10 Easy Bundt Cake Recipes You Won’t Regret Trying

Easy Bundt Cake Recipes
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I’ve been meaning to try out a bunch of easy bundt cake recipes for quite a while now. These cakes fascinate me because not only do they look like donuts, the ones I’ve had always tasted amazing.

The problem is that I’m not much of a baker, so I’ve been putting it off week after week. And through the many postponements, I’ve compiled a few recipes that novice bakers like myself can easily do at home. Oh, and they look like they’ll be delicious, too! 

Today, I’m going to share those recipes with you so we can go through this sweet-tooth journey together (and, yes, finally make these darn cakes). There’s all sorts of recipes here, too. Chocolate, lemon, vanilla, all that good stuff. 

But, before we get to the actual recipes, I think it’s vital that you have all the necessary materials. So… 

What do you need to make bundt cakes? 

Bundt pan (or angel food pan)

Nordic Ware has a bunch of great quality bundt pans available. Personally, I went for their basic angel food cake pan largely because it’s the cheapest. Plus, I imagine my wife would have fun dressing up the cake anyway, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t just stick to plain looking cake. 

However, the brand also has other bundt cake pans with more complicated designs if you want your cake to already look pretty the moment it comes out the oven. Their Heritage bundt pan and their Anniversary bundt pan are great examples of this in my opinion. 

Kitchen scale

Some of the cake recipes I listed (and a lot of others around the internet) will have you do exact measurements of the ingredients. Like, every ingredient should be a certain number of grams and ounces. 

I actually like the strictness of some of these recipes because it helps make sure I make the cake right. 

I’m using Greater Goods’ digital kitchen scale because I like its size, design, and color. It’s not too expensive either. 

Measuring cups and spoons

You’re going to need these with pretty much anything you want to bake. From cookies, to muffins, to cake, measuring cups and spoons are a vital part of your kitchen arsenal. 

I made sure to buy stainless steel variations of these tools because it makes me feel more professional although I rarely even bake anything. Also, they look cleaner and are probably easier to clean, too. 

Hand mixer (or stand mixer if you can afford it)

You can make cake with just a spatula and elbow grease, sure, but with all the mixing needed to make a smooth batter, you’re going to wish you had at least a hand mixer. After all, you’re making cake for pleasure; not exercise. 

I highly recommend KitchenAid’s 5-speed hand mixer. I’ve had it for quite a while now and it hasn’t failed me since. Relatively cheap, too. 

But, if you have the money, you can always get a stand mixer to make baking even less of a chore. Again, KitchenAid sells these. If color isn’t an issue, I suggest getting the white version. For some reason, it’s cheaper. 


Aside from the silicone spatula, mixing bowl, sifter, and oven which you probably already have in your pantry, I think this list pretty much covers it. Some recipes might require other tools though, but I’ll have separate links to those products under the recipes that need them. 

And without further ado, here are some of what I think are quick and easy bundt cake recipes you and I both can try: 

1. Basic vanilla bundt cake

This recipe from King Arthur Flour is likely what I’m going to try out first. I mean, I don’t know much about cakes but it looks as basic as basic gets. 

I also like how it uses ingredients that you can easily get at your local grocery store. The instructions are clearly written for both the cake and the glaze, too, so it’s easy to follow. To finish off the cake, dust it with some confectioners sugar and top with berries or a few slices of fruit. 

2. Another vanilla bundt cake recipe (perfect for beginners)

This one’s actually a similar recipe that uses a lot of the same ingredients. The instructions are quite similar, too. The proportions are a little different though but I imagine the end result will look and taste similar. 

That being said, what this recipe from Delish has that the previous one doesn’t is cornstarch and almond extract. If you want those in your cake, then this might be a better version of vanilla bundt cake to follow. 

3. Fool-proof chocolate bundt cake 

Here, we’re going to need a box of devil’s food cake mix and another box of instant chocolate pudding. Call it cheating but, hey, we’re all beginners here. No reason to over complicate a recipe that works, am I right? Plus, I like that devil’s food cake mix isn’t all that sweet. 

Apart from these ingredients, however, we’re also going to use sour cream and a couple varieties of chocolate (i.e. semi-sweet chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, chocolate shavings), so we can probably expect a rich, chocolatey dessert to come out of the oven. 

Check out the full recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything

4. Double chocolate bundt cake (this time, from scratch!)

If you don’t want to make chocolate cake from a box, I respect that. There’s a handful of other easy chocolate bundt cake recipes you can try anyway, but I highly recommend CountryLiving’s version. 

If you just pay close attention to the instructions, making both the chocolate cake and the mocha glaze is fairly straightforward. Both the cake and the glaze have espresso mixed in them, too. So, if you’re a fan of having hints of coffee in your cake, you should definitely check this out. 

5. Still unsatisfied with double chocolate? Here’s a triple! 

You read that right! For all you chocolate lovers out there, this is it! This might be the chocolate cake you’ve been dreaming to bake, and you know what? It’s relatively easy. 

The 3 levels of chocolate come from the chocolate cake (duh), chocolate ganache, and a generous topping of chocolate chips. Like the previous recipe, this version from Dinner Then Dessert also has notes of coffee. 

6. Nearly-from-scratch moist lemon bundt cake

We’ve probably talked enough about chocolate cakes, so let’s move on to easy lemon bundt cake recipes. 

This one came from Mindee’s Cooking Obsession and like the name says, it’s all done nearly from scratch. This means using a box of lemon cake mix and another box of instant lemon pudding. 

Whisk both ingredients in a bowl along with sour cream, vegetable oil, eggs, and water. Pour the mixture into your bundt pan and pop it in the oven for about 40-45 minutes. While the cake is baking, take that time to make the easy lemon glaze that comes with the recipe. 

7. Lemon-pistachio bundt cake

Want a little nuttiness in your lemon cake? Pulse a couple cups of pistachios in a food processor and add it to your cake mix. 

That’s essentially what this recipe from CountryLiving did and I think the end result is going to be amazing. Moreover, this cake and its glaze are all made from scratch but in my head, it only seems slightly harder than the previous recipe. So, it should still be pretty easy to make.

8. Kentucky butter bundt cake

I believe butter cakes are considered American classics, so it makes sense that you and I try to make one. 

I particularly like this Kentucky butter bundt cake from The Spruce Eats because it seems like it’ll be one of the easiest make-from-scratch cakes on this list. The recipe won’t have you slowly incorporate ingredient after ingredient into your mixing bowl. Rather, it just tells you to dump everything you need in the bowl and get to mixing until you get a smooth batter.

Pour the better into your bundt pan and bake. That’s it. 

9. Cinnamon swirl bundt coffee cake

As of writing, this recipe by Ruth from Allrecipes(.com) has one of the most number of reviews of all the bundt cake recipes I’ve seen. Having said that, I imagine it’s doing something very right to garner as much positive attention as it has. 

From my point of view, it’s probably because of how simple the instructions are to understand which ultimately makes the cake easier for us novice bakers to make. The end product looks absolutely incredible, too. Plus, how can you go wrong with cinnamon and coffee? 

10. Peanut butter bundt cake

I won’t lie, peanut butter is one of my favorite things in the world. I even like it better than chocolate. So, when a recipe like this comes my way, you know damn well I’ll make it. Or, you know… At least I’ll try. 

In this case, I genuinely believe I will. Although this recipe from Taste of Home generally takes the same steps to make as other bundt cake recipes, the instructions are so clearly written that it makes the whole process seem so uncomplicated. 

Plus — and I don’t care if I’m repeating myself — it’s peanut butter. 


So, when are you planning on trying out one of these recipes? Me, I’ve made up my mind to get the ingredients I need for King Arthur Flour’s basic vanilla bundt cake the next time I head over to the grocery store. 

Whatever you decide to make first though, all the recipes on this list should be relatively simple. 

Oh, and if this helped you in any way, please let your friends know about us! 

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