Can you use setting spray on mascara?

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Setting or finishing spray is used to ensure your makeup lasts for hours. 

It’s a must-have product, especially if you want makeup products to stay in place all day. 

Typically, you use a setting spray as a the last step in your makeup routine. 

However, you might need to change this step if you don’t want to ruin your makeup, especially your mascara. 

Unlike what others believe, you should not use setting spray on mascara. It will only lead to smudges and spots, so you need to change your makeup routine.

Find out more about the reason why you shouldn’t be using setting spray on mascara below.

does setting spray set mascara

Setting spray does not set mascara. In fact, if you use a setting spray on mascara, it will likely ruin it ,and your entire makeup look.

Indeed, women usually use a setting spray to set or hold makeup in place. This includes foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadows, contour, highlights, etc. 

However, setting spray should not be used on mascara. 

Instead of holding it in place, the finishing spray will likely remove and ruin the mascara that you are wearing.

does setting spray make mascara waterproof

Unfortunately, a setting spray will not make your mascara waterproof. Even if you are using a waterproof finishing spray, it’s just not going to work on mascara.

You might want to take note that setting sprays are formulated to be used on the skin. So, if you use it on hair, the final output will not be the same.

This is why if you use setting spray on mascara, it won’t make it waterproof. 

Instead, it will only leave you with runny or watery mascara afterward.

does setting spray stop mascara smudging

Setting spray does not stop mascara from smudging. In fact, it only does the opposite.

If you spritz mascara on your lashes or eyebrows with a setting spray, it will likely create spots and smudges. 

Just think about it. 

After applying mascara, you wait for a few minutes to let it dry. 

Doing so helps ensure your mascara won’t bulge or smudge.

The moment you spritz setting spray on your mascara, it will wet the mascara, making your makeup routine counterproductive.

How to prevent mascara from smudging

You don’t have to use setting spray to prevent your mascara from smudging. You just need to try the following: 

Blot oil around your eyes

One of the most common culprits why mascara smudges is that your eye area is too oily. 

To avoid this issue, grab a facial tissue or oil control film to get rid of the greasy feel on your eye area.

This helps ensure the area near your brows and lashes are dry and clean, which is ideal for achieving flawless finishes.

Avoid your eye area when applying moisturizer

Applying moisturizer is great, especially if you want to keep your skin hydrated. However, you need to avoid applying it to your eye area. 

Not applying moisturizer to your eye area helps ensure your mascara won’t stick to your skin. 

Use a primer before applying mascara

Instead of a setting spray, use an effective lash or brow primer. This helps ensure mascara can be smoothly applied. 

Coat your eyebrows or lashes with a high-quality primer and apply your favorite mascara afterward. 

This prevents your mascara from clumping, which often creates smudges. 

does setting spray ruin mascara

As mentioned earlier, setting spray creates spots and smudges when sprayed on mascara. So, the product will definitely ruin your mascara. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a setting spray whenever you use mascara. 

The trick is to discover and follow the proper steps to ensure you won’t ruin your mascara and your entire makeup.

do I use setting spray before or after mascara

If you want to achieve a flawless makeup finish, you have to use setting spray last. 

However, if you will be using mascara, it’s best to spritz it on your face before applying mascara. 

To help ensure your makeup remains flawless, follow these simple tricks:

Use a setting spray before applying mascara

If you want to ensure your foundation, eyeshadow, powder, blush, and other makeup products stay in place, you need to finish your routine with a setting spray. 

However, if you want to wear mascara, make sure to set your face before applying mascara to your brows or lashes.

Spritzing a finishing spray before applying mascara helps avoid creating errors, such as mascara smudging. 

If you spray the finishing spray after mascara, your mascara will soften and it will lead to unwanted spots and smudges.

Spritz setting spray after applying makeup, but avoid your brows or lashes

If you want a better solution, you can also apply setting spray even after using mascara. 

However, you need to ensure that you don’t spritz the product on your eyebrows and lashes. This helps ensure you avoid hitting your mascara with the finishing product. 

Here are some tricks to do this:

Spritzing your setting spray

  1. Finish your makeup, including your eyebrows and lashes.
  2. Shake the bottle of setting spray and hold it 6-8 inches away from your face.
  3. Before spraying, hold one hand in front of your eyes. This helps ensure you can block the setting spray and avoid it from getting to your eye area.
  4. Let the setting spray dry for a few minutes before going out.
  5. Spray the setting spray in an X and T motion, so it hits your entire face while avoiding your eyes.

Applying your setting spray using a foundation sponge

  1. Finish your makeup routine, including applying mascara on your brows and lashes. 
  2. Spritz some setting spray on your foundation sponge. 
  3. Dab it on your face so you don’t have to spray the product. This helps ensure you totally avoid your eye area.
  4. Wait for the setting spray to dry.


Using a setting spray is a must, especially if you don’t want to deal with makeup blotches, patches, and smudges. 

However, you need to be careful when using a setting spray if you want to wear mascara. 

Make sure that you avoid using setting spray on your eye area so it won’t hit the mascara that you already applied. 

If not, you might be wasting your effort applying mascara because the setting spray may only ruin it. 

To avoid any issues, finish your makeup routine like usual, but avoid letting your finishing spray hit your eyelashes or eyebrows. This helps ensure your mascara won’t smudge.