6 Ways Your Body Changes When You Drink Enough Water

When You Drink Enough Water
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When asked about health opinions, both medical professionals and non-professionals will often resort in giving advice on recommended water intake.

But this shouldn’t be surprising as with the vast number of health benefits and uses that water has, it has been named and identified as the ‘elixir of life’.

This doesn’t even cover how cheap and abundant water is compared to medicine and other health supplements. In fact, water is so convenient and affordable that you don’t have to leave the house to get it, you can simply open a faucet or turn on a water dispenser at home and you’re good to go. The best part is you don’t have to worry about costs, as water keeps you healthy without putting you at financial risk.

However, to give water the recognition that it needs and deserves, we have written this article in order for you to know why making a habit of drinking a single glass can be good for you.

When You Drink Enough Water


1. Helps maintain proper weight and helps with weight loss

Water can help with weight loss in a lot of ways, but the most important would be that it promotes mindful eating.

The reason why this is important is that mindful eating is a very effective way of losing weight due to you being present and focused on what you eat and how you eat.

Meaning to say, having a mindful eating habit can help in you determining whether the food you are eating is good for you, if you have eaten enough, or if your body is hungry or craving.

In addition to this, water as an appetite suppressant helps in calorie burning and in burning fats.

2. Improves skin and complexion

If you have browsed through the internet looking for beauty secrets and tips, then you would be familiar in seeing that drinking water regularly and keeping yourself hydrated is considered a beauty regime by a lot, if not by most people.

This is because our skin is an organ and is made up of millions of cells, and in order for the cells to become healthy and more efficient with their role, they need to be hydrated.

This is why beauty gurus often include water in their regimes because water keeps the skin from drying out and aging.

3. Improved digestion

In terms of weight loss, besides the fact that water keeps you from gaining weight by promoting mindful eating, it also helps by regulating and improving your digestion.

What is good about this is that water can help in removing toxins from the body which can help prevent health complications in the future.

In addition to this, having good and regular digestion means you regularly break down food particles which can help in losing weight and can remove excess food particles which can decrease the chances of your digestion tract being a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

4. Regulates body temperature

When it gets too hot, or when your training or exercise gets too extreme it is good to always have water nearby.

Water helps in regulating temperature which benefits our well being as this prevents our body temperature from going to extremes, which in this case too cold or too hot.

This is important because there are protein enzymes inside the body that requires a balance and constant internal environment in order for them to function properly.

5. Helps with cramps and strains

If you are the type of person who is prone to cramps and strains, and experience it quite often then properly hydrating your body might be a good thing to consider.

Water plays a major role in preventing cramps and strains, and this is because being hydrated also means having enough or sufficient fluid in the body or muscles.

Why fluid is relevant to cramps and strains is because fluid makes it easier for muscles to contract and relax, so without enough or sufficient fluids in the muscles,it can be quite difficult for them to perform properly thus leading to cramps and strains.

6. Better mental and physical performance

Water doesn’t just work in one way but it contributes to the increased and enhanced mental and physical performance of an individual. Here’s why:

Mental performance

If your body needs water to keep yourself hydrated and perform well, expect the same from your brain.

Our brain is made up mostly of water which is why it is essential to always have it hydrated. Lack of hydration can lead to poor mental performance such as loss of focus due to the sensation of thirst which often leads to a delay in the time of response, affect short term and long term memory, and also mental arithmetic.

In addition to this, the brain benefits from water in another way which is, it helps in removing toxins and sending nutrients to it.

Physical performance

A lot of people know, especially athletes, that keeping yourself hydrated is an important part of doing physical activity.

This is because of the lack of water or dehydration can interfere with both their physical performance and health.

Some of the hazardous things that could happen if you engage in physical activity and did not keep yourself hydrated are, the spike in body temperature, easily fatigued, and decrease in mental health performance or weakness of the mental state.

This is why it is advised as an athlete or even as a non-athletic to always have a bottle of water with you, most especially since performing a rigorous activity is not the only cause of dehydration but also environmental conditions.


Although these are only to name a few of the benefits when you drink enough water, we cannot deny that making a habit of drinking sufficient amounts of water, and drinking on a regular basis is essential for us to be healthier and avoid health problems.

Also, this can be the reason why we cannot blame people both professional and non-professional if they keep saying the same thing which is water is the medication.

In light of this article, we encourage that you always make your health a priority even by just doing the simple things such as drinking more water, and in the same way, we want you to forward the message by sharing this article to remind others to drink more water and look after their health just the same.


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