Best Evening Shoes for Women

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Choosing the right pair of evening shoes for the right kind of occasion is quite hard.

Trust me, I am a woman myself and I know how challenging it can be.

Whether it’s for an evening party, a wedding ceremony, or a romantic date night, no outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes.

That’s why I made a list of the best evening shoes for women that can go with any style.

13 Best Evening Shoes for Women

If a pair of evening shoes make you uncomfortable, then they’re not worth it.

Evening shoes are supposed to make you feel comfortable, happy, and feeling gorgeous all night long.

Below are some great evening shoes you can wear according to the event you’re going to attend.

Ballet Pumps

If you’re planning to go to a semi-formal event, you can match your midi-length dress or skirt with a pair of ballerina pumps.

These events can go all night so it’s best to wear shoes that can keep you feeling comfortable and avoid making you suffer from foot aches.

Also, ballerina pumps are best for women who don’t need that much height.

But of course, you can also wear your ballerina pumps if you’re just going for a walk in the park.

Pair them with a slim-fit denim jacket and you’re good to go.


No matter how high the heel is, pumps can instantly make anyone wearing it look taller.

The reason is highly because of its pointed-toe shape.

Pumps can give you a sophisticated look and can go well with any kind of evening dress.

You can match it with a midi or mini-length bodycon dress or an evening dress with long slits. 


Mules can fit any occasion.

Whether you’re trying to put on a casual everyday look or attending an evening event, mules are just perfect!

For more formal events, you can try wearing heeled mules to give height and elegance to your look.

But if you’re planning to wear them the whole night, like an evening party, you can try block-heeled mules.

The block heels can allow an even distribution of weight so your feet will less likely to hurt.

Stiletto Heels

Stiletto heels can lengthen the look of your legs and give you more height creating an intimidating and elegant look for you.

If you’re attending an evening party, you can match it with a long slit gown to give you a stylish and sexy appearance.

But if you’re planning to go out with your girlfriends for a night out, you can also partner it with cocktail attire.


Although sandals may not look as appealing as pumps or stiletto heels, they can still work pretty well for summer dressing.

A pair of sandals is the key to completing your floral and casual attire.

You can try heeled sandals that have elaborate strap designs with neutral colors so they won’t steal the attention away from your dress.

Not to mention that sandals are comfortable and can give you more room to move around.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are perfect for any kind of event.

You can wear them when attending an office event, an evening party, or a romantic evening date with your special person.

It has low-impact heels that can match well with a slip dress or pencil skirt.

Kitten heels are also perfect for women who don’t want to add more height but still want to look polished and chic.

Ankle-strap Heels

Planning to attend a wedding ceremony? Ankle-strap heels are your perfect go-to shoes.

Ankle-strap heels are the most ideal shoes to wear if you want to dance all night while celebrating a friend’s wedding.

For serious events like evening parties and wedding ceremonies, you can try darker and neutral-colored ankle-strap heels to set a stylish vibe.

During warmer months or if you want to wear them along with a floral dress, bright-colored ankle-strap heels like pink or blue can also be perfect.

Cuban Heels

If you want to look dashing and feel comfortable all day, try on a pair of Cuban heels.

Cuban heels are low-heeled shoes with straight fronts that are perfect for maxi-length skirts or a sheath dress.

They also have block heels that can distribute equal weight to your feet so you won’t have to suffer from any foot ache.


Going to work or having brunch with your friends with a pair of loafers is a real steal.

They are timeless when it comes to style and can fit any occasion.

Loafers come in many types.

You can either use a loafer with block heels or a flat style, no matter what you can’t go wrong with this type of footwear.

And to top all of that, loafers are insanely comfortable so you can shop around all day long without an aching foot.

Sling-back Shoes

Want to make yourself feel the most comfortable?

A pair of sling-back shoes is definitely what you need.

These types of shoes can go well with any event.

From office events, evening parties, or even just a stroll in the mall, sling-back shoes can take you anywhere.

What’s more amazing about sling-back shoes is that they can match any outfit.

You can use it with your blue jeans or square pants to look trendy.

Or perhaps your maxi-length floral skirts to complete your flirty and fresh style.

Low-heeled Boots

For both day and evening occasions, a pair of low-heeled boots can be a real killer look.

Low-heeled boots can give a striking contrast with your long-sleeved dress.

Top it with a leather jacket or a coat, and you will catch many eyes.

What’s more, is that low-heeled boots are very comfortable and stylish looking.

Lace-up Heels

A pair of lace-up heels are just perfect for any kind of evening occasion.

If you are feeling bold while going for a romantic date or an evening party, lace-up heels are definitely going to make you look elegant and fashionable.

There is no better match than a metallic cocktail dress or a strapless bodycon dress and a pair of dark colored lace-up heels.

Don’t forget that tying the lace with style can add an accent to your outfit.

Wedge Sandals

It’s not a secret that every woman owns a pair of wedge sandals.

Wedge sandals are both comfortable and stylish.

Not to mention that it is versatile and can fit any event.

An outfit would never go wrong as long as you pair it with a neutral-colored or a wedge sandal with darker hues.

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