classic vs hybrid lashes vs volume (Only Guide you need)

classic vs hybrid lashes vs volume
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Exactly how do you choose between classic, volume, and hybrid lash extensions? 

How do these options differ from each other and how will you know which one is best for you?

To help you decide, I have compiled some of the most important details about the different types of eyelash extensions

With this, you don’t need to get stuck with the dilemma of choosing whether you need to request classic, volume, or hybrid lash extensions.

What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions help enhance your natural lashes. It’s an artificial lash treatment that offers subtle, yet beautifully crafted improvement for your eyelashes. 

It’s the simplest and most natural-looking eyelash style you can get from a lash salon. 

Classic eyelash extensions are a beauty treatment that doesn’t look overly done or dramatic. 

So, if you just want to enhance your natural lashes, getting classic eyelash extensions is for you. 

what size are classic lashes

classic lashes Ratio

Classic eyelashes use the ratio of 1:1. This means that one artificial lash is glued to one of your actual eyelashes. 

This simple ratio gives you naturally gorgeous-looking lashes. 

This is ideal, especially for women who don’t want to wear lashes that look too flashy. 

To give you an idea, we have around 90-150 actual lashes. 

If you get classic lash extensions, you can expect 80-100 artificial lashes being added to your actual ones.

classic lashes thickness

The thickness of eyelash extensions refers to the actual size of the artificial lashes. 

For classic eyelash extensions, lash technicians typically use 0.10 mm, 0.12 mm, or 0.15 mm lashes. 

The thicker the eyelash extension, the heavier it gets. 

To help you get a better picture, here’s a simple chart of lash extension thickness and weight: 

0.10 mm0.00010 g
0.12 mm0.00013 g
0.15 mm0.00015 g

You need to understand that your natural lashes can only bear a certain weight. 

if your actual lashes are too thin, you might not want to request eyelash extensions that are too heavy. 

Always consult your eyelash technician so he or she can advise you about the ideal weight for your classic lashes.

Who are classic lashes best suited for?

Women who have naturally thick lashes will find classic lashes an exceptional beauty option. 

With this type of extension, you won’t have to worry about your lashes looking awkward, droopy, or overly dramatic. 

Classic eyelash extensions are also best for those who want to rock a natural and no-makeup look. 

It’s also best for women who have never tried eyelash extensions before.

However, if you have thin and “barely there” lashes, going for classic lash sets may not be ideal for you. 

It would look sparse, so it’s best if you look for eyelash extensions that offer more weight and volume to your natural lashes.

classic lashes cost


On average, a full set of classic eyelash extensions typically cost $160. Some charge a minimum of $80 while others can go up to $375. 

If you want to refill your classic eyelash extensions, salons may charge you around $30-$160. 

Take note that prices vary depending on the salon. 

You just need to find one that has great reviews. 

This way, you can rest assured that your lash extensions will come out great. 

classic lashes pros and cons

Pros of Classic Lashes

They are the cheapest type of eyelash extension

Lots of women opt for classic eyelashes because they are affordable compared to other eyelash extensions. 

It’s probably the cheapest choice on the market, so if you don’t feel like spending too much on artificial lashes, classic lashes is an ideal option.

They look soft and natural 

They can give you subtle yet gorgeous lash enhancements. 

It doesn’t look overly done. With classic eyelash extensions, it’s as if you’re wearing mascara without actually applying the product to your lashes.

They are widely available

You can quickly find classic lash extension services in any lash or beauty salon. 

Most eyelash technicians know how to perform classic eyelash extension treatments. So, you can get them wherever you might be.

They can be attached after just a few minutes

You don’t need to wait for a long time to get your lashes enhanced. 

Classic eyelash extensions are typically done within 90-120 minutes. 

After this, you can see the improvement in your lashes right away.

They are great for daily use

Classic eyelash extensions look soft and natural. So, they are perfect for daily wear.  

This means that you can have long, gorgeous yet natural-looking lashes even during ordinary days.

They don’t feel heavy 

Another benefit of classic eyelash extensions is that they are lightweight. 

Unlike volume or hybrid lashes, classic eyelash extensions don’t feel heavy. 

It’s as if you’re not wearing any artificial lashes. 

With this, you won’t experience any awkward discomfort especially when you blink your eyes.

Cons of Classic Lashes

They are too basic

Classic eyelash extensions are common. 

It’s too popular, so anyone might be wearing this type of artificial lashes. 

You can’t expect to stand out if you simply have the traditional classic lash extensions. 

This may be a disadvantage, especially if you want to make a statement through your looks.

They won’t offer you a huge makeover

Getting classic eyelashes won’t provide you with ultra-thick and volumized lashes. 

This means that you can’t expect to receive a huge makeover after having this treatment.

This may be a disadvantage for women who are looking for beauty treatments that offer a huge impact on their current looks.

They are not suitable for everyone

Classic lash extensions are also not for everyone. 

If you have a low number of lashes, this type of extension is not for you. 

Classic eyelashes are only ideal for those who already have naturally thick lashes. 

If you have ultra-thin lashes, you will only end up wasting time, money, and effort getting classic eyelash extensions.

are classic lashes worth it

If your natural lashes are thick and long, getting classic eyelash extensions is definitely worth it. 

This treatment will quickly give you a subtle yet noticeable change on your lashes. 

Classic eyelash extensions can effectively enhance your eye shape. 

It would make you feel as if you are wearing mascara on a daily basis. 

It’s an affordable yet effective treatment that is perfect for those who want a makeover without breaking the bank.

how long does classic lashes take

Full set

Getting a full set of classic eyelash extensions will take 90-120 minutes.


Classic eyelash extension refills only take 30-60 minutes.

how long do classic lashes last

Classic eyelash extensions are shed within the duration of your actual lashes’ growth cycle. 

This means that it will last around four to six weeks. 

It’s when your natural lashes fall out as it enters the transition phase of hair growth.

You can read more about this in this post about eyelash growth cycles

what do classic lashes look like


What Are Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume eyelash extensions are far thicker and more dramatic compared to classic eyelash extensions. It offers a more volumized look to your actual lashes. 

Applying volume lashes require strong precision, so only experienced professionals can perform this treatment. 

what size are volume lashes

volume lashes Ratio

Volume lashes use the ratio of one to many. This means that lash artists typically attach multiple artificial lashes to one natural eyelash. 

If you want the usual volume lashes, your lash artist will use a 1:2 or 1:5 volume lash ratio. 

For mega volume lashes, you will observe that lash technicians use a ratio of 1:6 or 1:16. 

volume lashes thickness

You might think that volume lashes are thicker than classic lash extensions. However, it’s the total opposite. 

Since volume lashes use the ratio of one to multiple lashes, their thickness is remarkably thinner compared to classic ones. 

They also weigh a lot less compared to classic eyelash sets. 

Standard volume lashes are usually 0.05-0.07 mm thick.

 If you go for mega volume lashes you can expect lash thickness around 0.03-0.05mm.

To give you an idea, refer to the table below.

0.03 mm0.00012 g
0.05 mm0.00002 g
0.07 mm0.00004 g

You might also want to take note of volume lash dimensions. 

Lash artists may use terms like 2D, 4D, 5D, 7D, 8D, etc. This refers to the dimensions of the volume lashes. 

This refers to the number of eyelash fans attached per actual lash. 

For example, if you get 2D lashes, this only means that 2 artificial lashes will be attached per actual lash. 

If you go for a 4D volume lash, 4 lash extensions will be added to each of your natural lashes, 

Who are volume lashes best suited for?

volume lashs before and after

Volume lashes create a fluffy and dramatic look, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to stand out. 

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to draw more attention to their eyes. 

It’s also perfect for women who want to look glammed up with or without a special event. 

If you have thin and sparse lashes, you will appreciate volume lashes. 

They will definitely create a huge improvement to your eyes. 

It’s as if you are wearing dark mascara every single day.

However, volume lashes might be a little too dramatic for those who prefer a natural to no-makeup look. 

If you don’t want to make a statement through your lashes, going for classic eyelash extensions may be better for you.

volume lashes cost

If you are planning to get volume lashes, you need to know that it’s more expensive compared to classic eyelash extensions. 

Unlike the latter, volume lashes require more professional experience because it’s a complex treatment. 

It requires more time and effort from your lash artist, so you need to prepare your budget if you want to get volumized lashes. 

For a full set of volume lashes, you need to pay around $113-$400. 

For refills, you have to spend around $40-$275. 

However, like classic eyelash extensions, the cost of volume lash extensions also varies depending on where you plan to get them. 

volume lashes pros and cons

eyes with and with out volume lash extensions

Pros of volume Lashes

It gives you a noticeable makeover

If you want to get eyelash extensions so you can enhance your appearance, especially your eyes, volume lashes will definitely do the trick. 

After getting this treatment, you can rest assured that your current look will change for the better. 

This is a huge benefit, especially for women who are looking for ways to improve their looks. 

With volume lashes, you can get a makeover without going over the top.

It helps you rock dramatic lashes

Imagine waking up with full, thick, and dramatic eyelashes. 

This is how you will look and feel for several weeks after getting volume lash extensions. 

It will look as if you always wear mascara at any time of day. 

This is great, especially if you love attending special events. 

With volume lashes, you no longer need to spend a lot of time doing your eye makeup. 

You can skip mascara and proceed to eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc.

It makes sparse lashes look fuller, thicker, and longer

You can say goodbye to “barely there” lashes. 

With volume eyelash extensions, your eyelashes will look thick and long, unlike before. 

This can also raise your confidence, especially if you have been longing to have dramatic-looking eyelashes.

Cons of volume Lashes

You need to wait a couple of hours before getting them

Adding multiple eyelashes to each of your natural lashes requires lots of precision. 

With this, you need to understand that it will take a couple of hours to finish. 

So, if you don’t want to wait for a long time, volume eyelash extensions may not be for you.

It’s remarkably more expensive compared to classic eyelash extensions

Eyelash technicians will spend a lot of time, effort, and patience in doing volume eyelash extensions. 

It’s only natural that getting them is a bit pricey compared to classic eyelash extensions.

You can’t expect to get high-quality volume lash extensions if you are not willing to spend for it. 

If you don’t have enough budget, this beauty treatment may not be for you.

It may look a bit too flashy

You may get overwhelmed after getting them because they may look too flashy. 

Remember, volume lashes are meant to make your eyelashes look dramatic. 

If you don’t want your eyelashes to look too noticeable, you might want to stay away from this type of eyelash extension.

You might have a hard time looking for an experienced lash artist

Another disadvantage of volume eyelash extensions is that you might need to check lots of salons before getting them. 

This means that not all lash salons offer this service. 

Volume lashes can only be done properly by a highly experienced eyelash artist. 

So, you might need to do more research as to where you can get volume lashes. 

are volume lashes worth it

tweezer holding volume lash

Volume eyelash extensions are worth trying, especially if you really want to rock dramatic lashes. 

With volume lashes, you can walk around looking as if you have already done your eye makeup even if you haven’t. 

This treatment provides a huge advantage, especially for those who love wearing makeup. 

It’s one step less on your daily makeup routine. 

Instead of spending a lot of time applying mascara, you can just apply eyeshadow or eyeliner. Then, you’re good to go.

how long does volume lashes take

Full set 

It will take 2-3 hours before you can get a full set of volume eyelash extensions. 

So, you need to make sure you have time for this treatment.


Getting volume eyelash extensions refilled may take 45-75 minutes. It’s a lot shorter compared to getting a full set. 

This is because your eyelash technician needs to attach a lesser number of eyelash extensions. 

how long do volume lashes last

Volume eyelash extensions last longer than classic eyelash extensions. You can expect them to stay intact for six to eight weeks.

However, you need to make sure that you take proper care of your lash extensions. 

This way, you can retain them for as long as usual. 

what do volume lashes look like

Lash tech applying volume lashes
what do volume lashes look like

What Are Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Ever heard of a mix of classic and volume lashes? This is how hybrid eyelash extensions are done. 

hybrid lash extensions combine the features of classic and volume lashes.

Hybrid lashes provide a customized eyelash look for clients. It’s an ideal option for those who want the best of both worlds.

what size are hybrid lashes

hybrid lashes Ratio

Typically, hybrid eyelashes consist of 70% volume eyelashes and 30% classic lashes. Others use a 50/50 ratio when attaching classic and volume lash extensions. 

The final output gives you hybrid eyelashes. 

Lash artists usually ask if you want fluffier lashes in the middle part of your lashes or around the corners. 

This is where they will place the volume lashes. 

The rest will be filled with classic eyelashes.

hybrid lashes thickness

Hybrid eyelash extensions use the combined thickness offered by both classic and volume lash sets. 

This means that the final output varies depending on what you request from your lash technician. 

To give you an idea, lash artists typically use eyelash thickness around 0.07-0.15 mm for classic lashes. 

For volume lashes, they use lashes that are 0.03-0.05 mm thick lash extensions.

Who are hybrid lashes best suited for?

women eyes with hybrid lashes

Hybrid eyelash extensions are ideal for everyone. 

Whether you are looking for a natural or a dramatic look, hybrid eyelashes will be perfect for you.

Women who have naturally long and healthy eyelashes will benefit from getting hybrid eyelash extensions. 

With hybrid lashes, their lashes will look fuller, thicker, and longer. 

For those with sparse lashes, hybrid lashes are ideal as well. 

This type of lash extension is fully customizable. 

You can mix classic and volume lashes to achieve the exact lash look that you are going after.

hybrid lashes cost

Hybrid eyelash extensions cost between the amount you will spend in getting classic and volume eyelashes. 

This means that it’s a bit more expensive than classic eyelash extensions, but it’s more affordable than volume lashes.

Typically, lash salons charge a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $345. However, it still depends on the salon. 

hybrid lashes pros and cons

Pros of hybrid Lashes

It offers subtle or huge eyelash enhancement

The best thing about hybrid eyelash extensions is that they can improve your looks the way you want them. 

You can either request a subtle change or have a full-blown eyelash makeover. 

It provides you the freedom to get custom lash extensions

You can choose whether you will have more classic or more volume lash extensions attached to your actual lashes. 

This helps you achieve the exact lash appearance you wish to have.

It is ideal for those who are planning to get volume lashes in the future

Hybrid eyelash extensions are also great for those who are hesitant about getting volume lashes. 

It can serve as your testing ground when it comes to wearing eyelash extensions. 

You can get hybrid eyelash extensions so you can experience how it feels to wear thick lashes. 

In the future, if you want a more dramatic look, you can proceed to get volume lash extensions.

It looks great for everyone

Everyone will look great with hybrid eyelash extensions. 

They are fully customizable, so you can get the exact eyelash look that you’ve been longing for.

Whether you have naturally thick or barely – there lashes, you can benefit from getting hybrid eyelash extensions. 

Cons of hybrid Lashes

It requires an experienced lash artist

Like volume eyelash extensions, hybrid eyelashes require an experienced lash artist. 

This means that you need to scout highly-skilled lash technicians for this treatment. 

With this, you might need to spend some time looking for lash salons that offer this lash extension service. 

It may be a hassle, especially if you are leading a busy lifestyle.

It’s a bit expensive 

Hybrid eyelash extensions cost more compared to classic eyelash extensions. 

So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly lash treatment, you might need to skip this one.

It will take several hours before you see results

You need to spend several hours before you can have long, fluffy, and gorgeous lashes. 

This is because the duration of hybrid eyelash extension application takes some time.

If you are in a hurry, hybrid eyelash extensions may not be a good option.

are hybrid lashes worth it

Hybrid eyelashes are definitely worth it. As mentioned above, it looks great regardless of the current status of your lashes. 

It’s fully customizable, so you can decide how much enhancement you want to make for your eyelashes.

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a must-try, especially for those who have never experienced wearing eyelash extensions. 

Aside from improving your looks, it can also make you feel a little more confident about yourself. 

how long does hybrid lashes take

Full set

Hybrid eyelash extension sets take around 2-3 hours for each session. It’s a bit similar to volume lashes because it requires precise and careful application as well.


For refills, hybrid eyelash extensions will only take an hour. 

It’s longer than a classic eyelash extension refill, but it’s shorter than getting volume lash extension refills.

how long do hybrid lashes last

Hybrid eyelash extensions may last within 4-8 weeks. This will also depend on your after-care routine. 

However, lash artists still recommend you get them refilled every 3 weeks. 

This helps ensure your lashes won’t look awkward. Also, you won’t have to worry about sparse areas.

what do hybrid lashes look like

what do hybrid lashes look like
eye with hybrid lash extensions

What’s better, classic vs hybrid lashes vs volume

Classic, hybrid, and volume eyelash extensions each have their own benefits and disadvantages. 

Some women may prefer classic lashes while others may pick volume or hybrid lash extensions. 

This only shows that one is not better than the others. 

It’s only a matter of preference. 

For instance, if you want a natural look, you might favor classic eyelash extensions over volume lashes.

If you want your eyes to look fluffy and dramatic, volume eyelashes will be your go-to. 

For those who want a balance between subtle and dramatic lashes, hybrid lashes will work for you.


Choosing among classic, hybrid, and volume eyelash extensions may be difficult. 

This is especially true if you have never tried getting eyelash treatments. 

However, you can always start with one of these options. 

You can start off with classic eyelash extensions for a natural look. If not, you can opt for hybrid lashes for fuller, thicker-looking lashes. 

If you want a fully noticeable change in your lashes, you can proceed to getting volume or mega volume eyelash extensions. 

Hopefully, this post answered your questions about the different eyelash extension styles.

After this, you can confidently talk to your lash artist and ask for the gorgeous lashes you want to have.

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