Different Types of Heels for Ladies

Different Types of Heels for Ladies
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There’s a strong connection between a woman and her clothes.

We always want to look good on all occasions.

And to be able to look our best and keep that connection, we need to make sure to know our wardrobe.

From our tops, bottoms, and even to our footwear.

Although we are not obliged to name them all, it’s still a great thing to know what kind of clothes you’re wearing so you can fit with an event.

So today, I’m going to teach you the different types of heels.

20 Different Types of Heels

It’s no doubt that heels are one of the most go-to types of footwear by almost all women.

I don’t even know a single woman who doesn’t own a pair of heels.

Whether you rarely wear your heels or use them for your everyday outfit.

There is always a pair of heels hiding inside your closet.

And since there are different types of heels, it’s always a great choice to know which is which.

What’s more, is that knowing the different types of heels would also let you wear footwear that can fit with the event.

Heel Types and Shapes

Let us first start with the heel types and shapes.

From block heels to flare heels and more, knowing the shape and the type of your heels is very important.

This is to make sure that you choose footwear that would best fit your outfit.

Block heels

Block heels

Block heels are one of the easiest types of heels to walk with.

Since they have a square or rectangular form, unlike other thin heels, they can let you walk with much more ease.

Block heels are very aesthetic and are quite a trend right now.

They are perfect for the ladies who want to add extra height but don’t want to feel uncomfortable while wearing heels.

Cuban heels

Similar to your block heels, Cuban heels are also one of the greatest types of heels.

Cuban heels have a chunkier form than block heels.

Moreover, they are commonly found in ankle boots or combat boots.

But some heeled loafers have Cuban heels.

Cuban heels can also give you a much more rugged and adventurous look.

 It’s perfect for the ladies who want to add an edgy accent to their outfits.

Stiletto heels

Stiletto heels

Stiletto heels are one of the most popular high heels in town.

They are the exact opposite of your block heels because they are thin.

For some ladies, the higher your stiletto heels are, the better they can be.

Stiletto heels are often associated with pumps or strappy sandals.

It’s perfect for the ladies who want to add a touch of elegance and class to their whole outfit.

Cone heels

As its name suggests, cone heels are well…cone heels.

Cone heels have a cone-shaped form that looks like a literal ice cream cone.

The larger part is attached at the bottom of your footwear and the size of the heels generally decreases as it goes down.

It’s basically a big to small kind of heel.

Cone heels can give a fun and sophisticated look to your footwear and outfit.

Wedge heels

Wedge heels

If you are one of the ladies who are seeking comfort while rocking your heels all night long, wedge heels might be your best chance.

Your wedges are the perfect high heels that can let you dance all night without an aching foot.

Not to mention that just like other heels it can give you extra height and can range from two to four inches high.

Wedge heels are often found with your strappy sandals or espadrilles.

Sneakers with wedge heels also became a fashion trend back then.

And it’s proof that wedge heels can be associated with any type of footwear.

Stacked heels

You might mistake stacked heels as block heels.

But there is a difference between the two.

Stacked heels are made of thin layers that are all piled up together.

These layers can be made out of wood or leather.

There are stacked heels where you can see the lines between the layers.

But sometimes they are also covered with leather.

Stacked heels are mostly seen on classy ankle boots and loafers.

Fantasy heels

Fantasy heels are rare!

They are super elegant and very unique.

They are called fantasy heels because of their distinct features.

Some fantasy heels are shaped like flowers, animals, or even little statues.

These heels are mostly seen on fashion runways, magazines, or very special occasions.

This type of heel is perfect for ladies who are looking for a fun and fashionable way to make their outfits stand out.

Lobster claw heels

Just like your fantasy heels, lobster claw heels are also a different and unique type of high heels.

Lobster claw heels were introduced to the fashion world in the early 2009s when everyone saw Lady Gaga wear one on her music video.

This type of heel is shaped like a lobster’s claw where it curves from the top and goes straight down.

Claw heels can be found on booties or closed shoes.

Clear heels

Clear heels are just like their name says.

They are clear or see-through heels that add a very clean and sophisticated look to your footwear.

Most clear heels have rectangular or square-shaped heels that resemble your block heels a lot.

But now there are also clear heels that have thin styles that look like stilettos.

Clear heels are supposed to be made and used by pole dancers as they can make them stand out more.

But today, many fashion models and women used clear heels to match their outfits.

French heels

French heels are called by many names.

Some call it waist heels, Pompadour heels, or even Louis heels.

These heels were very popular back in 18th century France during King Louis’ reign.

French heels have this distinct feature where the heels narrow down in the middle of the mid-height.

It resembles a corset where it narrows a lady’s waist.

Most French heels are associated with pointed-toe or round-toe pumps.

Comma heels

Comma heels are well… shaped like a comma.

This type of heel has a slight curve on its top like the punctuation.

It is mostly worn by women who love to add a quirky and entertaining accent to their footwear.

There are comma heels that are found in your pumps or loafers.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels

For me, kitten heels are the sexiest and most sophisticated types of heels.

Kitten heels are shoes that have small heels between 1 to 3 inches high.

They are perfect for the ladies who want to add just a little bit of height.

Kitten heels are a fashion staple that will surely never go out of style.

Flare heels

Flared heels are the exact opposite of your cone heels.

Instead, it is narrowed on the top and goes wider at the end, just like your flared jeans!

This type of heels is perfect for the ladies who want to walk comfortably and add spice to their wardrobe.

Most ankle boots have flared heels.

But some pointed-toe pumps and mules go well with flare heels.

Different Types of High Heels



I think no lady doesn’t own a pair of pumps.

This type of heels is one of a woman’s go-to footwear no matter what the occasion is.

Actually, your pumps can go with any outfit.

What’s more, is that it will help you achieve any look you are trying to get.

You can wear high heel pumps when attending evening parties, business meetings, going to work, or even when you’re out for a date.

Corset heels

Corset heels are like the corsets for your feet.

They are laced-up heels that resemble body corsets a lot.

This type of high heels is usually worn during events like balls or parties.

Corset heels can make you stand out and can help you achieve a feminine and sexy look.

Ballroom heels

As its name says, ballroom heels are made for dancing the night away.

They are intended for female ballroom dancers.

But a lot of women use ballroom heels for fashion as well.

They usually have kitten heels that are 1 to 3 inches high.

They are comfortable to wear and they can make you slay on the dance floor.

Pole dancing heels

Pole dancing heels

Another type of high heels that are made for dancing is pole dancing heels.

These heels have very high heels.

Pole dancing heels always have an ankle strap attached to the back to keep them from slipping off your foot.

This type of heels is perfect if you want to go clubbing with your friends and make a statement with your footwear.

Fetish heels

Fetish heels are also a popular kind of heels with very high heels.

They are unique and very bold to the core.

If you want everyone to notice your footwear, I’d suggest wearing fetish heels.

Although they are beautiful and elegant, fetish heels are mostly worn during clubbing or when attending high-spirited parties.

Heeled boots

There are a huge variety of heeled boots.

From ankle boots to stiletto boots, all of which have heels belong to the heeled boots family.

These kinds of heels are perfect for ladies who want to add a striking contrast to any of their outfits.

Heeled boots are also perfect for all seasons.

They can also give your outfit an elegant and bold look depending on your style.

Ankle booties

Ankle booties are also a type of heels that you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

They are perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

And they can level up any kind of outfit.

This type of heels is perfect for women who love to add a striking appearance to their whole look.

Flip flop heels

Most flip flop heels have kitten heels.

They are comfortable to wear and can make you walk a lot easier.

Flip flop heels are mostly worn during the summer and the spring season.

They are perfect when attending formal events like going to work or wedding ceremonies.

High heel slides

Just like normal slides plus the heels, high heels slides are open from the sides to the back.

It exposes most of your feet which are perfect during the warmer months.

They are perfect for both casual and formal events.

Mule heels

Mule heels are usually open at the back and closed at the tip.

But they also have peep-toe mules that look more laid-back than the usual closed-toes.

Mule heels are perfect for attending business meetings or even just going for a brunch with your friends.

They are super comfortable to wear and can give you a very delicate and aesthetic appearance.

Ankle-strap heels

Ankle-strap heels

This type of heels is perfect for ladies who want to show off their most delicate and feminine side.

It can give a soft and nice accent to any outfit.

And is perfect for attending serious settings like wedding ceremonies or funerals.

Platform heels

Platform heels are heels that have a platform on the underside that reduces that inclination for your feet.

It’s comfortable to wear and can give you extra height if you ever need one.

Platform heels are usually made of block heels or high heels.

It can give you a classy and very vibrant aura.

What’s more, is that it can also fit with any event.

Mary Jane heels

If you want to look feminine and super cute, try wearing Mary Jane heels.

This type of heels are like your pump heels but it has a fastening right in the middle.

Mary Jane heels are perfect for both casual and formal situations.

It can give you a very feminine and cute look that would show off your charms.

Flatform heels

Don’t mistake platform heels for flatform heels.

flatform heels have wedge heels under them and are usually associated with sneakers.

It’s perfect for the ladies who are seeking comfort while also giving extra height to themselves.

It can give you a casual and laid-back aura depending on the outfit you have worn together with it.