Cheekster vs Hipster Underwear

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Are you looking for a new kind of underwear to add to your wardrobe? Or, are you simply curious about cheekster vs hipster underwear and how they differ?

Continue reading to learn more about these two types of lingerie.

What Is Cheekster Underwear?

As its name goes, cheekster underwear features a cheeky cut. Its front side is similar to bikini-cut underwear, but cheekster underwear provides more coverage. 

Other names for this type of underwear include:

The back part of the underwear is also more modest than bikini underwear. However, it isn’t so modest that it covers every bit of your backside. 

The cheekster still exposes a significant portion of your cheeks.

This underwear style is available in low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise styles. 

The mid-rise cheekster waistband is the industry standard.

What Is Hipster Underwear?

Now, let’s define hipster underwear. Defining both underwear styles first will give us a better understanding of their differences.

Hipster panties or hipster underwear takes elements from two other types of underwear: bikinis and boyshorts

Some even say that the hipster is the perfect blend of the two underwear styles.  

The hipster provides optimum coverage, and it gives off a sporty and trendy look. It also covers the entire hip area, hence its name.

Typically, the standard hipster underwear has a low-rise style. However, you can also get them in the following types:

French-Cut Hipster

Its front leg openings have a high-cut curvature, giving your upper thighs more exposure.

Control Brief Hipster

It uses thick fabric and extends beyond the navel to press in your tummy, creating a more feminine figure around the hips and abdomen.

Full Brief

This style is closer to the boyshorts style but has full coverage from front and back. The waist sits on the navel, making it an excellent pick for full-figured women.

Cheekster vs Hipster: Differences

When you look at the two underwear styles from the front, you won’t see many differences. Their key differences lie heavily in the back and hip parts.

The cheekster has the following defining features:

  • It’s designed to expose a significant portion of your backside
  • It has moderately-sized hip bands
  • It has a narrow gusset that results in the style riding up

Meanwhile, here are the features that make hipster underwear what they are:

  • It provides full hip coverage
  • It covers the whole bum
  • It has a broader gusset that cuts off around the legs

Who Typically Wears the Hipster vs Cheekster?

An indirect difference between them is their user demography. 

Since the cheekster shows the buttocks more, it’s great for mature women who like a little cheekiness.

Because the hipster provides full backside coverage, it’s perfect for all age groups. 

Young girls to older women can wear a hipster and still feel and look good. Hipster underwear also fits all body shapes better than the cheekster.

Thus, you can say that the hipster is a more versatile choice than the cheekster.

Which Is More Comfortable?

Do you want to know how comfortable each style is before you start shopping for them? Here’s a quick guide to help you understand their comfort levels.

Hipster underwear is wedgy-proof. Because its leg openings fit around your legs and provide full coverage, it’s more likely to maintain its shape. 

You won’t feel it riding up uncomfortably.

You’ll also find hipsters in light, soft stretch cotton with thin seams. It’s a perfect choice for young girls and women, thanks to the full coverage and comfort it provides.

In comparison, a cheekster is more likely to ride up. If you don’t mind this feeling, cheekies are good for you. Because it also has less fabric, you won’t feel it bunching up under your clothes.

It’s also not too showy that it exposes all of your skin to the fabric you’re wearing. 

It’s an excellent choice for women who like moving around a lot or have an active lifestyle. The back and front cuts won’t inhibit your movement at all.

Cheekster panties also tend to have thicker material to hold their shape as it curves on the wearer’s buttocks. 

While the materials used for them are thicker, they’re still breathable. Because it still provides some coverage, cheekster panties still offer support.

Which Underwear Style Doesn’t Have VPL?

Do you often feel conscious about having VPL or a visible panty line? Well, unfortunately, both styles can still give you VPL.

Cheeksters are more likely to have VPL. The edges of the underwear are higher and tend to cut across your buttocks.

Hipsters hide VPL better than cheeksters. 

A hipster has a lower cut at the backside, which also moves the panty lines lower and out of view. 

However, that doesn’t mean they’ll be gone.

If you wear form-fitting pants or dresses, it’s better to wear a hipster to avoid VPL.

Which Is the Better Underwear Style?

The answer depends on the wearer and your priorities.

Do you prefer comfort over cheekiness? If you do, hipsters are the better choice for you.

Do you want to show off your bum more and feel sexier in your underwear? Go for a cheekster panty if you do.

Consider the other factors that may also impact your choice of underwear, which include:

  • Your outfit
  • Age
  • Consciousness about VPLs
  • Whether you live an active lifestyle

Also, when you’re shopping for underwear, make sure you always get one with the right fit.