Can You Wear Eyeshadow Without Foundation?

woman applying eyeshadow makeup
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Yes, you can definitely wear eyeshadow without your foundation.

There are no rules in makeup

Which means you can experiment and make yourself beautiful with or without foundation.

Eyeshadow itself is a beauty.

As a woman, I have always been conscious when it comes to my makeup.

And I am sure you have experienced this kind of feeling before too.

I thought applying eyeshadow without using foundation would make makeup look weird.

But as I tried several alternatives to a foundation, I realized that it isn’t really necessary at all.

So today, I will be helping you find answers to your question, “can you wear eyeshadow without foundation?”

What Can I Wear Instead Of Foundation?

There are various techniques you can use to avoid the use of a foundation.

And these methods would still make you look gorgeous with just your eyeshadow.

These techniques do not only make you look beautiful but they can also boost your confidence.

After all, makeup without foundation would still give you amazing results.

Spot Concealing

Some ladies lose confidence in their faces because they think their blemishes and dark spots are ruining their looks.

That’s why they resort to using heavy layers of foundation just to hide their imperfections.

But there is also another way you can hide your blemishes and spots without applying layers of foundation.

Spot concealing is a very underrated technique that a lot of women tend to forget.

We are so used to the idea of applying foundation to hide our imperfections.

The first thing you need to do when spot concealing is to start with the spots that are bugging you.

For example, start with your under eyes or your dark spots.

Remember that spot concealing means applying concealer to areas that you want to cover.

The next thing you need to do is to make sure that your concealer is the same match as your skin.

But sometimes you can also go for a deeper shade.

Just make sure not to use lighter concealer when spot concealing as it tends to give the opposite results.

When your concealer is lighter than your skin tone it will make your blemishes stand out instead.

That’s why it is very important to pick the right shade of concealer to avoid having uneven-colored makeup.

Consider Tinted SPF

Most women only think that SPF is only used to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

But actually, your SPF can do so much more than that.

Tinted SPF to be exact, can also help you hide your imperfections.

What’s more is that it can also help you achieve healthier skin and even help fight-back acne, zits, and blackheads.

Moreover, tinted SPF can help you avoid using foundation while also giving your skin the right glow and look.

Just like your concealer, you need to make sure to choose the right shade of tinted SPF to match your skin tone.

Another great thing about using tinted SPF is that it can improve your skin in so many ways, especially by evening out your skin’s color.

Avoid Instagrammable Eyes

When I say Instagrammable eyes, I mean those all-glam-out eyes you see on most influencers these days.

Of course, this idea is totally up to you and to what style you are trying to achieve.

But my advice is if you don’t want to wear layers of foundation, avoid using eyeshadows that stand out too much.

To simplify it, avoid using glitters, wing-styled eyeshadows, and all that extravagant makeup.

Applying these kinds of eyeshadow on your face without using foundation would only give you an unfinished-looking look.

What’s more, is that these types of makeup would look unflattering and very distracting.

But of course, the choice is still up to you.

Still want to use these types of eyeshadow even without your foundation?

Then follow what your heart wants.

Use Your Bronzer

Yes, you can use your bronzer as your eyeshadow.

This technique is perfect for ladies who love neutral tones and an earthy-style makeup look.

What’s more, is that using your bronzer as your eyeshadow can give you a more natural look.

Your bronzer can even give your eyes the right shadow without making them stand out too much.

You can even style your bronzer according to the look you want to achieve.

Or you can also get creative with it.

For example, blending two different shades of bronzer to create a more artistic look.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Without Foundation

If you are reading this post right now then you might have never tried applying your eyeshadow alone.

But today, we are going to change that.

Because today, you are going to learn how to rock your eyeshadow without applying any foundation.

Clean Your Face

Before anything else, you should always remember to clean your face before and after applying makeup.

Even if you are not going to use your foundation today, cleaning your face is still very important.

A clean face that is free of dirt and oil can make your concealer and other cosmetic products stick better on your face.

What’s more is that it can also create a very smooth and fresh look for you.

Apply Your Moisturizer

Even if you’re too busy or in a hurry, you should always make sure to apply your moisturizer.

Applying your moisturizer after you have cleaned your face and before applying eyeshadow is important.

Moisturizers can help hydrate your skin and fight back oil.

After all, oil can break down the components used in any cosmetic product much faster.

An oily face can also result in a smudge eyeshadow and makeup.

Moreover, your moisturizer also contains benefits that can help improve your skin.

And it also works as a barrier between your skin and your makeup.

Avoid Bright Colors

If you want to rock your eye makeup with just your eyeshadow alone and without foundation, heed this.

Avoid using bright colors on your eyelids as they can be too distracting.

It can also give you an unfinished look.

For starters, it’s best to apply neutral colors instead.

And for those who want to achieve a minimal look, lighter colors would be the best choice.

Use Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliners are minimal and do not stand out that much, especially if you apply them in a thin line.

It’s best to avoid using liquid eyeliners as they can be too dramatic.

For the ladies who want to achieve a natural look, using pencil eyeliners with lighter shades would be great.

Skip Mascara

Again, if you want to look good with just your eyeshadow alone, don’t make things too dramatic.

It’s best to stay lowkey while still remaining gorgeous.

This also means that you don’t have to have a full-on mascara to rock your eye makeup.

You can skip applying mascara on your lower lashes.

Just apply a gentle amount of mascara on your upper lashes to give a slight accent to your eyeshadow.

Use Your Concealer

If you are already satisfied with your eye makeup you can now start concealing your dark spots.

If you only want to hide some areas on your face, you can use your finger when applying your concealer.

Just make sure to apply the right amount of concealer and blend it well with your skin tone.