30 Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes
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I think the Mediterranean diet is one of the simplest diets to follow and that’s largely because a lot of the recipes are pretty darn easy, delicious, and healthy. 

Let me say that again: 


These are 3 important factors that I think make for a sustainable diet and with Mediterranean, it all revolves around eating a lot of whole foods while avoiding processed junk. 

Specifically, the Mediterranean diet wants you to eat a lot of plant-based foods 

(like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and olive oil), seafood, and moderate amounts of poultry, dairy, and wine. 

Any chef will tell you that if you have a fresh source of these ingredients, it really won’t take much to transform them into an amazing meal. Oh, and did I mention pasta as a staple in this diet, too? 

With that said, I have here 30 easy Mediterranean diet recipes that you’re going to want to try. I split them into categories to make it easier for you to browse the list.

Salads, pasta, and other veggie recipes

1. Vibrant orange and arugula salad

I don’t know about you but I think greens get boring way too quick. But, the way I see it, tossing fruit in the mix is an easy way to give more color and flavor to your bowl. 

In this case, it’s oranges. I got this recipe from Cookie and Kate and it’s quickly become one of my go-to salads when citrus fruits are in season. Plus, it’s got almonds to give the salad a bit of nuttiness and crunch. The lemon dressing is incredibly flavorful and easy to do, too. 

2. Kale and chickpea grain bowl with avocado dressing

First of all, chickpeas. That alone should tell you that this bowl of colorful Mediterranean goodness has more than a bit of crunch in it. Second of all, carrots. Even more healthy crisp!

Having said that, crunchiness isn’t all that you should be expecting from this CookingLight recipe. The bulgur (aka cracked wheat) makes this dish hearty and the avocado mixture is just crazy good. The sauce can be easily done with a good food processor and it goes well with other salads as well, so you might want to make an extra batch. 

3. Mediterranean medley salad

“Toss all ingredients together.”

That’s literally the only direction that comes with this recipe from USA WEEKEND that I found on AllRecipes(.com). Talk about easy, right? 

However, you technically do need to do some vegetable chopping. It’s also quite the loose recipe which allows you to use pretty much any vegetable you want, making it a good way to clean out your fridge. I highly recommend adding crunchy veggies though; not just leafy greens. Try adding chopped carrots, celery, or peppers in there for texture. 

4. Briam (traditional Greek roasted vegetables)

Here’s another one of AllRecipes(.com)’s easy Mediterranean diet recipes. This particular one came from Diana Moutsopoulos. Now, I’m not an expert on Greek cuisine but it’s supposed to be a traditional vegetable dish called briam. 

Regardless, it’s literally all about tossing potatoes, zucchini, red onions, tomatoes, parsley, and olive oil together in a single pan (with seasoning, of course) then sliding it into a hot oven. It’s clearly so easy to do and all that fresh produce is bound to be packed with amazing flavors that your palate will thank you for. 

5. Mediterranean pasta

Well Plated, the originator of this recipe, describes the dish as the “breezy social butterfly” of dinner recipes, which basically means it can fit any theme. And, you know what? That might actually be accurate. 

The reason is that while it can be a standalone meal, it can also serve as a base. You need it to be vegan? Don’t use parmesan. Don’t have parmesan? Feta works fine. You can even toss in whatever protein you fancy for the day. Tuna, chicken, sausage… you call the shots! 

6. Everyday Mediterranean salad

On the topic of “social butterfly” recipes, here’s a similar one. I mean, Gimme Some Oven calls it the everyday Mediterranean salad for a reason after all. 

Like the previous recipe, treat this as a base recipe of sorts. If you want to make it a pasta dish, great! Need more protein? Throw some chicken, fish, or whatever plant-based protein you want in there. Play with the recipe however you see fit but, trust me, the hardest part about it is making the Greek vinaigrette (which is actually quite easy as it is). 

7. Quinoa and bruschetta salad

This quinoa and bruschetta salad from TastyBalance Nutrition is designed to help you cook up a meal with whatever it is you have available. Honestly though, I don’t know if all of us have fresh mozzarella just hanging around but aside from that, everything you need to make this recipe is widely available in most grocery stores.

It’s also pretty basic and can be cooked with just 1 pan. You can save a bulk of it for reheating later but I think it’s best eaten fresh. 

8. Pasta with sauteed spinach and garlic

Feeling hungry and lazy at the same time? Here’s one of this list’s quick and easy Mediterranean diet recipes. From start to finish, this recipe from Mediterranean Living will only take you about 20-30 minutes to cook. 

And, if you love garlic as much as I do, I just know you’re going to enjoy this. I mean, 10 cloves of garlic being sauteed in extra virgin olive oil? I can already imagine how my kitchen is going to smell like just writing this! 

9. Quinoa bowls with roasted red pepper sauce

If you’re a fan of kalamata olives, this recipe is a darn good excuse to have them. Of course, it’s got quinoa as well as other fresh herbs and greens as well. 

But, to me, what really elevates this recipe from Pinch Of Yum is the red pepper sauce. I may be biased because I love spicy food but even my wife who’s not as crazy about peppers as I am loves this recipe. Overall, this bowl will give hints of spiciness (of course), saltiness, and acidity. 

10. Caprese style portobellos

This recipe comes from Proud Italian Cook and I’ve got to say, it truly symbolizes what I look for in easy Mediterranean diet recipes — not too many ingredients with steps that even novice home cooks can follow. 

Specifically, you’re only going to need large portobello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. Layer these ingredients on top of each other and pop them in a hot oven. From prepping your ingredients to finally taking your food out of the oven, this recipe should only take you roughly 30 minutes. 

Mediterranean diet recipes with shrimp and other seafood

11. Mediterranean baked shrimp and veggies

Very few things are easier to cook than just dumping ingredients into a pan and sliding the pan right into a hot oven — and that’s exactly what this recipe from The Mediterranean Dish gives you. 

That takes care of the easy part. The tastiness of this dish, in my opinion, largely comes from the sauce. It uses sumac and I think the sourness, sweetness, and sort of earthy flavor of the condiment really helps the meal come alive. 

12. Pesto corn salad with shrimp

Corn, basil, cherry tomatoes, and avocado — that’s all the fresh produce you’re going to need for this easy recipe from Taste of Home. It might not sound like much but, trust me, along with a few kitchen staples, you can transform these ingredients into an amazing meal. 

Oh, and let’s not forget about the shrimp. You’re going to use the same basil, oil, and salt mixture you use to season the rest of the dish, making it even easier to cook. Ultimately, you end up with an amazingly simple and delicious meal. 

13. Panko salmon with snap peas 

More from CookingLight’s quick and easy Mediterranean diet recipes, this is one that my wife requests frequently. I don’t mind cooking it for her either because it’s just so easy to make. 

Moreover, I think the mayo, mustard, panko bread crumbs, and tarragon mixture used to flavor the salmon fillets are underrated. I honestly don’t understand why there aren’t more people using it to cook their fish. Oh, and let’s not forget about those delicious snap peas!

14. 30-minute Mediterranean fish skillet

Check out this quick recipe from Laughing Spatula. The mother-daughter tandem behind this masterpiece uses mahi but, really, you can use any firm white fish you want or have on hand.

Also, the peppers, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and feta cheese all do an amazing job of layering flavor after flavor into this dish but, to me, what truly lets it shine is the white wine. If you don’t like the strong wine flavors though, chicken stock is an awesome substitute. 

15. Baked fish with artichoke and olives

If you still have more white fish in stock, try out this recipe from The Forked Spoon. She used cod for her recipe but, again, any white fish is going to be amazing. 

And, like the previous recipe, this’ll only take you about 30-35 minutes to cook and can be done with a single skillet as long as it’s oven-safe. 

16. One pan Mediterranean cod

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a lot of the recipes on this list can be done in just a single pan. The last 2 recipes, for example, as well as this recipe from Abra’s Kitchen. These one pan recipes not only make cooking easier, but it also minimizes the amount of clean up after we’ve had our fill — and I know we can all agree that the less dishes (and pans) we have to wash, the better. 

On a side note, you might want to invest in a cast iron skillet. I think it’s the perfect pan to use for recipes like this and, actually, a good bulk of the recipes on this list. 

17. Mediterranean style salmon

This next one is from Ask Chef Dennis (yes, he’s an actual chef). And, just based on this recipe, he’s amazing! 

This salmon recipe only takes a handful of ingredients which should help make the whole thing easier to remember. Plus, even if it’s made by an actual chef, all you’re going to need are the most basic knife skills to follow this restaurant quality recipe. 

18. Pan seared salmon with salsa fresca

Salsa fresca, otherwise known as pico de gallo, might be known as a part of traditional Mexican cuisine but literally everything in it is also used in the Mediterranean diet. Plus, it’s delicious, so why not, right? 

Anyhow, the salmon is seasoned with avocado oil, paprika, granulated garlic, onion, and cumin, as well as lemon zest. So, even on its own, the fish is incredible. Top with freshly made salsa fresca and, oh man, what a meal. 

Also, The Cozy Apron recommends serving this with couscous but I’ve only ever had it with brown rice or quinoa. The meal should taste amazing either way. 

19. Broiled swordfish with oven-roasted tomato sauce

In this recipe from Better Homes and Gardens, cooking the swordfish is pretty basic. Brush both sides of the fish with olive oil, season with black pepper, and broil for 8-12 minutes — that’s literally it.

The star of this recipe, however, is the tomato sauce. It’s got layers upon layers of flavor in there with the garlic, and onions, and rosemary, and peppers, and a handful of other amazing ingredients. Plus, the color is simply vibrant and really takes the overall aesthetic of the meal to a whole new level. 

20. Baked salmon with garlic cilantro sauce

I understand that not everyone likes the taste of cilantro. I personally don’t mind it but if you’re one of those people who feel like they’re eating soap, you can always substitute cilantro with equal amounts of parsley. Tarragon or dill works fine, too, I believe. 

Having said that, this recipe is from The Mediterranean Dish. While salmon tastes great as it is, the real highlight of this recipe is the sauce. Throw a handful cloves of garlic, loads of cilantro (or whatever other herb you choose to substitute it with), olive oil, lime juice, and a bit of juice in a food processor, give it a few pulses, and you’re done. 


21. Greek chicken pasta

I found this recipe on AllRecipes(.com) and, as of writing, this same exact recipe from Althea is by far one of the most popularly reviewed Mediterranean diet recipes on the website. As you might have expected, that’s largely because it’s so easy to make and so delicious when done. 

Honestly though, there’s quite a few ingredients on this recipe, so it might seem intimidating. However, all you really need to know are basic knife skills for chopping up veggies and chicken, and cooking pasta which has its own instructions. Other than that, it’s all about dropping the ingredients in a skillet and slowly mixing them all together.

22. Easy chicken gyros and tzatziki sauce

While we’re on the topic of Greek recipes, here’s one from Creme De La Crumb

The usual problems I get with making my gyros is with the sauce. A lot of times, it’s just way too complicated for sauce and other times, it just doesn’t taste good. I didn’t have these problems with this recipe’s tzatziki sauce and I think it complements the rest of the ingredients well. 

With regards to the chicken, it’s pretty simple, too. Just sprinkle some Mediterranean seasoning on chicken breasts, cook in a pan, and cut to strips. For the seasoning, I recommend Cavender’s Greek seasoning because 1) it’s amazing, and 2) it’s cheap. You can always pick a different brand though and if you can’t find any, Italian seasoning works just fine. 

23. Turkey meatball gyro with tzatziki sauce

If the previous gyro recipe didn’t work out for you, here’s something else you might want to try. This one’s from Joyful Healthy Eats and I personally think it’s packed with more flavor. 

You see, the meatballs also come with fresh onions, garlic, oregano, and spinach, so it’s bound to be better than just chicken breasts seasoned with ready-made seasoning. That’s just my opinion though and you might like the previous recipe better. My suggestion? Try having both. 

24. Mini meatloaves with arugula (MORE Greek-inspired recipes)

I’m not done with these Greek-style recipes but this time, it’s not a gyro. It’s actually more of a salad, I think. 

Anyhow, the meatloaves are made of sirloin, lamb, breadcrumbs, onions, mint, thyme, allspice, garlic, egg, and crushed red pepper. It’s a lot of ingredients, I know, but you basically just have to mix everything in a bowl and bake. These are flavorful on their own but the recipe takes it even higher with a sauce that’s similar (but slightly different) to the previous recipes’ tzatziki sauce. 

Add arugula and cucumber to the bowl, toss, and serve. Get the full recipe at MyRecipes

25. Zucchini, pesto, sausage pizza

Sausage pizza is one of my favorite things in the world. But, let’s face it: it’s not healthy and it’s packed to the brim with calories. 

Enter: CookingLight’s zucchini, pesto, and sausage pasta. 

I still get the most amazing Italian sausage and stringy mozzarella (which I think are the most crucial parts of this pizza) but this time, there’s significantly less calories and a lot more healthy nutrients. You can use pre-baked pizza crust here as well, making it so much easier. 

26. Meal-prepping chicken with Mediterranean vegetables

Whenever I’m trying to stick to some sort of diet regardless if it’s keto, or Mediterranean, or whatever, meal-prepping has always been one of my most effective go-to moves. If I have delicious and healthy food that I can simply reheat whenever I need it, it helps me stay away from all the junk. 

Having said that, I hope this is what Pook’s Pantry’s meal-prepping guide to chicken with Mediterranean vegetables gives you. Just a tip though: be generous with the tahini dressing. It makes the chicken taste 10x better. 

27. Chicken and quinoa bowl with broccoli and tomato

I remember the first time I tried quinoa. I honestly didn’t like it. It was way too earthy and way too bitter for my tastes. Fast forward to a couple of years later and I realize I was just cooking it all wrong. Now, it’s legit one of my go-to grains when I’m trying to up my protein and fiber intake. 

On that note, I like this recipe from FoodieCrush because, first of all, it’s got a bunch of helpful tips on how to properly cook quinoa. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it’s easy, hearty, and delicious. Not to mention, all the colors from the chicken, quinoa, broccoli, and tomato make the meal look so appetizing! 

28. Easy Mediterranean chicken

We’ve all probably heard of Betty Crocker right? I mean, it’s nearly impossible not to. 

Well, anyhow, this recipe actually came from them and I think it’s one of the easiest recipes on this list. It’s literally just chicken breast seasoned with salt and basil topped with tomatoes and olive tapenade. 

I know it might sound too simple to be good but trust me on this and just give it a try. 

29. One pot Mediterranean chicken

Here’s the thing: this recipe from Dinner At The Zoo originally combines orzo with incredibly flavored chicken thighs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing recipe. Especially when you factor in the onions, garlic, peppers, chickpeas, and olives… oh man, what a meal! 

However, I’m more of a chicken thighs and rice kind of a guy. So, I tried replacing the orzo with brown rice and I think it’s even better. That’s the beauty of the Mediterranean diet though. With all the ingredients available to you, you can swap a few things around and you’d still end up with great food. 

30. 5-ingredient lemon chicken with asparagus

A chicken and asparagus recipe? Oh man, this brings me back to college when I was trying to be a bodybuilder of sorts. It’s basically these two everyday for months on end. The difference, however, is that what I had in college was disgusting. This one is definitely leagues better. 

Apart from lemon, chicken, and asparagus, all you need to cook this recipe from Pinch of Yum is flour, lemon pepper, butter, and salt. Overall, it’s budget-friendly, quick, easy, and I think the zesty, sort of pungent notes in the chicken make it tasty. 


And, there you have it: an entire collection of easy mediterranean diet recipes all in one page. I hope this helps you broaden your choices and I hope you have fun cooking these recipes in your own kitchen. 

They should all be fairly simple, so even with minimal cooking experience, you should still be able to pull them off. 

If this helped at all, please don’t hesitate to share us with your friends! Thanks! 

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