Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt? (Causes & Fixes)

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Do you want to get eyelash extensions, but you’re afraid the process may be painful? 

Like other enhancement procedures, lash extensions may be scary to some. 

To ease your worries, you need to understand that getting eyelash extensions doesn’t hurt. It’s virtually painless. 

However, you need to perform important practices before, during, and after getting lash extensions.

After scouring credible sources on the internet, I compiled some of the most important information about eyelash extensions, so you don’t have to.

Let’s begin.

Are Extensions Supposed to Hurt?

Eyelash extensions are not supposed to hurt. This is especially true if a certified lash artist or technician performs the treatment.

You may experience some discomfort, especially during the actual application. 

You are expected to close your eyes while the artificial lashes are attached to your natural lashes.

This takes a few minutes, so you might feel a little uncomfortable while your lash artist is performing the treatment. 

Aside from this, you shouldn’t experience any pain. 

If you are experiencing any type of pain, irritation, and other serious issues, you need to go back to the lash salon immediately.

Why Eyelash Extensions Hurt (During Appointment)

As mentioned above, if you work with a certified lash artist, you shouldn’t feel any pain during the lash extension treatment. 

However, if you feel some discomfort during the application process, it may be caused by the following: 

Poor application technique

Some lash artists are only starting with their careers. Thus, some of them may lack experience in performing eyelash extension treatments. 

Because of this, they might perform poorly during the application process. 

Common mistakes include accidentally placing the glue on your eyelids instead of applying it on your lashes.

They may also unintentionally place the eyelash tape too close to the waterline. 

This may also cause pain or discomfort for their clients. 

Poor quality of products

Another culprit why some women feel uncomfortable during the process is because of poor quality of products. 

Items used during the lash extension treatment include lash extensions, tapes, and adhesives. 

When improperly stored or maintained, these products’ quality may be compromised. 

If the products used for the lash extension treatment don’t have the best quality, you might experience adverse reactions. 

This may include redness and irritation in your eye area.

Tearing up during the application process

You might unintentionally tear up while your lash artist is applying the lash extensions. 

When this happens, your tears may affect the application process. 

When you cry, the adhesive used on your lashes may get wet, which may lessen its effectiveness. 

This may lead to the possibility that your lash extensions may fall out prematurely.

Opening your eyes before the treatment is done

Your lash technician will ask you to close your eyes the entire time while he or she is still applying the lash extensions. 

If you, however, open your eyes during the session, the glue might not be completely cured yet. 

This may lead to irritation.

Symptoms to watch out for: 

  • Pain on your eyelids
  • Tugging and pulling sensation
  • Irritation

Why eyelash extensions hurt (after your appointment)

You might also experience some discomfort after the eyelash extension treatment is done. 

After a few hours, you might feel a little uncomfortable wearing your lash extensions. 

The following may be the reasons why this happens: 

Lash extensions are poorly glued on your lashes

If your lash extensions are not properly glued to your lashes, it will cause some discomfort.

Poor adhesion of lash extensions may also disrupt the growth of your natural lashes. 

This may lead to more problems such as eye irritation. 

Lash clumping

When your lashes clump, it may cause some pain, especially when you try to move your lashes. 

Closing or opening your eyes will be uncomfortable when this happens. 

Wrong type of lash extensions used

You need to be aware that there are lash extension styles that may not suit you. 

The general rule is that the lashes should complement the shape of your eyes. 

Aside from this, the length and thickness of the lashes should be customized accordingly. If not, your lashes may feel too heavy. 

Adhesive touching your skin

If the lash artist accidentally applies excessive glue to adhere to the lashes, it may also cause discomfort. 

This is especially true if the glue touches your eyelids. 

This may cause skin irritation which may lead to redness or itchiness in your eye area.

Wrong cleaning method

Another factor that may affect your lash extension experience is the way you clean your lashes.

After the treatment, you have to regularly clean your lashes. 

You need to ensure that you remove mascara, dirt, and other debris that might build up on your lashes.

If you don’t thoroughly clean your lashes, it may lead to bacteria buildup which may cause discomfort and serious eye problems.

Removing lash extensions on your own

Some women tend to be bothered by stray hair on their lashes after getting extensions. 

If you observe some fallouts, you need to book an appointment with your lash artist to fix the treatment.

Removing the lash extensions by yourself will only result in possible irritation. 

By forcefully pulling and tugging your extensions, your lashes would likely get damaged. 

In worst cases, you might even pull your natural eyelashes

Symptoms to watch out for: 

  • Itchiness
  • Swelling
  • Tangled Lashes 
  • Infection on your eyes
  • Feeling of heaviness
  • Redness

Signs of Bad Eyelash Extension Application

Getting eyelash extensions from a trusted lash artist and well-reputed salon helps ensure that you will get the highest quality of service that you can get. 

However, there may be times when you might be assisted by a lash technician that doesn’t have enough experience yet. 

When this happens, potential mistakes or unintentional errors may occur. 

Here are a few signs that your eyelash extensions are badly or poorly applied:

Your lash extensions poke your eyes

Your lashes should have an ideal length and thickness. 

If your lash technician didn’t apply the ideal lash extension for your eye shape, the fake lashes will likely poke your eyes.

This is a common sign that your lash extensions are improperly applied.

The actual application was finished within an hour or less.

Getting a full set of lash extensions last within an hour and a half or two hours. 

If your treatment was done within an hour or less, it means that your lash artist is not doing a proper job.

Combing through your lashes causes discomfort

If you brush your lashes and you feel uncomfortable, it’s a clear sign that your extensions were not applied properly. 

Keep in mind that you should be able to comb through your lashes without issues.

The appearance of your lashes look too unnatural

Your lash extensions should enhance your natural lashes. 

This means that it should improve the appearance of your eyelashes.

 However, if it’s badly applied, it will look fake and unnatural.

The treatment causes a burning feeling in your eyes

Another sign that your eyelash extension treatment is not great is when you feel like your eyes are burning after the procedure. 

Remember that eyelash extension treatments should not cause any pain or discomfort. 

If you feel burning or stinging in your eyes, it’s a sign that the glue or chemicals used during the process may be seeping into your eyes. 

This should not happen regardless of the type of extensions you request to have.

Your eyelash extensions don’t last for at least two weeks

Eyelash extensions last 2-3 weeks. It can even last longer if you take care of it properly. 

Thus, if your artificial lashes only last within a week or less, it clearly means that your treatment was botched.

What to Do When Your Eyelash Extensions Hurt

Eyelash extension treatments should not cause any pain or discomfort. 

If you ever feel uncomfortable after having artificial lashes, you need to do the following:

Inform your eyelash technician

You need to let your lash technician know about your experience. 

If you feel any pain or discomfort, they should be responsible enough to fix the problem for you. 

Book an appointment immediately

Don’t hesitate to book another appointment to have your eyelash extensions fixed. 

In worst cases, you might need to have them removed. 

To know which action is best for you, consult your eyelash technician. 

They can immediately assess the issue and advise you on the best solution to stop the pain or discomfort.

Visit an eye doctor

After visiting your lash technician, you might need to consult an eye doctor. 

This is a must if you continue to experience serious eye irritation, swelling, etc.


So, do eyelash extensions hurt? Eyelash extensions are not supposed to hurt you. The actual treatment should be painless. 

Even after the actual application process, it shouldn’t bring any serious issues to your eyes. 

If you ever experience any pain or discomfort, you need to seek immediate help. 

Book an appointment with your lash technician and have them fix your extensions. 

You can also read further about the best tips to care and maintain your eyelash extensions. 

This way, you can wear gorgeous lashes for a long time.