend some time sitting outside and listening to the quiet, or the not so quiet sounds that are around you.

It is relaxing to listen to the whistles and chirps being made around you. It can also offer you relief from stress, anxiety and depression which can foster new ideas.

5. Take a different route.
To school or to work. Taking a new route can be slightly intimidating, but fun. You might learn a quicker route, or just an alternative one.

In the meantime, you might also see some really incredible views that you never knew you were missing out on.

6. Throw out unused items.
There is just something rejuvenating about decluttering. It can be hard to part with stuff though, because often times our possessions are our comfort zone.

Go through your closet, and storage, and discard anything that hasn’t been used or worn in the past year.

7. Do something embarrassing.
Sounds crazy, right? It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic. It could be the smallest thing you would normally get embarrassed about.

But sometimes, doing something you would normally consider embarrassing but on your own terms can show you it really isn’t all that embarrassing after all.

8. Pick up a new hobby.
Picking a new hobby is a great way to connect with new people – try out something your spouse, kids or friends enjoy and learn why they enjoy it.

9. Go on an adventure.
Go somewhere you have never been. If you are really wanting to get out of your comfort zone, just pack up the car and go.

You will end up somewhere new and exciting, with the thrill of wondering where you are going to end up the entire time.

10. Spend time alone or with friends – whichever you don’t typically do.
If you normally spend all your time alone, hang out with your friends and go out. See what they do on the weekends when you aren’t around.

Or, if you are normally an extrovert, spend some time alone pampering yourself. Sometimes the silence can be scary, but it might also be just what you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to foster new ideas, ponder on issues troubling you, and really begin enjoying life.

It is easy to get into the routine of working for big corporations, like credit card manufacturers, and just life in general.

But, the world is waiting. Don’t let you hold yourself back!


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