Does eyelash extension glue expire?

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Your eyes are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of your body. This is why you need to be careful about the products you use around it. This includes eyelash extension glue. 

It may be tempting to keep using that old bottle of lash glue you kept on your room cabinet. However, you need to check whether the glue has already gone bad. 

This means that even if the adhesive hasn’t run out yet, you need to check if it’s still safe to use.

Below, I collected some useful information about eyelash extension glue expiration to help you out.

Does eyelash extension glue expire

Yes, eyelash extension glue expires. It can only last one to eight months and its shelf life depends on various factors.

If left unopened, sealed, and stored in an ideal place and container, the lash glue can last for several months. 

However, if the adhesive has been opened, it can expire really quickly. This is especially true if it has been exposed to elements that negatively affect it.

Will my eyelash extension glue make it to the Expiration Date?

Your eyelash extension glue may or may not make it to the expiration date. It will depend on various factors including usage, storage, and maintenance. 

For instance, if you frequently use eyelash glue, it would probably run out even before it hits its expiration date. 

If you leave your lash extension glue unopened for several years, it might expire before you have the chance to use it.

This only shows that certain situations may quicken the lash glue’s expiration. But you also need to take note that there are other scenarios that help prolong its effectiveness.

how to tell if eyelash extension glue is expired

Here are simple ways to know if your lash adhesive has already gone bad: 

The glue has dried out

One common indicator that your glue has expired is when it has already dried out. 

You can easily see it, so you won’t have to think about whether you can still use it.

The consistency is too runny

If your eyelash extension glue becomes too runny, it may also be a sign that it has already expired. 

Take note that any type of change in consistency indicates that the product has already lost its quality.

The smell is weird or bad

Some lash adhesives give out a chemical-like smell when opened. Others don’t have any odor. 

So if the glue starts to smell funny, it may have already expired.

The glue doesn’t stick

If you try to use the glue and it doesn’t help attaching your lash extensions, then it may be time to toss them out. This means the glue is past its expiration date.

When Does lash extension glue Expire?


If an eyelash extension glue is opened, it can last up to five weeks. This is true if you practice proper usage and storage. If not, it may only last for a shorter time.


Eyelash extension adhesives that remain sealed and properly stored can last six to eight months. This is especially true if you purchase a newly manufactured lash glue.

This means that if the glue has been manufactured recently, you can expect that it can last a maximum of eight months.

Can you use expired eyelash extension glue?

You can use expired eyelash extension glue if it has only been one or two days. However, if it has already been weeks or months past its expiration, it is highly recommended to avoid using the lash glue. 

Remember that you will be using the product near your eyes. It’s a delicate and sensitive area that needs to be protected from harmful elements. 

If you insist on using expired eyelash extension glue, you might encounter serious dangers. So, it’s best to avoid the risk at all costs.

What happens if you use expired eyelash extension glue?

Using expired eyelash extension glue will put you at risk of skin allergies and irritations. 

Aside from this, using expired lash glue may damage your actual lashes.

This is why you should never use an expired lash adhesive. 

Remember, you can always buy a new one. This will ensure you won’t damage your skin. 

Can you Prolong the life of your eyelash extension glue?

You can prolong the life of your lash extension glue by following simple tactics. 

Here are some of them: 

Remove excess glue before closing the lid

Make it a habit to wipe off glue from the lid and the container’s opening before closing it shut. 

This helps make sure that there will be no buildup of glue between the lid and the actual container.

Close the lid properly after use

After using the eyelash extension glue, make sure to close the lid properly. 

This helps ensure that the product won’t be exposed to air too much. 

Consider storing it in the fridge

For unopened eyelash extension glue, you can consider putting it in the fridge. This helps ensure that it remains at an ideal temperature. 

However, never do this to opened lash glue because it will only degrade its formula. This will make the product go bad.

Follow proper storage instructions

Check the label or the packaging of your eyelash extension glue. 

Most of the time, storage instructions are printed there. You just need to read and follow them.

best way to store eyelash extension glue

To give you an idea, here are some essential tips in storing your eyelash glue: 

  • Store it upright
  • Place it in a cool, dry place
  • Keep it at room temperature
  • Avoid placing it in a moist and humid area
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight


Like other cosmetic products, eyelash extension glue expires. You need to accept this even if you still want to keep your favorite go-to lash extension adhesive.

Follow proper storage instructions. This way, you can prolong the life of your eyelash extension glue. 

If, however, you observe that there are already significant changes on its performance, odor, and consistency, it’s time to let it go. 

Remember, it’s better to use a new and safe eyelash extension glue than to risk using old and expired one, 

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