Do Eyelash Curlers Work?

woman using eyelashes curler
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Yes, eyelash curlers work.

But if you do not know how to properly use them, then you might think otherwise.

For me, eyelash curlers are the most underrated makeup tool.

Most women think that they make a minimal difference to your lashes.

So they shove it away in the corners of their makeup kits.

But actually, eyelash curlers are a huge help when curling your lashes and making them look more gorgeous.

How Do Eyelash Curlers Work?

For some women, eyelash curlers are a bit of a difficult makeup tool to use.

That’s why most of them question “do eyelash curlers work?”

But of course, they do.

Eyelash curlers help you achieve longer, thicker, and fuller looking lashes.

This eyelash curler has a metal clamp that squeezes down and curls your lashes in an upward direction.

You only need to wait for about 5 seconds before letting go of your lashes.

Make sure not to put too much pressure when squeezing your lashes or you might ruin them.

Are Eyelash Curlers Bad?

Eyelash curlers were made to help your lashes look thicker and more gorgeous.

So of course your eyelash curlers are not bad.

But if you use them incorrectly, then that would be a different situation.

You see, most eyelash curlers have a metal clamp at the end.

These metal clamps are the ones that would put pressure on your lashes to make them curl upwards.

So if you put too much force on these clamps when squeezing your lashes between them, then you might damage your lashes.

Or perhaps if you do not place your eyelash curler correctly then you might accidentally hurt yourself.

That’s why I suggest learning how to use eyelash curlers properly to avoid such things from happening.

Do Eyelash Curlers Damage Eyelashes?

Your eyelash curlers are made for your lashes.

So it’s safe to say that they are not damaging to your eyelashes.

As long as you place them properly, use alcohol between uses and use them the right way, then they will not harm you or your lashes.

Are Eyelash Curlers Safe?

Your eyelash curlers are safe as long as you take the exact precautions when using them.

When you use your eyelash curlers, keep your hand as still as possible.

This will help avoid accidentally pulling your lashes.

If you feel even just a slight bit of pain when using your eyelash curler, then there is something wrong with how you use it.

Perhaps you need help or you need more practice when using your lash curler.

How To Properly Use Eyelash Curlers?

For those who want to try using eyelash curlers but don’t know how to, here is a simple guide I have prepared for you.

Curly eyelashes aren’t an easy thing to accomplish.

Although those who were born with curly eyelashes would say so.

But how about those who haven’t had them since birth?

The best way to do it is to either get lash extensions that have curls or by using an eyelash curler.

Clean Your Eyelash Curler

The first and the most important step you should always remember is to keep your eyelash curler clean.

Even if you are not using it, you should always make sure to regularly clean your lash curler.

This is to make sure that no bacteria or dirt would get into your eyes once you decide to use your lash curler.

Not cleaning your lash curler can lead to irritation or eye infection.

Cleaning your lash curler is pretty simple too.

All you need to do is wash it with soap and rinse it with water.

After that, you can also spray it with alcohol to make sure no bacteria cling to it.

Then place it in a clean and dust-free place.

Curl Lashes Before Mascara

Believe it or not many women still have a hard time deciding which of the two comes first.

Is it your lash curler or your mascara?

It’s obvious that the lash curler should always come first.

If you use your lash curler after you put on your mascara, a lot of things can happen.

For one, your lash curler will get dirtied by your mascara.

And we do not want such a thing to happen.

If possible, always make sure to keep your lash curlers clean.

The next thing you need to remember is that your lash curler may break your mascara.

Mascaras can harden and stiffen after you apply it to your lashes.

And when you use your lash curler after applying your mascara, then it might just break it.

Which will lead to your mascara being a waste.

Always Curl Upwards

A lot of women tend to overlook this step.

But actually, this can help you have more curly lashes.

Most of you would just clamp and squeeze your lashes using your lash curler.

Then you wait for about five seconds and then you’re done.

You can make your lashes look curler by curling and working your lash curler upwards.

This can also help your lash get an instant lash lift.

Don’t Use The Same Curler Forever

Although it might be a sad thing, you can’t keep your lash curler with you forever.

Just like other things, your lash curlers can wear off losing their main function.

The clamps and pads may rust and wear out which will give a negative effect on your lashes instead.

So if you can, you can try replacing your curler with a new one once you see that it isn’t giving you good results anymore.

How To Add Lash Curlers To Your Makeup Routine?

After finally learning the basic things you need to do to properly use an eyelash curler, it’s time for you to learn how to use it with makeup.

Clean Your Lashes

Cleaning your lashes is always the first step you should make during your makeup routine.

Clean lashes can also make sure that your mascara and eye makeup would stay longer.

So make sure to always dust off and brush your lashes from time to time to get rid of dirt and dust.

This can also help you avoid getting any eye infection or irritation.

Curl Your Lashes

This is the time where you follow what we have prepared above which is how to use your eyelash curler.

Add Eye Makeup

The next thing to do is to put on your remaining eye makeup.

Use whatever makeup you want to put on your eyes.

But make sure not to brush off or touch your curled lashes too much or you might ruin its curl.

Apply Mascara

After applying the rest of your eye makeup, you can now apply your mascara.

Your mascara does not only make your lashes look fuller and thicker.

But it can also help the curl in your lashes stay longer as it would harden your lashes like how your hair gel does to your hair.

Gently apply your mascara to both eyes and wait for it to dry.

Also, avoid touching them if not necessary to avoid ruining your look.