blond woman wearing pink lace bra

How Should a Bra Fit Correctly?

Are you uncomfortable or unable to move well whenever you wear a bra?  The most likely reason behind this is

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Cheekies Vs Boy Shorts

Are you wondering what you should add to your underwear catalog: cheekies vs boy shorts? Although both of these undergarments

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What are Boy Shorts?

In the world of fashion techniques and guides, women’s underwear is one of the most challenging picks. It makes you

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Why Do Women Wear Thongs?

When I was a teenager, I desperately wanted to be seen as a woman, and a sensual woman at that,

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How Should A Thong Fit?

There is no one way for a thong to fit your body. The most important thing is that a thong

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10 Reasons To Wear A Thong

There are dozens of styles of women’s underwear available, and it has become quite difficult to figure out which type