30 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout for Beginners

30 Minute Fat Burning Yoga
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When you hear the word yoga, what comes to your mind?

A lot of fitness enthusiasts are now turning to yoga to improve their workout routines. Yoga is an effective workout both for the body and the mind. And if you’re a beginner thinking that yoga is all about re-invigoration, you’re wrong! It can also be for fat burn and weight loss!

With yoga, you need to perform and hold asanas or poses. The key to an effective yoga workout is to concentrate on your body as you maintain the position. This way, you can focus on the muscles that need more or less stretching and those that are stiff and worked out less or beyond the limit.

Tips for doing this yoga routine:

  • Stay in each position for 30 seconds.
  • Take a rest if you find it hard to hold the pose for 30 seconds, then try again.
  • Once you’ve done all the poses, rest for a minute, then repeat the entire round 2 more times.
  • Make sure to take deep breaths when holding the poses.

Let’s start!

Goddess Pose

Goddess pose


An excellent hip opener and glutes-builder, the goddess pose can be an intense training to the core and thighs. Although a basic pose, it can help tone the lower body and strengthen the legs and knees.

Begin with your feet about 4 feet apart, and gently lower yourself into the stretch as low as you can until your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Concentrate on pushing your hips forward and pulsing up and down to stretch your hips and quads. Take deep breaths and do this for 30 seconds.

Warrior III Pose

Warrior III yoga pose


An intermediate balancing pose, the Warrior III pose creates stability and engages the entire body, making it a great addition to this routine.

Start by standing tall and extending your arms overhead. Slowly raise your left leg up behind with toes facing the ground while simultaneously leaning your torso forward until your upper body and left leg creates a straight line from hands to heels.

Focus on your gaze and take deep breaths as you stay in the position. Repeat on the other side.

Triangle Pose


Work your hips and hamstrings with the triangle pose! This yoga asana requires balance, flexibility, and strength, particularly in the lower body. It strengthens the knee and stretches the legs.

Stand and step your left foot out approximately 4 feet from the other, with the right foot pointed forward and the left angled. Reach your left hand down to the floor in front of your left heel (use a block if you can’t reach the ground), and extend your right hand and put your gaze towards the ceiling.

Hold the position for 30 seconds, taking deep breaths.

Boat Pose

Yoga Boat Pose


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the boat pose is made for targeting the abs and helps in getting rid of fat around the area. If the pose is too challenging, modify it by bending your knees.

Start by sitting on a mat with legs extended and hands placed on the mat slightly behind the hips. Lift your legs up to 45 degrees using your arms for balance, then once steady, gently reach your arms to the outside of your knees.

Make sure to maintain a flat back. Hold the position for 30 seconds, taking deep breaths and focusing on keeping your gaze on your feet.

Half Forward Fold

Standing Half Forward Bend yoga


The half forward fold is an excellent pose for the back, hips, and hamstrings. To actively perform this pose, you should concentrate on bending at the hips, drawing your navel toward the spine and elongating your torso by pushing your butt out, thereby forming a straight line with your torso.

To do this, stand with soft knees and arms by the sides. Bend forward at the hips, reaching your fingers to the floor. Keep your legs strong and maintain a flat back. Hold the position for 30 seconds, taking deep breaths. Notice a strong stretch in your hamstrings.

Upward Facing Dog

Upward facing Dog yoga pose


The upward facing dog provides the back with a wonderful stretch. In this workout though, we’ll focus less on the stretch as the pose will be done for 30 seconds.

To perform this, lie on your stomach with elbows bent, hands flat on the mat. Gently push yourself up until your hands are extended directly under the shoulders, lifting your knees and hips up off the mat.

Lift your head and gaze toward the ceiling. When at the top of the pose, only the tops of the feet and palms should be in contact with the floor. Hold the position for 30 seconds, taking deep breaths.

Four-limb Staff Pose

Four-Limbed Staff Yoga Pose


Also known as the low plank, the four-limb staff pose is excellent for building strength in your arms and core. It is also a great pose for trimming fat in and toning the abs area.

Get down into a high plank pose with hands under the shoulders and legs extended. Roll your toes forward as you bend your elbows and lower your body towards the ground until your arms are at a 90-degree angle. Don’t allow your elbows to flare out and keep them close to your body.

Take deep breaths and aim to do this for 30 seconds. Make sure to engage your core throughout the performance of this post.

Upward Plank Pose

Upward (Reverse) yoga Plank Pose


The Purvottanasana or the upward plank pose is a powerful fat-burning yoga asana. It works and strengthens the muscles of the arms, back, and legs.

Begin by sitting on a mat with legs extended, hip-distance apart and hands behind the hips, fingers pointing to the feet. On an exhale, press your hands and feet against the floor to raise your hips as high as you can until your arms are fully straightened and your body forms a straight line.

Point your toes outwards and keep your butt firm and legs strong. Raise your chest up, allowing your shoulders to roll onto back and your head to hang behind (be careful of your neck). Take deep breaths and do this for 30 seconds.

More than refreshing your mind, yoga is also an intense physical workout that can help you get rid of body fat, tone body parts, and strengthen muscles. The next time you go to a yoga class or perform it at home, keep in mind these exercises for a fat-burning session.

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