7 Things You Did Not Know Affect Your Weight (They’re not diet or exercise)

Things Affect Your Weight you don't know about
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Exercise and diet coincide with one another when it comes to losing weight effectively. However, what can be an interesting thing to share is having a weight loss or gain story despite you not neglecting or doing those two things.

There are real factors that affect body weight. So, if by chance you are struggling to gain or lose weight despite having a good diet and exercise don’t think it’s because it’s not working.

Let’s get to the bottom of things and find out what is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Factors that affect body weight


1. Medical conditions and medicines

Having a medical condition can affect your weight as they can interfere or cause changes within your body or bodily functions which can contribute to your weight gain or weight loss.

Some of the medical conditions that can cause weight gain are hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS, insomnia, depression and many others.

On the other hand, those that cause weight loss are hyperthyroidism, depression, dementia, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and etc.

As for medicines, there are some medications that the side effects are either weight gain or weight loss.

The best way to overcome your weight gain or weight loss concern is to consult a doctor or a medical professional, don’t ever try to self medicate as this can do you more harm.

2. Sleep

You can affect your weight by just neglecting the 7-8 hours recommended sleeping hours.

This is because depriving your body of sleep or rest makes it resort to comfort food for energy or compensation.

This works as having a lack of sleep causes the hunger hormone ghrelin, the hormone responsible for signaling the brain when the body needs food or is hungry to be produced in large amounts and at missed timings which can cause binge eating.

The same goes for the hormone leptin, which is responsible for signaling the brain when we are full or have eaten enough, however, the difference is that leptin is produced in small quantities,  causing the delay in the signal, which makes us eat in larger amounts.

3. Genes

Genes also fall on the list of factors that affect body weight.

For starters, whether both of your parents are obese or underweight, chances are you are more likely to inherit this trait from them, the same applies whether it is only one parent, it might lower the chances but either way, there will be a percent as to which you might inherit the trait.

The weight of your parents is not the only factor that can affect how you weigh but also, how their genes respond to weight loss or weight gain.

In a more elaborated explanation, if your parents don’t respond to weight gain or weight loss exercises or supplements, there is also a chance that you have inherited this, not only their weight type.

However, there is no need to worry as genes only play a certain part and don’t contribute to how you weight overall.

4. Age

When we age, certain changes in our body also take place, this includes our weight and body type.

As we grow older, our muscles become less firm or lean, our bones lose their minerals, and in the same way, our body’s functions decreases or deteriorate. 

This is why it can be more difficult to lose or manage our weight as we grow older.

5. Stress

Getting too stressed can affect our bodies in a lot of ways, this includes our weight. Stress affects weight, as this increases our hunger.

Ever heard of emotional eating or comfort foods? That is exactly what comes into play when we are stressed. 

What happens to our mind is that it raises the production of cortisol or stress hormone which can cause a huge drop in blood sugar thus making us crave sugary foods, and we do this in order for to cope with the overwhelming tasks or feelings that we have at the moment, making us resort to emotional eating or comfort foods.

6. Work

If you work in front of a computer and sit for long periods of time, then, sure enough, you can assume that this plays a role in how you weigh.

Sitting at the workplace for a long duration of time can cause you to gain weight as sitting consumes less energy and does not in any way contribute to burning fats.

And if you think that’s bad enough, sitting is also a factor that contributes to many health complications such as cardiovascular disease, dementia, back pain, diabetes, and weight gain, and those are only a few to mention.

So whenever you’re in the office, consider standing up and taking short walks from time to time or bringing a portable under desk exercise bike to work.

7. Pets

To make things a lot less gloomy here is one factor that affects your weight and health but in a good way. 

Having pets might sound fun, but they also help in keeping you healthy and fit.

For starters, keeping a pet makes you more active which means in a way they help in keeping you fit and in good shape, thus preventing you from gaining extra or excessive weight.

Also, pets are known for lowering stress and loneliness, they are indeed the ultimate happy pill.

So other than being a great companion, pets can also help you both physically and mentally.


These are the list of factors which can affect your health and weight, aside from food and exercise.

So the next time you find yourself doubting whether a certain exercise or diet is not working, or if there is something wrong with you, better do some research first.

It can cross out the doubts that you are having and reassessing the root cause of your problem can help you create countermeasures or solutions in which you can find your way around them.

We hope this article was insightful to you and was able to help you find the answers you were looking for.

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7 Things You Did Not Know Affect Your Weight (They’re not diet or exercise)

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