Eyelash Extensions (Ultimate guide)

Eyelash Extensions
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Have you ever wondered how it feels to have long, dark, and thick eyelashes any time you want? 

With eyelash extensions, you can have this beautiful experience 24/7. 

Getting an eyelash extension treatment allows you to have dreamy, fluttery lashes for several weeks. 

You can rock gorgeous lashes without having to apply lash products like eyelash serum or mascara. 

But before you book your appointment with your lash artist, it’s best to educate yourself about the basics of this beauty treatment. 

Doing so helps you gain the right knowledge of what eyelash extensions are suitable for you.

Also, you will be able to learn the dos and don’ts of getting an eyelash extension treatment.

Let’s get started.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent cosmetic treatments that involve applying fake lashes to natural ones. 

It uses synthetic or mink lashes that are used to create longer, fuller, and thicker lashes.

Artificial lashes are attached to each of your natural lashes. 

This helps create an effectively gorgeous enhancement to your lashes and your overall look.

how to choose lash extensions 

Before you jump into the trend of eyelash extension treatments, it’s best to gain more information about it first.

This helps you determine which eyelash extension type fits well with your facial features and personal style.

For starters, you need to at least have a basic knowledge of the different types of eyelash extensions.

The following are some essential information that might interest you:

Eyelash Extension Length

One of the first things that you have to know is that there are various lash extension lengths that you can choose from. 

Naturally, most clients prefer to get the longest lash extensions possible. 

However, most of them don’t have an idea about choosing the best lash length. 

Keep in mind that eyelash length needs to be chosen based on your eyelash type. 

It may also be determined depending on the shape of your eyes.

Just to give you an idea, here are the different lengths of eyelash extensions: 

Eyelash Extension Length chart

Choosing the right eyelash length creates a huge difference in enhancing your eyes. 

If you select the right lash length, your eyes will look naturally beautiful.

If you get the wrong lash length, your natural lashes may get damaged because they may be too long and too heavy.

The basic rule that you need to know is that your eyelash extensions should only be 3mm-5mm longer than your actual eyelash strands.

eyelash extensions thickness

Similar to eyelash extension length, you also need to be wary of the different lash extension thicknesses.

Choosing the wrong thickness may damage your actual lashes. 

It may even disrupt the natural growth of your lashes. 

If you have naturally thin lashes, it’s best to get eyelash extensions with 0.10-0.15mm diameters. 

This is especially recommended if you are going for subtle, classic eyelash extensions. 

You can also go up to 0.15-0.20mm if you want thicker and more dramatic natural lash extensions. These artificial lashes weigh around 0.00010g to 0.00015g.

If you prefer volume lash extensions, know that the lash extension thickness is lesser compared to those of classic ones. 

Typically, each fake lash will only have a diameter of 0.03mm-0.07mm. Each of these extensions also weighs around 0.00012g-0.00004g.

This is mainly because more artificial lashes are attached to one natural lash. 

With this, lash artists need to opt for lighter extensions. 

This helps prevent damage to your actual lashes, which may be brought by remarkably heavy lashes.

Here are the different eyelash extension thicknesses that you may come across:

eyelash extensions thickness chart

Eyelash Extension Volume

When it comes to choosing volume, you can go with natural to dramatic lashes. 

Eyelash Extension Volume chart

You can select among three types of lash extensions: classic, hybrid, and volume lashes. 

If you want longer and thicker lashes but you prefer subtle lash enhancement, you can choose classic eyelash extensions. 

If you want ultra-thick lashes, volume lash extensions are for you. 

For those who want full, thick, yet natural-looking lashes, choosing hybrid eyelash extensions is your best option. 

This type of lash treatment combines both natural and volume lashes. 

However, this is thicker than classic ones but more subtle compared to volume eyelash extensions.

You can also check out this post: “Classic vs Hybrid Lashes vs Volume” to know more important details about eyelash extension volume.

Eyelash Extension Curl Type

Eyelash Extension Curl Type chart

You might also get confused when it comes to choosing the type of curl that you will get during your lash extension session. 

It’s definitely difficult to choose among the many types of curl options. 

To help you decide, here are the different curl types of eyelash extensions that you can check out:

EZ Curl Eyelash Extensions

The EZ Curl lash style has a base curl that is straighter compared to other lash extension curls. 

It’s a great option if you simply want longer lash extensions without overly dramatic curls. 

This curl option is great for those who have never tried getting lash extensions before. 

It also benefits lash artists who are just starting to learn how to attach extensions to natural eyelashes.

I Curl Eyelash Extensions

I Curl eyelash extensions are among the most natural-looking types of lash curls that you can choose. 

It’s suitable for aging or male clients who simply want to lengthen their natural lashes. 

It’s also perfect for women who don’t really want curly lashes but prefer longer ones. 

This type of lash curl, however, is not ideal for clients with lashes that are naturally curved downwards or upwards. It’s only recommended for those with straight lashes. 

J Curl Eyelash Extensions

If you have straight lashes and you prefer to have a subtle eyelash lift, you can request the J Curl eyelash extensions. 

It’s an ideal option for those who want to curl their lashes without making them look too dramatic. 

The J Curl eyelash extension can make your eyes look more opened up as the lashes are lifted 30 degrees. 

It gives your lashes a bit of an upward curl, which makes your eyes appear brighter.

Lash technicians, however, do not recommend this to clients with natural lashes that are curved downwards because this may make their eyes appear smaller and heavier.

B Curl Eyelash Extensions

Another curl type that offers a subtle lift to your lashes is the B curl eyelash extension. 

It’s also perfect for those with straight lashes. 

With B Curl lash extensions, you can make your eyes appear wider and brighter. 

B Curl eyelash extension lifts your lashes at a 45-degree angle. 

This helps ensure your straight lashes get curled without making your eyelash extensions look fake or awkward. 

If you have naturally upward curl lashes, this type of lash extension curl is perfect for you.

B+ Curl Eyelash Extensions

The B+ Curl eyelash extensions are an upgraded version of the B Curl. 

Instead of a 45-degree lift angle, it uses a 50-55 degree angled curve. 

It offers more dramatic curls compared to the B curl, but it’s more natural-looking compared to C, CC, and C+ curls.

C Curl Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash technicians often use C Curl eyelash extensions as it looks flattering to most clients. 

Men and women can get these type of lash extensions because it offers a quick enhancement for their lashes. 

With C Curl eyelash extensions, your natural and artificial lashes will be lifted at a 60-degree angle. 

It can give you a doll eye look, especially if your lashes are naturally curved horizontally.

CC Curl Eyelash Extensions

The CC Curl eyelash extension offers a slightly stronger curl compared to the C Curl. 

It provides a 65-degree angle curl which is a bit more curved than the typical C Curl.

This type of eyelash extension curl is also suited for clients with lashes that are already naturally curved upwards.

C+ Curl Eyelash Extensions

The C+ Curl is ideal for those who are after lash curves that are less dramatic than D Curl but more intense than C curls. 

This is ideal for women who have downward-facing eyelashes. 

However, this may not work for those with heavy, downward lashes. If you are the latter, you might benefit more if you choose D Curl lash extensions.

D Curl Eyelash Extensions

If you want an open-eye effect, the D Curl eyelash extension is the best choice. 

This is especially recommended for those with downward curved lashes. 

The D Curl lash extension is often used for clients who want a doll eye look. 

With a 70-degree lift, your lashes will definitely look more lifted compared to the previous lash curl types.

DD Curl Eyelash Extensions

If you have lashes that fall naturally downwards, the DD Curl eyelash extensions are for you. It provides a remarkable lift with a 90-degree curve.

This type of eyelash curl is ideal for straight or downward-facing lashes. 

It’s not meant for those with lashes that are already curled upwards. 

D+ Curl Eyelash Extensions

The D+ Curl is sometimes referred to as the DD curl, but it’s slightly different than the other curl option. 

This type of lash curl is slightly curlier than the typical D curl, but it’s a little less dramatic compared to the DD curl. 

If you have downward-facing eyelashes, the D+ Curl will work wonders for you.

U Curl Eyelash Extensions

The U Curl eyelash extensions provide the curliest lift for your lashes. 

It is an ideal option for women who are struggling with straight and downward-facing lashes. 

This lash extension lifts the lash using a 180-degree angle. 

It can be overly dramatic for those who have already naturally curved lashes. 

The U Curl is also ideal for women with monolids as they provide the widest lift possible for your lashes. 

With this, their eyes will look bigger, brighter, and opened up.

If you have hooded eyes, however, this type of eyelash curl should be avoided at all costs. If not, your eyes will only look droopy and tired.

M Curl Eyelash Extensions

Women with downward lashes can achieve a dramatically curved lash lift with the M Curl. This style is ideal for opening up eyes with straight lashes too.

L Curl Eyelash Extensions

The L Curl eyelash extension is a little curlier and curvier compared to the M Curl. What makes it stand out is that this eyelash extension is generally straight. 

Its curve is focused more on the tips of your lashes. It offers stronger curl retention compared to the M Curl.

L+ Curl Eyelash Extensions

Women with deep-set eyes and those with monolids can choose the L+ Curl eyelash extensions. 

Its curls start from the middle to the tips. 

It’s a bit different compared to the L Curls, which only lift eyelashes on the tips. 

It offers an 85-degree curve for your lashes, making your eyes look wider and brighter.

types of eyelash extensions styles

types of eyelash extensions styles chart

Regular lash salon clients often know what style of extensions they want even before they visit their lash artists. 

Unfortunately, for those who have no idea about eyelash extensions, picking a specific eyelash extension style may be daunting for them. 

If you also don’t have any idea which to choose, refer to the following descriptions to start learning about the eyelash extension styles:

Natural Eyelash Extensions

As the name suggests, natural eyelash extensions are meant to look a lot like your actual eyelashes. 

It only creates a slight enhancement by adding a subtle curve to your natural lashes. 

Doll Style Eyelash Extensions

The Doll Style eyelash extension allows you to achieve an open-eye look that is not too subtle nor too overly done. 

It provides you with a lifted lash style that is just right.

The longest lashes are attached at the center, while the shortest lash extensions are placed at the inner corner of your eyes. 

The medium lashes are usually attached to the outer corner of your eyes.

Open-Eye Style Lash Extensions

The open-eye eyelash extension style also uses long and short artificial lashes. The longest set of lash extensions are placed at the center of your eyes.

The short lash extensions are placed in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. This creates rounder-looking lashes. 

It looks like the doll eyelash extension style, but it’s more intense compared to the latter.

Staggered Eyelash Extensions

If you are looking for a modern and trendy lash extension style, going for a staggered lash style is the right choice. 

This style alternates long and short lash extensions during application. 

It creates an edgy and spiky look, which is perfect for those who want to create a statement with their lashes.

Wispy Eyelash Extensions

If you are hesitant about getting the staggered eyelash extension style, you can opt for the less intense alternative–the wispy eyelash extension style. 

The wispy eyelash extension style still uses a mixture of short and long lashes, but they are not clustered too close together. 

The result will give you lashes that look soft, pretty, and fluttery.

Cat-Eye Eyelash Extensions

Cat eyelash extension styles remain one of the most popular options in lash salons. 

This style places the shortest lashes on the inner corners of your eyes. The length gradually increases as it reaches the outer corners. 

This results in eyelashes that look soft in the inner corners and dramatically lifted on the outer corners.

Think of when you apply cat-style eyeliners. The idea is similar to those, but this uses fake lashes instead of makeup.

Reverse Cat-Eye Eyelash Extensions

The opposite of cat-eye, also referred to as the reverse cat eyelash extensions, has the shortest lashes on the inner corner of the eyes. 

The longest lashes are placed near the inner corner and the center of the eyes. Then, shorter and medium-length lashes are attached to the outer corners of your eyes. 

The results appear as if your lashes are the longest in the inner corner and the middle part of your lashes. 

This may seem awkward, but if you work with a very talented lash artist, this eyelash extension style can create a huge impact in improving your overall look.

Squirrel Style Eyelash Extensions

Another eyelash extension style that is similar to the cat-eye style is the squirrel style lash extensions. 

Like the cat-eye extensions, it also creates the illusion that you have upturned eyes. 

The squirrel style is done by attaching long and medium lash extensions to the middle part of your eyes. 

Shorter lashes are placed in the corners, which creates a lifted and glamorous lash style. 

Colored Eyelash Extensions

If you are after a more fun eyelash extension style, you might want to consider colored or highlighted eyelash extension styles. 

This style can be done regardless of the lash length or volume you choose. 

You just need to ask your lash tech what shades or colors are available. Then, you can choose a specific color based on your preferences.

This eyelash extension style is best for those who want to rock bold and vibrant makeup looks.

Custom Eyelash Extension

If you are still having trouble deciding which style to choose, you can simply ask your lash artist for a custom style. 

This personalized eyelash extension style will be done based on your specific preferences. 

This means that you have the freedom to choose what the final output will look like.

When in doubt, you can always ask your lash specialist to use the style they think will suit you best. 

This way, you won’t have to worry about making the wrong choice of lash length, style, or volume.

types of lash extensions for eye shapes

How to determine Eye Shape

You might be excited to try dramatic lash extension styles like the cat-eye or the reverse cat-eye, but you need to take some things into consideration first. 

For starters, you need to make sure that the lash style complements the shape of your eyes and your overall facial features. 

To help you with this, here are some of the recommended lash extension types based on your eye shape:

Small Eyes

Women with small eyes should avoid getting lash extensions that look overly dramatic. If not, their small eyes will look too tiny. 

If you have small eyes, you better choose classic or hybrid lash extensions. Both of these use thin lash diameters, so your lashes won’t look overly done. 

For the style, you can go for natural or wispy lash styles. 

You can also opt for other styles as long as the short lashes are attached to the inner corner of your eyes.

The long and medium-length lashes should be placed in the middle and the outer corner of your eyes. 

Round Eyes

If you have round eyes, you will benefit a lot from getting doll eyes or cat-eyes lash extension styles. 

These styles greatly emphasize your natural eye shape. It also provides a subtle lift that looks stunningly beautiful for your round eyes.

Almond Eyes

Lucky are those who have almond eyes as they can rock any type of eyelash extension. You can go natural or have dramatic lashes. 

But, if you want styles that will really enhance your almond eyes, go for cat-eye or doll-eye eyelash extensions.

Wide-Set Eyes

If your eyes are a bit spaced a little too far from each other, you have wide-set eyes. The lash extension style that will improve your looks is the reverse cat-eye style. 

This style creates the illusion that your eyes are closer together. 

Close-Set Eyes

Those with close-set eyes or women with eyes that are too close to each other will look great with squirrel or cat-eye eyelash extension styles. 

With these lash extensions, your eyes will look a bit wider and more opened up. 

These also create the illusion that your eyes are ideally spaced from each other.

Deep-Set Eyes

If your eyes are set into your skull, you probably have deep-set eyes. 

If you have this type of eye, you will look great wearing natural and classic eyelash extensions.

Stay away from heavy volume lashes as they may appear too much for your deep-set eyes. 

For the curl type, you can try the D Curl or the L Curl lash extension. Both will make your eyes appear brighter and more lifted.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes have outer corners that look like they are curved downwards. 

To open them up, you can consider trying lash extension styles that won’t make them appear more droopy. 

Recommended styles for downturned eyes include squirrel and cat-eye lash extensions. 

Upturned Eye

The exact opposite of downturned eyes is the upturned eyes. 

It means that the inner corner of your eyes appears a bit lower than the outer corners of your eyes. 

The highest point of your eyes are the outer corners.

If you have upturned eyes, you can request your lash artist to get you some cat-eye or squirrel-style lash extensions. 

These styles help make your lashes appear thick and fluttery. 

For those who prefer a more natural look, you can opt for an open-eye lash extension style instead.

Protruded Eyes

To tone down protruding eyes, you can get lash styles like C, D, and L Curl lash extensions. 

These styles help create the illusion that your lashes are curled upwards rather than faced forward.

Make sure that you choose hybrid lash extensions as well, so you can achieve thick yet natural-looking lashes.

Hooded Eyes

Women with hooded eyes need to stay away from reverse cat-eye lash extensions. 

It would be best if they opt for open-eye lash or squirrel-style lash extensions. 

You can also choose staggered or wispy lash extension types for a more dramatic lash look. 

what is the cost of eyelash extensions

The cost of eyelash extensions varies from one salon to another. 

Its price range also depends on the type or style of lash extensions that you want to get. 

But, to give you an idea, eyelash extension treatments often cost around $120-$300. However, complex styles may be as expensive as $550. 

This is especially true if the lash style you are after requires high expertise and precision. 

cost of eyelash extension refills

After six to eight weeks, you need to get your lash extensions refilled. This procedure costs $40-$80. 

Again, this will depend on the status of your lashes and the type of eyelash extensions that you want to have.

what to expect when getting eyelash extensions

Getting a lash extension treatment is probably one of the most low-maintenance beauty procedures you can get to improve your appearance. 

However, you need to set realistic expectations, so you don’t get disappointed with the actual treatment. 

First, you need to know that the eyelash extension is only semi-permanent. 

This means that it only lasts for some time. 

You will need to revisit your lash salon if you want to get refills and touch-ups.

You might also want to note that the actual procedure lasts around 90-180 minutes. 

During the session, you will be asked to sit down or lie down. Then, you will need to keep your eyes closed to ensure your lash tech won’t have a hard time doing the treatment. 

Also, the retention period depends on whether you practice a proper after-care routine or not. 

So, you need to make sure that you practice proper cleaning and maintenance so you can prolong the life of your artificial lashes (more on that below).

questions to ask lash tech

  1. How long have you been a lash specialist?
  2. What type of adhesive do you use for eyelash extensions?
  3. What are your lash extensions made of?
  4. What type or style of eyelash extensions do you recommend?
  5. How can I prolong the life of my lash extensions?
  6. How often should I get eyelash extension refills?

Having your lash tech answer these questions will help you gain more information about the treatment. 

This will also help ease your mind, especially if you feel scared or hesitant about the procedure. 

how long does eyelash extension application take

The actual procedure of an eyelash extension treatment can take 1-4 hours, depending on the complexity of the service. 

To give you an idea, classic and natural lash extension styles take a lesser amount of time compared to volume and dramatic lashes. 

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Expect your eyelash extensions to last for four to six weeks. But, you might need to request refills or touch ups every two to three weeks. 

This will depend on the status and the growth cycle of your natural lashes

eyelash extensions care tips

You need to be cautious when it comes to caring for your eyelash extensions. 

If not, you might end up with damaged lashes or you might need to revisit your lash tech sooner than expected.

To protect your eyelash extensions from getting damaged, follow these care tips: 

  • Try your best to prevent them from getting wet for at least 48 hours.
  • Do not rub your eyes no matter what.
  • Skip applying eye makeup within 48 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid high-pressure, running water when you take a shower.
  • Use a spoolie or a lash brush to comb your lashes.

how to clean eyelash extensions

You should also regularly clean your eyelash extensions to extend their retention power. 

Cleaning your lashes also prevents eye infections and irritations, which often happens with dirty and unkempt lashes.

To keep them clean, you need to wash them regularly using gentle soap and appropriate tools. 


Eyelash extension treatments are definitely worth trying. This is especially true if you want a quick and effective beauty procedure. 

The trick is to find the ideal lash length, volume, and style that complements your facial features as well as your personality. 

Also, you simply need to follow proper care tips to ensure your lash extensions will last as long as usual. 

With the right techniques, you will be able to rock longer, fuller, and curlier lashes that will help make you feel more confident and stunningly beautiful.

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