Cheekies Vs Boy Shorts

woman wears black cropped top and boyshorts
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Are you wondering what you should add to your underwear catalog: cheekies vs boy shorts?

Although both of these undergarments can give you the protection your intimate areas need, there are still key differences that’ll help you choose which one to go for.   

Your underwear is one of the most important garments you’ll own. 

Depending on what you prioritize, whether it be comfort, style, or both, you should choose your underwear carefully. 

After all, you’ll be wearing them all day.

Difference Between Cheekies and Boy Shorts

In this article, we went through each underwear’s history and compiled women’s opinions about cheekies and boy shorts to show you what sets these two nether garments apart. 


Although both cheekies and boy shorts sit on the hips, the latter offers more coverage and support. 

Cheekies shorts are great if you don’t mind having less material around the seat of your underwear. 

With a low rise and full hip, it provides better coverage than a thong without the feeling of being restricted by the many fabric of granny panties. 

However, some women don’t like wearing cheekies since they tend not to stay in place. 

Because the bottom part of your bum is exposed, the material can glide to the sides and bunch up there. It’s the reason why it’s not advisable for women who are active and on the go. 

Boy shorts, on the other hand, fit like briefs. But it doesn’t reach the higher waist. 

Think of boy shorts as the feminine version of men’s boxers, covering your whole bum and clinging to your waistline. 

If you expect to move around a lot, this underwear will stay in place. 

Cheekies: More coverage versus bikinis and thongs, but with a narrower cut on the bum area.

Boy shorts: Offers the most coverage, including the hip, rear, and sometimes even the thighs.


Cheekies blend thongs and hipster panties and can come in different shapes. 

Depending on the coverage and style you want, cheekies offer options to match how much bum you want to reveal. 

Obviously, those with less cheeks on display are the most comfortable.

Boy shorts, as their name suggests, look like tiny shorts. They can resemble an inverted pentagon or usually come in rectangular shapes. 

They also wrap around the entirety of your behind. Some even reach a few inches of the thigh.

Cheekies: Can come in many shapes, but with the bum showing off. 

Boy shorts: Often looks like an inverted pentagon or rectangular in shape.


Cheekies are less conservative and reveal the overhanging buttocks to show off your “cheeks.” 

They focus on aesthetics and showing off the bum. 

Cheekies’ main feature is their playful emphasis on the bottom while still offering support.

Boy shorts provide the most coverage and focus on comfortability. Because of their versatility, boy shorts are perfect for all women, no matter what lifestyle they’re leading.

Cheekies: Focused on flirty, sensual aesthetics.

Boy shorts: Focused on comfortability and versatility.


The gusset is usually the triangular or diamond-shaped fabric inserted to add more support and reduce stress in tight garments. 

In underwear, gusset can be found precisely on your most intimate part. 

Cheekies have a narrow gusset, leading to bunching up and wedgies

Some cheekies have a firmer gusset to try and battle the problem of them moving about, while some have thin ones. 

If you’re keen on wearing cheekies but will expect to move a lot, look for cheekies with stiffer gussets. 

Opposite cheekies, boy shorts have a broader gusset and cover all of your female regions. 

Additionally, boy shorts are smooth, some even feel like a second skin, so you won’t have to worry about chafing.  

Cheekies: Narrow gusset

Boy shorts: Wide gusset

Crotch Cover

The two underwear have a similar front view. 

Cheekies are higher in front though, with more skin exposed. They fit more like regular briefs with an even higher rear fabric. 

Boy shorts cover all of your crotch area and can even shape and contour your backside. You just have to find the right material fit for your body.

Cheekies: Higher at the front

Boy shorts: Covers all of the frontal area

Cheekies and Boy Shorts: Pros and Cons

Here are some additional particulars you should consider when choosing which to wear:

Cheekies, Pros:

  • If you’re craving sexy, flirtatious underwear that has more coverage than a G-string or a thong, cheekies are your go-to. It’s perfect for dates and if you intentionally want your undergarment to be seen. 
  • Cheekies are perfect for tight-fitting dresses, with no annoying seams in place.
  • It helps avoid the darkening of intimate areas caused by friction from thick and taut garters.
  • It doesn’t dig into your thighs, and it’s available in many styles. 
  • They are breezy and light and can be packed in small spaces for trips.

Cheekies, Cons:

  • Cheekies are prone to bunching up and creating a wedgy, especially for women who move around a lot. 
  • Because of the wedgy, wearing cheekies can also create the dreaded camel toe.
  • Cheekies can still give you visible panty lines (VPL) because of how it fits across your bum.
  • Avoid cheekies when wearing yoga pants, leggings, and very tight pants and skirts.

Boy Shorts, Pros:

  • Boy shorts are the most comfortable if you just want to lounge around in your underwear. You can even pair them with an oversized shirt or sweater to feel cute.
  • Boy shorts lets you show off your style and design preference. Because it has more fabric, the area to print out the designs you like is also wider. You can choose solid colors, printed ones, or a combination of the two. The design possibility of boy shorts is endless!
  • Some believe that boy shorts can be restrictive, with the underwear covering a lot of areas. This may be true for older boy shorts made from garters that dig into your skin and are made of synthetic fabrics that give you the risk of a yeast infection. However, there are already breathable boy shorts made of cotton gusset and lighter materials. There are also those that can dry up to 5x faster! Now you know you can take boy shorts with you on your next travel. 
  • Compared to what others may think, boy shorts can be as sexy as the cheekies. Showing off is definitely sexy, but leaving something to the imagination is equally tempting.

Boy Shorts, Cons:

  • Boy shorts are not the best choice if you’re trying to avoid panty lines. But there are also seamless boy shorts available in the market.
  • Sometimes, the wider side of the underwear can roll up at the top part of your thigh, scrunching in the area and making you uncomfortable. 
  • Similar to the previous point, the material can bunch up around your bum area, especially if the underwear is too tight. 
  • Some women think that boy shorts make their thighs look wider.
  • It may not be the best to wear under tight-fitting pants because of its seams.