Does Lipstick Expire?

Woman putting on Lipstick
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Yes, lipstick does in fact expire. The average shelf life of lipstick is typically two years.

Although some lipsticks, if unopened, can last for 5 years depending on the lipstick’s ingredients, most lipstick only lasts for two.

That’s why, as a woman who never misses out on using my lipstick, I always make sure that I’m using an unexpired one.

But how do you actually tell if your lipstick has expired already?

In this article, I’m going to show you how to tell if your lipstick has expired and what consequences you will get if you use expired lipstick.

Does Lipstick Expire If Unopened?

Unopened lipstick

All lipsticks expire, even the unopened ones.

Lipsticks are mostly made of natural products that’s why it easily expires compared to the other cosmetic products you use.

Even if you have a used or an unopened lipstick, it’s safe to learn that both of them expire.

Lipstick expires if the ingredients and other contents are put together to make it start to reach its limit.

This will cause your lipstick to break down and the reason why you can’t use it anymore.

How Long Does Unopened Lipstick Last?

Whether you have a used lipstick or an unopened one, you still need to be very careful when using it.

If you have an unopened lipstick sitting on your shelf for more than two years, please consider throwing it out.

You see, unopened lipstick can last only for two years, like the opened ones.

Although some unopened lipstick today can last for a maximum of 5 years depending on the percentage of the preservatives used in it.

I suggest researching your lipstick first before using it.

That way, you can easily learn when your lipstick will expire and what you can do to avoid letting it expire.

When To Throw Out Lipstick?

broken expired lipstick

Many signs can help you determine that it’s time for your lipstick to dive into your trash bin.

If you know what these signs are, then you will easily know when to get rid of your lipstick or not.

Below is the list of signs you need to look out for so you will know when to throw out your lipstick.

More Than 2 Years Old

If you remember when you brought your lipstick and realized it’s more than two years old, then sis, it’s time to let it go.

Like I said earlier, all lipsticks have a shelf life of at least two years.

So if you know that this lipstick of yours has exceeded its maximum shelf life then you better get rid of it already.

After all, using expired lipstick can cause consequences that you surely don’t want to experience.

Bad Odor

Lipsticks have essential oils that make them smell delicious and enticing.

If you want to check if your lipstick has expired or not, you can do so by smelling it.

If your lipstick has a bad odor or a certain funny smell, there’s a huge chance that it has already expired.

Remember not to use your lipstick anymore if it gives off a nasty odor.

This can irritate your lips and can even harm your body if you ingest even just a small portion.

It’s Starting To Sweat

expired Sweaty lipstick

Lipsticks can sweat.

Not sweat like humans do but sweat where it’s starting to show off beads of moisture.

The appearance of these moisture beads can only indicate that the ingredients in your lipstick are starting to break down.

Breaking down of components means that your lipstick has already expired.

And an expired lipstick means you cannot use it anymore.

It Appears Moldy

If you see moldy patches on your lipstick then it is also an indication that its time has finally come to an end.

Even though you only cut the moldy part of your lipstick, you still need to avoid using it.

This is because even though some parts don’t appear to be moldy, the chances of it being contaminated are high.

If you see moldy signs on your lipstick, then that is a clear indication that it has already expired.

Clumpy Texture

You can also check if your lipstick has already expired by giving it a small swatch test.

Pull out a piece of paper or cloth and see if your lipstick will glide smoothly when you try to draw on it.

If it gives a clumpy and rugged texture then your lipstick has already expired.

Lipsticks with dull and uneven texture indicate that the product is no longer of use.

Can You Use Expired Lipstick?

Expired clumpy lipstick

You can’t use expired lipstick on your skin anymore.

Using expired lipsticks can cause irritation and inflammation of your lips or skin.

Some women even experience nausea and vomiting after ingesting just a tiny bit of expired lipstick.

So if you have an expired lipstick sitting on your kit, the best thing you can do about it is to throw it out.

But, if you have an old lipstick that you no longer use yet it is still not showing any signs of being expired then there’s a way to save it.

Using old lipstick to make new lipstick is a great and creative method you can do so as to not waste it.

You can gather around some old lipsticks with different shades and mix them all to create a new and unique shade.

Red and nude-colored lipsticks work so well with each other and can create a gorgeous hue.

Creating a new lipstick by using old lipsticks is easy, all you need to do is separate these lipsticks from their tube.

Now, place a small amount of each lipstick on a pan and heat it with low heat.

Once it has melted and mixed, pour your newly melted lipstick into a lipstick mold and let it sit down for a bit.

Once your new lipstick has cooled down you can now place it on a lipstick tube.

How To Store Lipstick Properly

There are a few steps you can do to extend the shelf life of your lipstick.

Following these examples can give you the chance to use your lipstick longer and save a good amount of expenses.

Store It In The Fridge

I know you might find it weird storing a cosmetic product inside your fridge.

But trust me, this works pretty well.

Putting your lipstick inside your fridge can extend its life expectancy and can keep it away from melting or getting expired.

But you need to make sure to put it in a spot that doesn’t get wet.

Bring Ice Packs

If you bring your makeup kit every day at work or wherever you are, then bring an ice pack with you.

Storing your lipstick inside your makeup kit with an ice pack can help avoid it from melting down.

Disinfect Lipstick

Many cosmetic experts recommend keeping your lipstick clean after every use.

You can clean your lipstick by giving it a little spray of alcohol to keep it sanitized.