Do eyelashes grow back if cut?

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What happens if you impulsively cut or trim your lashes out of curiosity? You probably start panicking or wondering if they will grow back. 

There’s no need to worry.

Your eyelashes will eventually grow back if they are cut. Regrowth will take about 6 weeks unless the growth phase of your eyelashes get disrupted.

It’s no surprise that women get curious about different beauty hacks. 

Some of them simply want to try out trends they see on social media. 

Unfortunately, there are situations when curiosity leads to unintended errors. 

Continue reading for helpful tips to help you with your eyelash situation. 

Is it Bad to Cut Your Eyelashes?

Cutting eyelashes is a bad idea. Your eyelashes serve a specific purpose, especially when it comes to protecting your eyes. 

Eyelashes help you avoid dust, and dirt from getting in your eyes. 

With this, you don’t have to worry that you will get an eye infection or irritation because of foreign matters. 

How Long Does it Take for Lashes to Grow Back?

Eyelashes grow back even if you accidentally cut or trim them. Typically, lashes grow back within 6 weeks. 

However, the speed of lash regrowth may vary, especially if you undergo eyelash treatments. 

Here are a few scenarios to help you find out more about the speed or duration of eyelash regrowth: 

How long does it take for lashes to grow back after extensions

Getting an eyelash extension allows you to have long and gorgeous-looking lashes. 

However, taking them off may result in unintended issues. 

Removing your eyelash extensions, especially the glue that you use to adhere it may lead to temporary follicle damage.

When this happens, you can expect your lashes to grow back around 6 weeks. 

How long does it take for lashes to grow back after pulling them out

You may unintentionally pull out some of your lashes, especially when you use certain beauty tools.

Your lashes will still grow back within 6 weeks. 

However, it may take longer, especially because the growth phase of your lashes gets disrupted.

What are the Eyelash Growth Phases?

Getting various eyelash treatments may disrupt the growth of your lashes. 

However, regardless of the way you pull out, trim or cut eyelashes, they will still undergo the same growth phases. 

Here are the different eyelash growth phases that you might want to take note of:

Anagen phase

The first phase of your eyelashes is the active growth phase, also known as the Anagen phase. 

This is when new hair appears on your follicles. 

Typically, around 40% of your eyelashes (upper and lower lashes) are in the Anagen phase. 

This lasts around 4-16 weeks.

Catagen phase

The next phase is the transition or the Catagen phase. 

During this time, your hair follicle shrinks and your lashes stop growing. 

This phase lasts around 2-3 weeks and it signals the end of the Anagen phase and the start of the next growth phase.

Telogen phase

The resting phase or the Telogen phase is the stage when hair follicles mature. 

This occurs within 4 months and can last up to nine months. 

Approximately, half of your eyelashes are in the Telogen phase.

What Affects Eyelash Hair Regrowth?

There are various factors that may affect eyelash hair regrowth. 

Being aware of them gives you the benefit of knowing how to care for and maintain your eyelashes better. 

To give you an idea, here are a few things that may affect eyelash hair regrowth:

Cutting, trimming your lashes

Cutting your eyelashes may not generally disrupt eyelash hair regrowth. 

Your lashes will still grow at an average rate, but they will appear shorter for a longer period. 

Removing or pulling out your eyelashes

Pulling out your lashes will likely cause no harm. 

However, sometimes, it may lead to temporary hair follicle damage, which may lead to slower hair regrowth. 

Eyelash treatments you undergo

Eyelash treatments such as getting extensions or lash lifts may seem harmless. 

However, products such as glue and other formulations may cause lash damage. 

When this happens, your eyelashes will appear to grow slower than normal. 

This is especially true if your hair follicles get seriously damaged.

Products you use on your lashes

It may be tempting to use different products such as growth serums or cosmetic products meant for lashes. 

However, if you accidentally use the wrong products, it may damage your lashes. 

This damage may also affect the regrowth of your lashes. 

Your diet and lifestyle

Following a healthy diet and lifestyle will likely affect your eyelash growth as well. 

Ensuring your body gets enough vitamins and nutrients helps make sure your eyelashes will grow at a normal rate or speed.

Does Cutting Eyelashes Make them Grow Longer?

Unlike common belief, cutting or trimming eyelashes does not lead to longer, fuller lashes. 

Based on research, there is no real benefit behind cutting lashes. 

It’s entirely different when you trim the hair on your head to get rid of split ends. 

Eyelashes are already prone to breakage and fallouts. Cutting them will only likely lead to growth issues.

Does Cutting Your Eyelashes Make them Thicker?

The notion that cutting your eyelashes makes them thicker is a myth. 

Trimming your eyelashes doesn’t give you thicker lashes. 

In fact, it may even cause issues, especially if you cut them too short. 

If you end up with super short lashes, they will lose their ability to protect your eyes from dust and dirt. 

This may potentially lead to more serious problems such as eye infection and irritation.

Can You Speed Up Eyelash Growth?

In reality, you can’t really speed up eyelash growth. There is no way to tweak the rate of hair growth on your body. 

However, you can do things that help make your lashes appear fuller and healthier.

Ways to Have Longer and Fuller Lashes

There are several ways to ensure you get to have longer, fuller, and healthy-looking eyelashes. Here are some of them:

Use an eyelash serum

One of the most popular tips for growing healthy lashes is to use an eyelash serum. 

There are plenty of lash growth serums in the market. 

Choose one with hydrating ingredients which include peptides, oils, and hyaluronic acid.

Look for a volumizing mascara

If you are looking for a quick trick to achieve fuller lashes, you can simply pick a volumizing mascara. 

There are high-quality ones that help strengthen your lashes and also allow you to have thick-looking lashes.

Apply an eyelash moisturizer

You might also want to rub some eyelash moisturizer to keep it strong and healthy. 

One recommended product is coconut oil. 

Applying it often helps prevent protein loss, which affects the way your eyelashes look.

Take vitamins or supplements

Some people also attest that taking vitamins and supplements helps improve their lashes. 

Consider looking for products with Biotin. 

This is a popular supplement that aids in hair growth. 


In summary, your eyelashes will always grow back even if you cut or trim them. 

You only need to wait for at least 6 weeks for its regrowth.

If your lashes get damaged, you might need to wait longer for your lashes to grow back. 

To ensure your lashes grow strong and healthy, you can apply products such as growth serums, and moisturizers. You can also consider taking supplements if necessary. 

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